How to Clear Google Play Store Cache and Data

Google Play Store is considered to be one of the best app stores. It has enormous applications and games available for free.

Google Play Store also features various paid apps and games that end users can purchase as per their needs. This app store is available for Android based smartphones which are currently leading the universe of smartphones.

Android smartphones are often very smooth in terms of performance and usability. Though they depend a lot on the manufacturer, they are usually reliable and durable. This is the reason we have a high percentage of Android users all over the world

Though Android is often smooth, there are scenarios when it gets stuck, specially while downloading or updating an application or game from the Google Play Store.

A lot of users have reported facing such issues. These issues often come with different error codes such Error Code 910, Error Code 971, etc.

And the remedy to such issues is very straight forward and easy. It hardly takes 3-4 minutes to get rid of such errors that are Google Play Store specific.

All you need to do is clearing the cache and data of Google Play Store and you should be good to go then.

So, in this article, we would be providing you a simple and easy step by step guide to clear Google Play Store Cache and Data.

Please make sure you follow the steps carefully so that you can quickly and easily fix Android error codes. Now that the context has been set, it is time we implement the steps to clear Google Play Store Cache and Data. So, let us get started.

How to Clear Google Play Store Cache and Data

Clearing Google Play Store Cache and Data is an extremely easy task. Within 3-4 minutes from now, you would be able to clear Google Play Store Cache and Data. Simply follow the steps given below. We have also provided the screenshots for each step. You can refer them in case of any doubts.

  • Go to Settings option on your Android smartphone.
  • Tap on Apps or Apps & Notification option. Depending upon the smartphone, this option may have names like Apps, Apps & Notifications, Applications etc.
  • From the list of all the apps on your smartphone, search for Google Play Store and tap on it.
  • Now tap on Storage option. Please refer to the screenshots in case of any doubt.
  • Here, you will see two buttons to Clear Cache and Clear Storage/Data. Tap on these buttons one by one.

That’s it. You have successfully cleared Cache and Data of Google Play Store. Now you can try downloading or updating the app that was causing some error code (if any). You should be able to download or update any application now.

So this was the simple step by step guide to clear Google Play Store Cache and Data. Hope you liked this article and I am sure you were able to get this thing done very easily. However, if you are stuck at some point or need more guidance, you can always reach out to us through comments section.

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