How to Fix Unfortunately Settings has Stopped Error in Android

Fix Unfortunately Settings Has Stopped. I had also recently faced this error and my phone was not syncing Google items like Gmail, Notes, Calender, Photos.etc After spending hours I finally fixed the error.

So let us see how to get rid of this problem. So before you should first try to restart your phone. A fresh reboot always solves many issues. To restart your phone hold your power button for a while.

You will see a popup window where you can select the reboot option easily. If their problem still exists, then try the following methods to remove it successfully.


Method 1- Clearing Cache memory of your phone

Suppose the problem is not solved by restarting your phone. Then the best thing you can do is to clear your cache memory of the phone. This will allow your phone to store fresh cache data and help your apps to work properly.

To clear the cache memory of your phone to follow these simple steps;

  • First, you have to go into settings.
  • Then you will find the “Storage & USB” option, so open it up.
  • So now you can see Internal Storage, so click on it.
  • Finally, the Internal storage will open and show on Cached Data. So by pressing on it, you can remove cache files.


Method 2- Clearing Ses Data and Cache

Now the following method is your phone cache is not the reason for the problem. So clear all the Settings app Data and Cache. Now you will help break out all settings that are not good for the app. So precisely, this may prevent the app from running correctly.

  • First, you should go to settings.
  • Then go to the apps or “Apps & notifications. Fluctuation to all apps.
  • So now, under that, find the “Setting” app and open it.
  • Now you should click on the “Storage” and unlock it. Now you will see under settings.
  • Below that, you can tap on Clear Storage & Clear Data.


 Method 3- Uninstall Google Play Updates

So this is a method in which the new google play store does not support the phone, so see an “unfortunately settings has stopped” error. So by uninstalling the Google Play store, the Latest Updates, you can solve the problem.


  • Next, you click on settings on your phone and find “Apps and notifications“.
  • Then you can transfer to all apps and glance at Google Play Store
  • From the top right corner, you find Three Dots click on it.
  • Then you see an option Uninstall Updates and click on it and then confirm OK to uninstall google play store updates.

Now you finally Uninstalled the Google Play store update.

So try this method you can get a solution.


I hope you gain some method of solving the error “Unfortunately Settings Has Stopped” it is an easy process, so do it now, Hopefully, your problem is solved now and you can handily overhaul the issue after trying these solutions above.

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