How To Create A Google Doc On Your Laptop, Computer, Mobile

Google Doc is an awesome tool for creating documents online! If you don’t have any writing software on your pc or mobile, such as MS Word, you can create a Google Doc easily, and you will be able to share your document(s) with anyone you want without uploading the doc every time.

Why should create a Google Doc?

Google Doc is offering so many features for free. Google Doc is offering so many options to choose from, while you are creating a Google Doc.

  • Google Doc is so simple for anyone to use. They have a very user-friendly interface.
  • You can create a google doc in different languages. If you wanna write a document in your language, you can do it on Google Doc.
  • You can download your documents from Google Doc in different formats , such as .docz, .pdf, .txt or .html !
  • You can email your document as an attachment.
  • You can insert a table into your document.
  • You can use voice typing on Google doc.
  • You can insert image, link, drawing, chart into your document.
  • You can format your texts in different styles.
  • You can secure your documents if you want. Only you can see your documents or you can share your documents publicly.

How to create a Google Doc?

  • To create a Google Doc, you need to be logged into your Gmail account.
  • Now, go to Google Doc.
  • Now, you will see different templates to create a google doc.
    google doc templates
    create a google doc

    Click on the + icon to start your default google doc.

  • You will see a user interface like this:  google doc
  • Now, enter the title of your google doc instead of an untitled document.
  • Write whatever you want and make it your first Google doc.


How to insert a table on Google doc?

google doc table

If you want to insert a table on your google doc, just move your mouse on the table. Now, choose the columns and rows of your table and the table will be inserted into your document.


How to make a Google Doc Landscape?

You can set up your document on Google doc. Normally, the page will be in portrait mode. But, you can make a google doc landscape, very easily.

Click on the file and then again click on Page Setup.

Google Doc Landscape

Google Doc Landscape

You will see a page like this where a portrait will be selected. Just, select Landscape! Then, your Google doc page will turn into a landscape page from the portrait.

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