Top Best 19 Games Like Wizard101

Explore some of the games like wizard101 that are available. Wizard101 maybe your favorite game, and you may have reached the highest level. However, you are interested in exploring other options available. You might fall in love with the multiplayer options created online. The same effects are also available in other games. 

You can easily kill your boredom by exploring the numerous games available online. In Wizard101, you can indulge in a game where wizardry and witchcraft are required. Throughout the game, you will discover new adventures. The game features a number of strategies that set it apart from other games. Combat is also one of the exciting aspects of the game. 

This game will also allow you to cast spells, which is a very exciting feature. Having played the game a couple of times, you might feel as if you have no other games to try. Don’t worry. In order to maximize your enjoyment of the game, it was designed so you can play it easily. 

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The game has a number of features that make it so appealing. If you try it you will find it offers the best playing experience. You can also try these games like wizard101.

Games Like Wizard101 in 2021

Wizard101 is an MMORPG developed and published by KingsIsle Entertainment. The game makes use of cards to engage players in multiplayer actions. This game plays like a multiplayer online game. Nevertheless, it has become somewhat outdated.

It’s an old graphic game. Plus, the magic system doesn’t appeal much. Maybe you are just getting started in Wizard 101. Or, maybe you are an old wizard 101 player looking for new games. Fortunately, this article will tell you what other video games like wizard101?

Villagers and Heroes

You’ll want to play this game for hours if you are addicted to the magic and adventure genre. You can play it on your desktop or on your mobile device. The game requires exploration of different areas as well as the acquisition of magical abilities. The storyline of this MMORPG is engaging, which is a rarity in this genre. While exploring the map, you have to deal with numerous enemies. When you defeat them, you receive various rewards.

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The moment you enter the game world of Villagers and Heroes, you are taken into a magical world. There are many stages in the game. To earn lands and rewards, you must complete quests. Right at the beginning of the game, you can choose your character. Depending on your choice, you can become a priest, hunter, warrior, or wizard. Your duties will include mortal combat, as well as other tasks. Trading items, crafting items, and building homes are a few examples.

Final Fantasy XIV

Square Enix developed the game. In recent years, Final Fantasy XIV has emerged as one of the most popular MMORPGs on the market. Class-based gameplay makes it different from other MMORPGs. Each character can be leveled to any number of classes they desire.

To keep the game from being a pay-to-win game, the game follows a monthly subscription model. It is also updated regularly by the developers. A big highlight of the game is its expansion, Heavensward.

Do not buy a subscription if you do not want to. Those who wish to try out the game for themselves can do so with a free trial. You can play it free up to level 60. This goes up until the Heavenward expansion, which is considered the game’s best part.

Steam is where you can buy the game. In order to access the free trial, however, you will need to use the Square Enix launcher. Having it on your computer is more convenient overall. Fantasy Flight 14 is able to fuse the fantastical setting of the franchise with the MMO world. Both solo and in groups, it is a blast.


This is the game you should try if you’re looking for a free-to-play title. Looter shooters, such as Warframe, are extremely popular right now. In this game, you will have to repeat a lot of tasks. Eventually, your equipment will get better as you repeat them. It will also feel better.

It’s one of the very few games that doesn’t fear making you overpowered after spending so much time with it. And after you hit that point you’ll really start having fun. Playing like a legend is an amazing experience. Additionally, your progression is supported in the game.

It may be 7 years old. Nevertheless, it receives free updates from its developers, who are some of the most open developers in the world. Another nice thing is that there is a friendly community of players as well. Unlike many MMORPGs where veterans are bitter toward new players, this game is friendly toward new players. 

Epic Duel

It is a game similar to Wizard101’s combat system and item gathering. The Epic Duel takes a different approach than Wizard101, where you play as real-life characters. Instead, it features colorful robots that face off against one another. You must upgrade your weaponry by fighting and collecting items to improve your character, who is also a robot.

Unlike many other games, this one allows you to customize your weaponry. You can defeat your enemies by inventing futuristic weapons that use creativity and imagination. 

Aside from fighting one-on-one, you can also fight two-on-two with your friends for more rewards. There are also multiple maps, skills, and classes in Epic Duel, like Wizard101.

Elder Scroll Online

Bethesda’s Elder Scroll franchise is the inspiration for the game. This is an Elder Scrolls-inspired MMO. This is a 6-year-old game. Because of its wide range of exploration features, it has a great player base.

Players can customize their character in a way worth praising in this game. The game’s perfect combat system is its biggest asset. The combat system varies from class to class and makes sense for each. The combat system will be familiar to you if you’ve played anything in the Elder Scrolls series.

The game has a supportive community. There aren’t many games of this type. Both newcomers and veterans of the game can enjoy it. The game has dungeons and trials that provide players with a long-lasting sense of interest and fun.

You can also play the game with PVE and PVP content, so it depends on what you’re looking for. Depending on what you want, you can fight the computer or a human opponent. Players are encouraged to interact more with each other when playing.

There is no end game content in the game, which is one of its criticisms. You will spend hundreds of hours playing the game, so when you are done, you can stop. But once you have finished, there isn’t much else to do.

There is the option of continually re-doing the same task. Alternatively, the developers would be more than happy to upload new content. In recent months, though, Bethesda has become less and less active in updating Elder Scrolls Online. 

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

There is a similar gameplay mechanic to that of Wizard101, but Marvel Super Hero Squad Online has a different plot. Marvel Super Hero Squad Online lets you play as your favorite superhero. Two types of control systems are available in this game. Arrow keys can be used to navigate the levels. If you wish to move your character, you may also use your mouse. It is easier to fight this way. Consequently, you are more likely to win. Moreover, you can beat tough levels more easily.

As your character’s superpower upgrades, you must slash and slay your enemies to enhance it. The better your superpower, the better your chances of beating the ultimate boss. There is no particular map for this game. Feel free to explore to your heart’s content. In addition to this, you are more likely to acquire resources for building unique weapons that will ultimately assist you in defeating the boss.

World of Warcraft

For over a decade, it has been the king of MMORPGs. This game might seem ancient. It may be dying, but blizzard will continue to update the content until it stops. The updates won’t stop anytime soon given the success of the game.

There are millions of players playing World of Warcraft around the world. Users pay a subscription fee to play the game. You can access the entire game’s content by subscribing for a month. the game. You’ll be playing for days on end.

There is quite a bit of complexity in this game. There is no simple way to summarize it. There are so many systems in the game that even veterans don’t know how they work. Getting on par with veterans and pros might be difficult for a new player. A new ‘new player’ tutorial is included in the Shadowland expansion patch.

Whether you believe it or not, the previous tutorial for new players is over 15 years old. This model was showing its age since it couldn’t explain all of the newer features that have been added. 


Pirate101 shares the same motives as Wizard101. The two games share a lot in common. Although there are differences in graphics and storyline, it can feel like playing Wizard101. It has a nautical theme that lends an air of suspense and intrigue. There are many islands to discover. There are also loads of resources to collect. Make sure you gather a team which will help you navigate the islands. Then, upgrade your skill set and power to conquer lands.

Gamer’s who are not ready to move on from the Wizard101 phase will find Pirate101 ideal. In addition to the realistic graphics, Pirate101 boasts audio effects that make the game more interesting. The sound effects are particularly impressive when attacking islands. Make sure to prepare enough ammunition to face off with your opponents. Conquer your map’s islands, and emerge as the greatest pirate of all time. Remember, the road isn’t as straightforward as you think.


For those looking for a game similar to Wizard101, RuneScape is your best bet. The game is available in two versions, RS3 and OSRS.

The two games are related on an objective level. RS3 only offers a faster method of achieving goals, as well as handling combat in a more involved way. The combat in RS3 is much more active and epic, so if you enjoy more active combat, play it.

This version is for those who enjoy simplicity and grinding. Either way, it’s a good choice. Your interests and time dictate your choice.

Both RuneScape 3 and OSRS have experienced a boom in popularity recently with a player average of 173,000. These games can be played on any device, including iOS and Android.

Phantasy Star Online 2

Anime Otakus and those looking for MMOs will love this game. Basically, you will be playing anime-themed MMORPGs. They have an anime-style storyline to go with their art.

In the game, you can create characters in a variety of ways. Additionally, the game is entirely free to play without any level caps or content restrictions. It emphasizes PvE rather than PvP. Yet it also offers great ways for players to interact with each other such as group raids and dungeons. Taking part in PvP fights is also an option, but there are few reasons to do so.

Spiral Knights

Before facing the boss in Spiral Knights, players must face a great deal of monsters. The action in the game is pretty innovative, despite the similarities to other action games. The game even resembles Wizard101 quite a bit. It especially resembles Wizard101 when it comes to completing quests to upgrade your abilities. You can easily take on enemies that are hard to defeat with the weapons in this game.

To collect rewards, you need to explore dungeons in addition to fighting enemies and bosses at different levels. Your weapons will be fortified quickly if you collect these rewards. The final boss can only be defeated by collecting all four weapons. You will need to spend days on this fight. It is impossible to defeat in one shot even for the most experienced players.

Star Wars The Old Republic

An MMO inspired by Star Wars and developed by Bioware is Star Wars the old republic. Despite its release years ago, the Old Republic continues to be lauded as one of the best Star Wars video games. Typical to Bioware, the game features a single-player storyline with MMO aspects.

You can play the game for free, but you can get additional cosmetics by subscribing. Since the mid-twentieth century, many expansions have expanded storytelling, which provides an enjoyable and rich experience.

The game is a fine MMO, one thing to note. Though not the best, it does not disappoint. Besides the single-player game, it has some elements of MMO gameplay as well.

Darkfall: Rise of Agon

Dark fall is the game for you if you want a game with a lot of PvP action. There is an extensive PvP system in place throughout the game. It is possible to be attacked anytime. You cannot hide in any safe zone. Free-to-play distribution model is used in the game. The game has an in-game shop that allows players to purchase additional items.

In this economy, players are the drivers. Trade and commerce are necessary in the game economy for the traders and merchants to thrive. Trading or setting up your own store will allow you to make a fortune without ever meeting other players.

There are a few things to note about the game, including its age. The graphics of this game haven’t been modernized as much as other games on this list. There are typically about 2300 players per day in this game.

Hero Smash

Wizard101 fans will also enjoy Hero Smash. Before the game begins, you can choose your superpowers. And doing so can be changed later on. It may, however, be necessary to enhance them from scratch. A superhero can also be customized in addition to choosing their superpowers.

It is the gameplay between the villains that makes the game interesting. The first thing you need to do is kill the enemies. You can also choose between playing as a superhero or a villain once you reach the toughest villain at a certain level. However, the only way to earn extra rewards after killing a villain is to play as a superhero. Consider your options carefully.


There is more to this game than just comparing it to Wizard101. It is also among the best MMORPG games ever made. You will spend hours playing this game because of the visuals and gameplay. In this game, you can choose from a variety of characters to explore different worlds. Treasure hunters, healers, summoners, and warriors are examples. In addition, you have the option to customize your character. If you want to keep your character interesting, you can change his or her hairstyle and clothes.

In contrast to other games where you must hack and slash monsters. With Dofus you control your combat turn-by-turn. This allows you to fight against a variety of enemies. This isn’t the case in most games. In consequence, your options for combat are much more limited in most games. To get the best chance of winning, choose your character carefully.

Path of Exile

The path of exile is the MMO game for those who want a diablo-like experience. It plays from the top down. And best of all, it’s free of charge. In the event you do decide to invest money into the game, you will be able to progress much faster.

With each update, the game becomes more complex. New features are constantly being added. Making it increasingly difficult. Players have the most control over the creation of their character. The skill tree in the game has many skills to choose from. Every player is able to customize their character according to their preferences.


MilMo meets Wizard101’s requirements. This makes it an excellent alternative to Wizard101. In this, you see and hear different graphics and sounds. This game is made more adorable by the cute environment, as well as the adorable characters. For those who want to try out magic and adventure for the first time, MilMo is ideal. This genre would be perfectly suited to Wizard101, but MilMo would not disappoint either.

You are placed on an island at the start of the game. It is up to you to complete the quests on the island. Finish the assigned tasks before moving onto other islands. Every island has treasure tucked away in its corners. Explore them to uncover them. Upgrade your weapon and power arsenal along the way. You will not only explore multiple maps, but also battle enemies along the way. If you do not have upgraded weapons, you should avoid boss monsters. This is because they will kill you instantly.

Elsword Online

You can’t go wrong with Elsword Online if you’re looking for something more action-packed. The game is similar to Wizard101 in that way. What sets it apart is its high number of action sequences. It’s a very exciting game. The search for the mysterious stone is especially challenging when you must overcome tons of obstacles. 

The group you belong to is trying to find this stone. Therefore, you need to increase your strength in order to be the first to gain access to it.

Does wizard 101 is still popular? Are people still playing it?

It is still played today. The server-side version of the game is still available. However, there are very few players. The game gets about 300 players per month on average. At its peak, it gets about 600 players per month. This is the entire player base that has remained with the game. And it is still going strong.

Playing with them will be challenging due to the huge skill gap. The population of players that are deadest on Wizard101 is those that still have some nostalgia for the game. Trying the game out is free of charge because the game is completely free to play.

In spite of the fact that it is free to play, a pay-to-win business model has plagued the game. Investing money into the game is necessary if you wish to stay involved for a long time.. This is especially true when you’re dealing with long-term players who’ve invested so much in the game.

Wizard101 might not appeal to a new player, especially since there are many other great games like it in 2021.

Final Words

As you can see, there are multiple MMORPGs that, in some way or another, are like Wizard101. There are usually free trials available for these Games Like Wizard101. You can play the free games in order, so make sure that you play all of them. Select the game which best fits your needs and brings you the most enjoyment. The most important thing is to have fun. Remember that no game can replace wizard101 perfectly. 

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