Best 10 (2022) Games Like Command and Conquer

A change from historical strategy games and empire builders, Command and Conquer (C&C) offered a sci-fi take on real-time strategy. C&C games feature technologically advanced factions and exciting real-time battles between players and their opponents.

The PC has been blessed with a number of games that are similar to Command & Conquer. This article mentions some games which have gameplay, plot, or tactical aspects in common with such RTS games. Below are some good games like Command And Conquer.

Games Like Command And Conquer 2021

We can’t emphasize enough how enjoyable real-time strategy games are. The satisfaction of building up a great army and sweeping over your enemies as a river sweeps over stones is unequaled.

Starcraft and Age of Empires are among the most prominent examples of the genre. The Indie games Northgard and Driftland, however, have shown there’s more than one story to tell. Real-time games are also something to celebrate. But they’re not strictly RTS games.

With MOBAs’ rise over the last decade, the RTS scene has been challenged quite significantly. The hall of fame is far from empty, however, as there have been a number of worthy RTS games that have achieved success. We’ve put together a list of our favorite games like Command and Conquer.

Tom Clancy’s EndWar

It was very popular, along with many other strategy games, to recreate a Cold War “what if” scenario. Tom Clancy’s EndWar offers a unique perspective on the Western versus Soviet countries conflict. The events in Endwar which ignited the Cold War are too absurd to be true. The plot nevertheless remains captivating.

The military units in EndWar can be upgraded, as they do in any RTS game. As with rock-paper-scissors, RTS elements follow the same principle. Traditional RTS concepts may leave gamers disappointed, as they do not allow for much tactical exploration. However, users who have experience in hotkey-dependent RTS battles will find the game entertaining.

Age Of Empires 2: Definitive Edition

RTS games, in general, have benefited greatly from the outstanding original Age of Empires 2. Now Age of Empires 2 has been remastered. The combination of units, technical research, and warfare makes this RTS game one of the most replayable on the market. 

A remake is underway for the Definitive Edition, updating both the art and AI. It also boasts a number of first-time campaigns and new civilizations.

With Age of Empires 2, you’re always busy clicking away at something while simultaneously dealing with combat and gathering resources. The engagement of two sides involves more than slashing at each other until one or two lucky warriors survive. You have to negotiate fortifications, use siege tactics. Your assault can be undermined by a variety of issues.

Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends

Battles in Rising of Legends are transacted in a steampunk environment. An exciting new list of civilizations is offered in this spin-off of the popular historical RTS game. The development of technology in each advanced civilization can be traced back to myths and cultures from the past. All of the artwork on the unit as well as the surroundings are beautifully designed.

Fantasy lovers will enjoy playing campaign missions since they are quite fun to play. In spite of its lack of C&C-like gameplay and theme, Rise of Legends’ sci-fi setting may be a draw for gamers who generally play historical strategy games.

Company Of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault

This competitive strategy game has firmly cemented its place as a worthwhile product. Having created its own standalone campaign, Ardennes Assault, Company of Heroes 2 now holds the illustrious title of being one of the most replayable single-player adventures in modern RTS gaming.

Over the single-player missions, Ardennes Assault layers a strategy-capture metagame. A semi-random event will happen and the objective will change with every playthrough, while you’re tasked with commanding four companies and making hard decisions in an ironman environment.

They force the player to carefully plan each move throughout the campaign and live with suboptimal strategies.

Supreme Commander 2

Robots take on an entirely new level of complexity in the sequel of the epic futuristic RTS game. You are in charge of a lot of powerful machines. Massive damage is dealt with enemy units and buildings by mechanical marvels that are outlandish in design and performance.

Super Commander 2 has streamlined the tedious upgrade process making it easier to play. Additionally, the strategy is very important instead of mindless clicks. Single-player campaigns, on the other hand, are just plain boring. That’s because they’re not open-ended. 

Having the freedom to plan your attack is what makes multiplayer online battles so exciting. This game offers massive land, air, and sea battles in multiplayer mode. It earns extra points for its strategic elements.

Act of War: Direct Action

Act of War: Direct Action is a thriller with a geopolitical theme. In a series of challenging campaign missions, this game features a plot straight from a Tom Clancy novel, along with breathtaking cinematic cutscenes. You’ll be reminded of Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2 by the game’s stunning live-action videos.

Video game strategy gamers will get a taste of Direct Action in its opening cinematic trailer. It is a plot-twisting campaign with a few improbable missions, but the plot twists keep it interesting. There is a nice Hollywood-like setting to it.

As part of the level design, you will be provided with infantry units to carry out tactical missions. Several strategy mechanics are borrowed from C&C Generals, such as going into buildings and utilizing heavy snipers to hunt down terrorists wielding RPGs.

Despite sticking to an old-school RTS format, though, this game adds some really innovative features to keep it fresh.

Starcraft 2

RTS games like Starcraft 2 are titans. Monolithic enough that many first-time players are put off from picking it up out of fear they will get ripped apart online before they even learn how to operate the camera. The indecisive among you will feel overwhelmed by the constant choices of research and development. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing as Zergs or Protoss. There’s unimaginable freedom of choice. Investing in permanent improvements is something you’ll constantly weigh as a new player.

Blizzard’s balance prowess is on full display in multiplayer, which has been rewarded with impressive esports performances. In nearly a decade, Starcraft 2 has broken new ground in RTS game design, yet it still sounds and feels like a first-person shooter.

Dune II

Dune II was said to have laid the groundwork for future popular real-time strategy games. Command and Conquer is often called the spiritual successor to Dune II. 

1992 was the release year of the game. A number of critics have named it one of the world’s most innovative and engaging titles.

While there were real-time games on the market before Dune II, such as Herzog Zwei and Stonkers, the latter is noted for key gameplay elements which later found their way into several other real-time strategy titles. In addition, there are their unique weapon types and abilities, their tech tree, and how they can act as buildings. 

World in Conflict

Another great RTS game is World in Conflict. In this game, the Soviet Union and the United States are facing off against each other.

In contrast, RTS mechanics operate differently than in C&C. Gameplay is more focused on managing units and moving them instead of building bases and collecting resources. The game is an improved version of Ground Control, which is a real-time tactics game.

C&C Generals shares one gameplay feature with the game. You get points when you call for reinforcements. After each reinforcement call, you get a 10-second break.

You get more freedom in multiplayer mode than in campaign mode. The deployment of units is especially flexible. An effective VOIP system can be used to coordinate attacks and defenses effectively with teammates. Games like World in Conflict are good for those who like real-time tactics.

Machines at War 3

The actual-time strategy game Machines at War 3 features military themes similar to those in Command and Conquer. The game is visually impressive. As commander, you will be in charge of over 100 units on land, air, or sea. While the battle animations are fun, the game is viewed from a bird’s eye view. 

Viewing the mean machines from a single angle is the only way to see them in action. And zooming in isn’t an option. Despite that, the interface is easy to use and perfect for newbies.

Machines of War 3 follows the tradition of Generals by focusing on strategy over rush tactics. You should have a good strategy and a strong defense when taking down enemy bases. When power generators are destroyed, factories can lose power immediately. 

A follow-up attack could be launched against every enemy base or building. Due to a large number of combat units on hand, players can use a wide range of tactics, which helps to keep gameplay engaging.

You can compare Machines at War to Command & Conquer. The game offers an unlimited amount of random maps so players can take part in some intense skirmishes. The game is available on PC and mobile devices.

Final Words

These were some of the best games like Command And Conquer. We hope that you find a great game to play. 

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