How to Get iMessage on PC Edition – 2 Methods Explained

iMessage on Pc: It is the world of information present today and internet communication is the most innovative technology in transferring this information from one place to another within a short span of time. As a result, the individuals of this modern world get everything just in front of their doorstep after a single click on their internet accounts. You can easily send and receive filers irrespective of the memory because of speedier internet connections.

However, technocrats are always keen on creating some other communicative system that does require less support from internet data communication. In addition, they do not work on the older principles of our normal text messages too and is available free of cost. Finally, Apple has arrived with the iMessage that is a revolutionary in the communicative capabilities of the gadgets while introduced in 2011.


Within a short span of time this messaging service has attained huge popularity among the people and in 2016. The amount of iMessages sent within a second has increased to a whooping2-leak message. It is very much evident that people are fond of technology always and they are not against the innovations. If it could provide them comfort and convenience and even people without apple gadgets love to use iMessage for pc.

What is iMessage?

An apple user can use the option of iMessage to share and receive text, photos or videos through this platform. And it is operated with the help of Wi-Fi or mobile internet. However, the only condition is that both the sender and receiver need to possess a gadget from Apple and it is not available for others. In, order to access the iMessage you need to register your mobile number with the apple and only after proper verification the messaging process could be started on your account.

Even though you have maintained an account with apple and changed to another brand of mobile with the same mobile connection, the messages received by your mobile number through iMessage are not shown in your inbox. After disowning the Apple gadget, you need to deregister with the iMessage service. However, there are many easy methods to use iMessage for Windows.

How Does it Function?

iMessage for pc is an instant messaging system that uses an always-alive connection created between the apple users. Each connection has a private identification and with the help of the same, the messages are delivered to the concerned device. Whenever a message is sent through this service, it is verified whether the particular number has an account with the Apple iMessage services.

iMessage on PC

After proper verification, the messages are delivered and the owner of the gadget can register any number of emails with their account. Whenever there is the unavailability of account for iMessage on the receiving end the device automatically converts the message in text form and send the same with the help of SMS. Usually, a blue button with textual bubbles may be noted for the text messages and when the same appears in green, it is indicating the iMessage. After the introduction of this iMessage, there is a sharp fall in the use of SMS and MMS a study reports.

Difference Between Traditional Messaging and iMessage

The important difference between these two services is their internet data usage. The text message services do not use internet data for their operation. Instead, it uses the carriers of mobile networks. Nevertheless, in the case of iMessage, it operates with the help of internet communication and when the distance is very short, you can even use the Wi-Fi networks of the mobiles. The text messages are of two types depending upon the material you share with others. For digital content other than text, you need to use multimedia messaging services. In order to understand the revolutionary changes brought out by the iMessages. You need to know certain things about their benefits in the communication domain.

Benefits of iMessage:

  • The conventional SMS will support only the text form and you cannot send any other digital formats like photos and videos. However, the iMessage allows you a wide variety of options in terms of the format of the file sent.
  • In the absence of carrier service, it is impossible to communicate with the help of the normal messaging services. The mobile networks are going to charge you a monthly subscription for the carrier service. So you need to pay for every message sent. However, in the case of iMessage, all you need to buy is just a single data package and you can use it for all other purposes other than iMessage. So in short,theSMS acquire more money from you but serving only limited purposes.
  • In the traditional messaging system, there is a word limit for a single message and it is confined to only 160 characters. Can you imagine typing just 160 characters in a single message and just think about how it feels while there is something to share more than these 160 characters.
  • When there is an availability of the Wi-Fidata, there is no need of any kind of internet data because this messaging service from the apple operates based on the connection between their gadgets and between the mobile numbers.
  • Apart from all the above advantages, the best one from iMessage service is that they can prate instant service and it is impossible to match the speed of delivery of the iMessage with that of traditional ones. They provide the customers with utmost convenience in sharing information and these instant messaging applications are going to rule the world in the future without any doubt.

How to Use it in My Pc?

After knowing all these benefits about the iMessage, it is very hard to resist the temptation to use the messaging service on our pc. Again, technology is going to help us to use the iMessage service without the help of an Apple gadget. Let me give you certain ideas to access the features of the iMessage windows.

Web-based interface:

Try to install the application called Cydia into your iPhone by jailbreaking the gadget. This particular application has details about the operations of a jailbroken gadget. With the help of remote messages app in Cydia, you could access the iMessage through a web-based interface using the original IP identity of the apple imessage for pc.

Chrome Desktop Extension:

It is also the best option to use the chrome remote desktop extension. However, in order to apply this method, you need to own an Apple computer and you need to enable the pop up that paper with text enables remote connections. In order to use this method, you need to install the remote desktop host installer into your pc. After the installation, you could open the desktop extension app again and with the help of a password, you could receive the messages in different gadgets via the internet.

Emulators and Push Bullets

With the help of the ipadian application, you can download the iMessage into your pc. After installing the iMessage, you can receive the messages with the help of this particular emulator called ipadian as it simply tricks the system to get the iMessage on your pc. In addition, another option called Push bullet acts as a perfect bridge between the apple gadget and your pc with windows or Linux OS.

Final Words:

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