How to Fix the MacOS Installation Couldn’t Be Completed

Hello friends! Are you getting issues when updating your Mac? A common error message you can see “The MacOS Installation Couldn’t Be Completed.” Don’t worry; it is normal. We will help you to fix this issue. So let me tell you the recovery part of how to make this better.

So while your opening the system, you can get the error with a statement like macOS installation couldn’t be completed.

This problem happens when you are attempting to update MacOS. So how can I fix these problems? Can I be able to update these? So we Waptechs have made the process easier by giving some steps to solve the problem and reading below to understand them.

What is MacOS? What is it’s installation process?

So the word macOS is a credible operating network from Apple, and to update MacOS on a date is significant, particularly if you want to keep your Mac safe.

If there is a system, we will come across many problems, so it is natural, but there will be a solution for every situation. According to some users, the macOS installation could not be finalized on their Mac when revising the system.

There is a statement you see the error message coming like The macOS installation couldn’t be completed on the computer screen. It will also be asked to begin with macOS’s installation process again or utilize various disks to start the Mac process.

What makes it stop the installation of macOS on your computer?

Conceivably the installation process has been stopped by files from other mounted drives, and the macOS installer is violated, or there will be an issue with the system disk or target disk.

How to fix the issue? Don’t worry, and we are here to provide you with steps to clear all your solutions, and we gave all the way to rectify the issue.

Advance Backup of Data

Previously you took measures to fix the installation issue; it is sufficient to back up your data to prevent emergencies.

If your Mac boots generally then you can use Time Machine for this work

Suppose the Mac system gets stuck at the macOS installation error. In that case, you can reclaim all the important files from the Mac with a software called professional Mac data recovery software, which is called the Stellar Data Recovery for Mac.

So after you finish the data backup or recovery, you should now fix the installation issue.

Below are the steps to follow them.

Step 1: Restart MacOS from a safer


So this will be the first thing you need to do and follow these steps below:

  • First, you should Restart your Mac.
  • Then when the machine starts beginning again then keep hold and then press down the Shift key.
  • After that, when you see the Apple logo, you can release the key.
  • Then your Mac will enter the Safe Mode. Open the App Store and then try to inaugurate the update again to see if the issue is fixed.

Method 2: Try to start your Mac Using Startup Manager

The second thing is to try to start up your device using Startup Manager. This enables you to choose a startup disk, and now Mac can boot from the disk.

  • First, restart your Mac.
  • Then it starts booting, now press and hold the Alt key.
  • In the Startup Manager interface, you will choose the primary disk that is usually called Macintosh HD.
  • Choose it and press Enter.
  • Then you can update macOS and see if the issue is resolved.

Method 3: Make your Disk to Repair

If files related to the Mac update are corrupted, the error “the macOS installation couldn’t be completed” may appear. To fix this issue, you can repair your disk with Disk Utility. This feature can help improve missing or damaged system files for loading the system.

  • First, Restart the Mac, then press and hold keys like Command and R keys.
  • Select Disk Utility > Continue.
  • Choose View > Show All Devices.
  • Select the disk you want to repair.
  • Then run First Aid.
  • Click Run

Method 4: Mac Combo Update

Mac Combo Update

If the macOS installation failed again, you could try using the Mac combo update. Just go to the Apple website, locate the combo update you need to, and click Download. After that, install the update and see if it is completed.

Method 5: Reinstall macOS from Recovery Mode

If all the solutions fail to remedy the installation error, try to reinstall macOS in Recovery Mode.


I hope you gain some method of solving the error “The macOS installation couldn’t be completed “it is an easy process, so do it now, and you can handily overhaul the issue after trying these solutions above.

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