How To Fix Nvidia GeForce Experience Cannot Optimize Games

NVIDIA produces some of the very best graphics cards available for computers, making it quite popular with the gaming community. 

There is also software tailored to your computer so that you can play games with the best settings. Even though the company produces good products, certain problems can sometimes arise, which we will discuss today. 

One such issue with NVIDIA GeForce Experience is with Geforce Experience Not Optimizing Games. 

The following solutions will assist you in fixing the error.


Geforce Experience Not Optimizing Games Fix

NVIDIA manufactures and markets GeForce graphics processors. This product line features high-end units that are built to perform on any machine. 

GeForce Experience is an application that lets you optimize games, record gameplay, and update drivers when needed.

However, GeForce Experience users reported recently that they were incapable of optimizing games. Navigating to the optimization menu caused them to encounter an error. 

Several factors contribute to this. Corrupted NVIDIA drivers and a faulty version of local files are the most common. To fix this Geforce Experience Not Optimizing Games error, you will need to follow these troubleshooting steps.


1. Delete the User Configuration Files

Geforce Experience creates these files, which serve as the user’s reference for the settings. There is a possibility that this issue may arise if these files have been corrupted. 

If these files are still on your computer, you should consider deleting them. There’s no need to worry; the software will create a fresh one once it finds the missing files.


  • Hold down the Windows key and press R. Press Enter after typing “taskmgr.”. 
  • The task manager should end the GeForce experience tasks. You must stop the running application before continuing.
  • Launch the application again by pressing Windows + R. 
  • Type “%appdata%” in the dialog box. Then press Enter.
  • At the top of the screen, press the AppData address box. This will take you to the previous page. Afterward, open the “Local” folder.
  • Go to the “NVIDIA Corporation” folder.
  • You will be able to find the GeForce Experience folder there. You should permanently remove the “CefCache” folder from here.
  • Then start your computer again.

Make sure to check that the problem with GeForce Experience not being optimized is solved or persists.


2. Try to Reinstall the GeForce 

The uninstallation of the GeForce application has also provided quick fixes for many users. It is recommended that you reinstall the software after downloading the new version from the official website. 

You might not have the latest GeForce application on your system, or the application may be configuring incorrectly. That’s why it is better to install the latest version of the software.


  • Hold down Windows and R together. You need to type “appwiz. cpl”. Then hit Enter.
  • You will see a window called Programs and Features. Then select GeForce Experience from the list of applications. You can uninstall it by clicking the right-click menu.
  • Install the latest driver from NVIDIA’s website after uninstalling the previous version. It should be installed accordingly.
  • Check if the problem has been resolved by restarting your computer. 

Installing new applications on your computer might require administrative privileges in some cases.


3: Disable the Antivirus Software 

The problem may be solved by disabling your firewall. Windows Firewall monitors data and packets incoming and outgoing from and to your PC. 

In addition, some applications and connections will not be allowed to be installed if they do not satisfy its criteria. So, you can try disabling it.

While following the steps, make sure that no programs are running in the background.


  • Open the Run application by pressing Windows + R. Type “control panel” in the dialogue box. The control panel will appear on your computer.
  • Search will be available in the dialogue box at the top right. Search for the firewall. You should then click the first result that appears.
  • To turn off your firewall, click the option titled “Turn Windows Firewall on or off” on the left side.
  • In the Public and Private Networks tabs, select the option “Turn off Windows Firewall.” Don’t forget to save changes when you’re finished. 

Then start your computer again. And see if the issue is resolved.

If you use Avast:


  • You can find the Avast icon in the system tray of your computer. Choose it by right-clicking.
  • Navigate to Avast shields control.
  • Disable the program by finding the options. There are 4 options: temporarily disable it until the computer restarts or permanently disable it. You can disable the program by choosing whichever option suits you best.


If you use AVG:


  • AVG can be found in the system tray of your computer. Choose it by right-clicking.
  • Disable AVG protection temporarily by clicking Temporarily disable AVG protection.
  • The length of time that AVG will be turned off and whether AVG’s Firewall will be disabled is up to you to select.
  • The antivirus program will be disabled after you click OK.


If you use McAfee:


  • Your computer’s system tray should display the McAfee Antivirus icon. Choose it by right-clicking.
  • Select Exit.
  • A dialog box should appear saying McAfee will be turned off. To disable the antivirus program, click Yes in the dialog box.


Make sure to check that the problem with GeForce Experience not being optimized persists or not.


4. By using the Optimal Settings

It is also possible that you have changed some settings, and therefore your GeForce experience is different than expected. 

Before optimizing any game for your computer, NVIDIA looks at several parameters and determines how to optimize them. By using the application, we can configure the system to its optimal settings. Then check if there is any difference.


  • Launch GeForce Experience on your computer. Click on “Preferences.” 
  • Then click on “Games” under “Places” on the left.
  • Check the box that says “Recommend optimal settings.”

The problem should disappear after you restart your computer. 


Final Words

This was about the GeForce Experience Not Optimizing Games error. The GeForce Experience application might be controlled by other applications that interfere with it. Verify that your computer isn’t running any such programs. 


Alternatively, try logging in with a user account that is the administrator. Check to see if game optimization is successful there.

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