How Does MATLAB Make Life Easier?

Meet the Ways MATLAB Makes Our Everyday Life Easier

Some people consider mathematics and programming to be one of the most important sciences in the modern world – and this is true.

Our whole life is about calculations and calculations, people just rarely think about it. Mathematics and especially computer science develop our mind and logic, memory and attention, help in solving life problems. They are studied at school and institute.

In the modern world, it is very important to be able to quickly adapt to new inventions and technologies. Currently, a huge number of people, especially adolescents, replace real communication with communication on social networks, in which speech becomes text and emotions – emoticons. People have become less likely to go to the cinema, theaters, to visit, to libraries, etc. All this has tremendous advantages – new opportunities. Today we understand what MATLAB is, why it is important and how it will make our life easier and better.


MATLAB is the highest level programming language, it includes matrices, a wide range of functions, an embedded development environment, object-oriented capabilities, and interfaces for programs written in other (in fact, any programming languages) programming languages.

Two types of programs are written in MATLAB – functions, and scripts. Functions in this system have input and output arguments, and a personal workspace for storing intermediate results of various calculations and numbers.

One of the advantages is that the scripts of this program share a common workspace. However, neither the script nor the function are interpreted into machine code, as is the case, for example, in Java, but are saved in the form of text documents and files. Another feature of MATLAB is that you can install programs with preliminary analysis – that is, functions and scripts pre-processed so that it is convenient for the user, first and foremost, and of course, for execution by a virtual machine. In general, these programs are faster than usual.

The main feature of the MATLAB language, which distinguishes it from others and is a powerful argument for use, is its extensive capabilities that allow you to perform various work with matrices.

How MATLAB Can Make Life Easier?

  1. Digital signal processing. Discrete signals, linear discrete systems, discrete Fourier transforms are considered.
  2. Wireless communications. Wireless is a broad term used to connect two devices using a wireless signal. Wireless engineering teams use MATLAB to reduce development time, eliminate early design problems, and optimize testing and validation.
  3. Data simulation. Test deep learning models by including them in system-level Simulink simulations. Test edge scenarios that are difficult to test on hardware. Understand how your deep learning models affect overall system performance.
  4. Algorithm acceleration on Nvidia® GPUs, cloud, and datacenter resource utilization without dedicated software.
  5. Build, modify and analyze complex deep neural network architectures using MATLAB apps and visualization tools.
  6. Computational Biology and Computational Finance. MATLAB provides many methods for analyzing data, developing algorithms, and creating models. MATLAB includes mathematical functions for engineering and scientific operations. Built-in math functions use processor-optimized libraries designed to speed up vector and matrix calculations.
  7. Engine and power management. Motor control algorithms regulate speed and other performance characteristics. Matlab algorithms help in improving energy efficiency, precise control, and system protection. This cuts down on the time and cost of developing an algorithm before you start doing expensive hardware testing.
  8. Control system design. This name covers the following MATLAB functions:
  • Modeling of control systems;
  • Identification of system parameters;
  • Estimation of model parameters;
  • Linearization and system analysis;
  • Regulator design;
  • Discretization of the controller and preparation for code generation.

MATLAB for Students

The original name of the product is derived from its main core – the matrix processor. The only limiting factor in its distribution is the high price of the product.

The complexity of the language and the storage of programs in “m” files are not significant restrictions, since the tool has high functionality and allows you to integrate projects in Fortran and C ++ into the environment.

The presence in the system of specialized functions for working with spreadsheets Microsoft Excel allows students to import data from previously created projects.

What Is MATLAB Capable of?

  • Matrices and linear algebra – matrix algebra, linear equations, eigenvalues ​​and vectors, singularities, matrix factorization, and others.
  • Polynomials and interpolation – roots of polynomials, operations on polynomials and their differentiation, interpolation, and extrapolation of curves, and others.
  • Mathematical statistics and data analysis – statistical functions, statistical regression, digital filtering, fast Fourier transform, and others.
  • The MATLAB authors have another strong point – speed. If the solution of a problem can be accelerated using new algorithms or methods, rest assured that MATLAB already knows how to do it.
  • Data Processing – a set of special functions, including plotting, optimization, searching for zeros, numerical integration (in quadratures), and others.

Recently, MATLAB developers have been making useful changes and new features to the program quite quickly. For example, version 2007a first introduced support for distributing tasks across multiple processor cores.

If you are a student and you are unable to complete any assignment in MATLAB, use the online help. There are many companies that provide MATLAB homework help.

Pros and Cons of MATLAB Language

It is a tool that allows an operator (often not even a programmer) to interact with all the available analysis, data collection, and presentation capabilities. It has obvious pros and cons inherent in a language living in a closed ecosystem.


  • A slow and overloaded language with operators, commands, functions, the main purpose of which is to improve visual perception.
  • Narrowly directional. There is no other software platform where MATLAB is useful.
  • High cost of the software. If you are not a student – either get ready to empty your pockets or cross the border of the law. And even if the student is a decent price.
  • Low demand. Despite the great interest in MATLAB in almost all areas, in fact, and legally only a few use it.


  • The language is easy to learn and has a simple and straightforward syntax.
  • Huge opportunities. But this is rather an advantage of the entire product as a whole.
  • Frequent updates, as a rule, noticeable positive transformations occur at least a couple of times a year.
  • The software environment allows you to convert it into “fast” code in C, C ++.

MATLAB is the de facto standard in the engineering education of the world. Studying MATLAB will give you the skills you need to build a successful career. And this was an honest and unbiased article in which you learned how you can apply MATLAB. 

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