How do you avoid copyright on Instagram?

Do you want to know “How do you avoid copyright on Instagram” including videos, pictures and music? Then you should read this blog to the end!

Instagram is growing very fast with the projection of over 1.2 billion monthly users by the year 2023. With this massive amount of users joining in and content being uploaded daily, Instagram has some layers of security and rules on uploading content. This helps Instagram to ensure quality on the platform.

But on the other hand, this has also affected many normal users. They are facing copyright issues while uploading content.

So, In this blog, we have discussed copyright issues on Instagram Videos, Reels, Pictures and Music, and how to avoid them!

How do you Avoid Copyright on Music?

Music enhances the feel of your video and helps to get a person into a different zone. But, using music and audio that is not yours can get you in trouble. So, you should follow these rules to secure your Instagram account and avoid copyright on music.

Give Credits:

The first thing that you must do is to Give Credits to the original source or creator. Because it is not only illegal to use music without a permit, but also unethical. If the original creator sees his music with credits, chances are you’ll not get a copyright message on Instagram.

Edit Music:

To avoid copyright on your Instagram, you can edit the music and add an effect to it, so that it does not sound like the original one. This works well and can easily avoid copyright.

Get Permission:

The next and the best thing to do is to get permission from the original creator or source. Most of the time, the original creators ask you to use their music with credits. So, try getting permission!

Use Loyalty free Music:

This is the safest way to use music without having to face copyright issues. If you don’t know, loyalty free music is available for everyone and is free to use. But still, you have to give credits! You can find loyalty free music on YouTube easily.

How do you avoid Copyright on Videos and Reels?

Reels and Insta videos are fun to watch, but if you are facing copyright issues on your insta videos and reels then you should follow these rules strictly.

Give Credits & Get Permission:

Like I said before, you must give credits to the original source! Other than that, you should get permission if you are posting something as it is. The original creator will never say no unless they are a big celebrity.

Edit the Video:

Never upload a video as it is because this will definitely get you copyright problems. You should create changes before using someone’s video. Try to change the background music or cut some part of the video.

How do you Avoid Copyright on Pictures?

If you are facing copyright issues on Pictures, then you should follow these steps before posting anything!

Give Credits:

Before using a copyrighted picture, you need to give credits to the original creator. This will save you from copyright problem on Instagram.

Use Stock Images:

Stock images are free images that you can use freely without any copyright issues. You simply have to give credits to the original creators and you can use their pictures. You can get these pictures from stock images  websites like Pexel and Unsplash.

Get Permission:

If a picture that you want to use is not available as a stock image then you should try getting permission from the original creator. If you are lucky enough, you’ll get permission to use the image.


Copyright issues on Instagram are common and many people are wondering that “How do you avoid copyright on Instagram?”. To educate these people and help them, In this blog, we have discussed copyright issues on Instagram while uploading Videos, Reels, Pictures and Music.

All of it is discussed above! Lastly, I hope that you liked this blog, If you have any other issues, you can share them in the comments!

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