How To Achieve All-Star Profile Strength On LinkedIn : The Ultimate Guide

LinkedIn is the professional platform for professional connections. If you do not have a LinkedIn account, then go now and create it. And develop your profile on LinkedIn if you want to get a company or person to notice you, link your blog or website and post good content as often as you can and respond to other posts.

What is LinkedIn Profile Strength

LinkedIn rate your profile with different levels of strength which indicates how complete your profile is. You can see your profile strength on the Profile Strength Meter which is on the right side of your profile and gauges how robust your profile is. Your profile viewers can not see your profile strength, you are the only person able to see your Profile Strength, people visiting your Profile cannot see your Profile Strength.

There are 5 levels of LinkedIn ‘Profile Strength’:

(1) Beginner

(2) Intermediate

(3) Advanced

(4) Expert

(5) All-Star

The basic strength of LinkedIn is Beginner which is given to the new profiles who recently joined LinkedIn or provide less self-curated data.

The strength will increase as you add more self-curated data as possible.

The Maximum Profile Strength you can get on LinkedIn is All-Star which indicates your profile is well and 100% complete. Once you reached to All-Star strength you can have the option to share your profile on Facebook or Twitter.

Why should I need to achieve All-Star Profile Strength On LinkedIn?

LinkedIn says 51% of profiles are complete, and 49% are not at the All Star level.

From the above statement, you must have realized that if you reached the spot of All-Star, it will treat you with good opportunities. All-Star profiles tend to rank higher in LinkedIn search results. And an All-Star LinkedIn profile makes you look professional.

You will also realize how satisfying is to have an All-Star LinkedIn Profile Strength.

How To Achieve All-Star Profile Strength On LinkedIn

Follow the simple steps below and you will reach All-Star profile strength within a few months or even less:

1. Profile Picture: Use a Professional-like picture of yourself. A good professional profile picture on LinkedIn tends to attract potential connections.

2. Your Name: Use your real name, that is what makes your profile more trusting and professional.

3. Connections: You need at least 50 connections for satisfying All-Star profile requirements. 50 connections are not big deal so you do not have to send a connection request to random peoples. Send request to those you know and to those you want to connect.

4. Summary: Create a good summary of you in at least 2000 characters. You can also include your area of expertise.

5. Experience: Your past and present job experience matter a lot to get All-Star profile strength. Describe your job experience with your Job Titles, Company Names, key contributions. More Job Experience you include greater you have a chance to be found in searches. There is also a section for Volunteer Experience where you can add the experience of social causes.

6. Skills & Endorsements: You can set up 50 skills but 3 is enough to have others endorse you and to become an  All-Star.

7. Educations and Projects: Include your education, qualifications, test scores you have received. Describe your projects you have done. You can exclude your professional projects descriptions.

8. LinkedIn Public Profile URL: Go to your Public Profile Edit page and create a custom URL for your LinkedIn public profile. This will enhance your personal brand. Your public profile URL should be short and easily memorable.

9. Posts: Publish posts with good contents as often as you can, this will increase your profile views and attracts potential connections. And also responds to other people’s posts.

By the way, I already achieved All-Star Profile Strength and below snapshot is of my profile edit page.

If I can do it, you can too.

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