How to Delete Paypal Account

When it comes to online payments, the PayPal service has been one of the best options. However, given the fact that there are several options available for digital payments, there is a solid reason to delete your PayPal account. If you are wondering how to delete a PayPal account, the tips here should be quite helpful for you.

There is a number of reasons that one may wish to delete their PayPal account. Closing down a PayPal account is a quick and hassle-free process that can be completed in just a couple of minutes. If for some reason you need to close down your account, this tutorial will help you do so safely.

How to Delete PayPal Account?

Well, deleting your PayPal account should not be confused with deactivating an account. Deactivating the account will mean you have every chance to reactivate it. We are interested in deleting the PayPal account, and that is exactly what we will cover in today’s post.

Before you delete PayPal account

Ensure to take care of a few options before you can actually check out how to cancel PayPal account. Make sure all your transactions are completed on PayPal. If you have any pending transactions, it may be a good idea to wait before you delete PayPal account.

You will also need to change your payment methods. This will ensure that you will continue getting your payments. Withdraw the amount available in your account.

How to Cancel a PayPal Account?

Here are the steps involved in deleting your account –

  • Launch your favorite web browser
  • Visit the PayPal
  • Log in to your PayPal account entering your login credentials.
  • Locate the gear icon at the upper right corner of your account settings.
  • Scroll through the settings options and locate the option Close Your Account.
  • Choose the option Close Account.

You should receive the confirmation on your email to let you know that the account has been deleted.

How to delete PayPal account through Mobile device?

Well, PayPal does offer you an excellent option to manage your account through your mobile device. However, when it comes to closing your account, you will not be able to close it on the PayPal account.

The PayPal app on your smartphone cannot be used to delete a PayPal account. If you do not have access to a PC or similar device, you will need to opt for the web browser on your device. Check out the option for the mobile phone browser on your device. A few good examples can be Google Chrome on your Android device and Safari browser on your iOS device.

Can your PayPal account be easily Deleted?

There are some circumstances where the account cannot be closed or deleted. You will need to wait until the issues are resolved. Make sure you have resolved all the issues before trying again to close the PayPal account.

Some circumstances where your account will not be closed will include

  • Your account has a PayPal balance, which needs to be withdrawn before closing the account.
  • There are pending payments. Clear them out before closing your PayPal account.
  • There may be other unresolved issues, and you are in the midst of any service requests and complaints. Resolve them and then check out how to cancel the PayPal account.

Anything else You need to know about your deleted PayPal account?

Yes, once the account is closed, your details will be removed from the service. History and communication with PayPal will be completely removed. Of course, you can create a new PayPal account and continue working with your PayPal account. Please note that you will not be able to access the details of your previous account.

You can use the same email address to create your new PayPal account. Even in that case, you will not be able to access any information on the deleted account. Moreover, the account once deleted, cannot be reactivated.

That was how to delete a PayPal account. If you have been trying to delete PayPal account, the steps in the above tutorial should help you resolve the issues if any that you may be facing with your PayPal account.

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