Fix Killing Floor 2 Bugsplat Error, MSVCR100.dll Missing

Gameplay in this game is heavily reliant on animation canceling. An alternative would be to just cancel the current animation using another action instead of waiting for the whole animation to run. 

Although this mechanic works for some actions, it doesn’t for all. Yet you can still use it to speed up the healing process.

Once you’ve been healed, you’ll be able to switch to your weapon to end the animation.

Unfortunately, many players are reporting getting error bug splat’s in Killing Floor 2. This Killing Floor 2 Bugsplat error may also be occurring for you. Here is what you should do if your game crashes when you try to load it.


Killing Floor 2 Bugsplat


The first-person shooter game Killing Floor 2 was developed by Tripwire Interactive. It was released in 2016. Studio is steadily adding new content to the game as the player base grows.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of errors that come up in the PC version, such as Fatal errors and bug splat errors.

We list the errors and problems players are facing in Killing Floor 2 and how they can resolve them.


Fix Bugsplat Error


A Bugsplat error is being encountered by players of Killing Floor 2. It is quite easy to fix this error. 

Go to the location Documents/My Games/KillingFloor2/KFGame/Config. Go to KFEngine.ini and open it. The configuration file should contain the following items. Put a value of 0 for each of them.







Make the changes and then save them. Additionally, the BugSplatError will be fixed. You can simply delete the Config folder if the problem persists.


Change the configuration of the game


In order to resolve this problem, players changed the configuration settings in Killing Floor 2. Thus, if you haven’t changed the game’s configuration to this point, you should also do so. 

Changes to the game’s settings can be made by opening the game folder. Click on “KFEngine.ini” to open it.

Now, you’ll need to enter zero value for the maximum objects, the maximum stale cache, and the maximum overall cache. Also, set the package size to zero. Likewise, with respect to stale cache days, you need to set those to thirty and then launch the game again. 

This error should have been fixed by now.

The find tool in the document can be used to locate the mentioned statements in the configuration file.

By doing so, you can save a great deal of time also, you will not be able to make any errors while changing the configuration.

The document can be saved once you have changed the values for these statements. Then you can run it via the client. 

Your main character will load without a problem, so you can grind on it without any issues.


Verifying the game files


A missing or corrupt game file may be the cause of the problem if the configuration files are not managed. 

It is important that you first remove all Killing Floor 2 files from your Documents folder before verifying your files.

After that, you can begin verifying the game files in Steam. After the validation process is complete on your PC, the client will automatically detect any missing game files and download them for you. 

This may take some time depending on your computer specifications, so be patient.

Steam can be closed after verification has been completed. You can then find the game folder of Killing Floor 2. Then locate the executable file for Killing Floor 2. Check the file properties to make sure administrator privileges are enabled.

The Steam client can then be launched again. Load Killing Floor 2 and see if it works. You should be able to fix the issue now if the error was with your game files. 

Check if the bug splat error still occurs when you load the game.


Fatal Error Fix


The game is not starting for Killing Floor 2 players due to the Fatal Error at startup. A GPU driver issue caused this error.

Install a different driver version or the older version of the GPU driver. Install the game again and the Killing Floor 2 Fatal Error should be solved.

This error may occur if you play the game with a dedicated GPU on a laptop. You should then ensure the game uses the dedicated GPU.

Open the NVIDIA Control Panel if you are using an NVIDIA GPU. Navigate to Manage 3D Settings. Then click Program Settings. Choose a game. Go to the “High-performance NVIDIA processor” option and select it.


MSVCP110.dll, MSVCR100.dll, Bugsplat64.dll Missing Fix


Players are getting a missing .dll files error when starting Killing Floor 2 when they try to play. MSVCP110.dll, MSVCR100.dll, and Bugsplat64.dll are all listed as missing by players.

Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable is required to repair “MSVCP110.dll is missing” errors. The x86 and x64 versions are both available.

This error can be fixed by installing Visual C++ 2012 and 2010 in both x64 and x86 versions. The Steam folder contains two locations where you can find the setup. 

You can find it in “Steam/SteamApps/common/killingfloor2/_CommonRedist”. Visual C++ 2015 must be installed. Additionally, the missing MSVCR100.dll error will be corrected.

To fix the missing Bugsplat64.dll error, open Documents/my games on your computer. Remove “KillingFloor2” from your computer. The error will be fixed. As a result, Killing Floor 2 will be fully functional again.


Install the game cleanly 


The bug splat issue was resolved by tuning game configurations found in the game folders of most players. You should, however, remove the game along with all its content from your PC if you are not in the same boat as anyone else and are still experiencing the bug splat issue.

The cache files should be removed from your documents, along with any other folders in which your game is stored. Make sure Steam’s library folder is checked twice.

If you still have a Killing Floor 2 folder, you need to delete it.

Once all files have been removed, reboot your PC and launch Steam again. In order to make the game library separate, you should place your game library on a separate hard drive on your PC. 

Once the new directory has been created, Killing Floor 2 can be installed. Once the game has loaded, you should try to play it.

You can still choose the existing directory to install the game if you do not have a different drive on your PC. The game will hopefully be bug-free so you will not have to worry about splat errors.


Black Screen Fix


With PC games, black screens are common at launch. The same is true for Killing Floor 2. Players are reporting that they get a black screen at launch with an audio playing fine in the background.

If you still see the black screen, launch the game again. You must then press “Alt + Enter”. The game will move into windowed mode and begin displaying. 

Click on the video settings. Make sure you set your resolution to the native resolution of your monitor. Moreover, the game will be playable on fullscreen. Update your GPU drivers if this does not fix the problem.


Final Words


This was all about the Killing Floor 2 Bugsplat error. After reading this article, we hope that you will be able to solve your error and play the game smoothly.


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