Fix Death Stranding PC Crashes, Errors, Performance Issues

Time seems to fly by as quickly as standing under a TimeFall in Death Stranding. I remember the days when we got the first teaser of Death Stranding – gamers worldwide went crazy making guesses and conspiracy theories as to what Death Stranding was about.

But hey – at least it’s coming out very soon! I’m excited as any other PC player who’s been waiting to get their hands on another of Hideo Kojima’s masterpieces

But you know what’s worse than getting your video game release delayed? Do you know what’s worse than a BT eating a corpse and causing a massive void out?

Crashes. And bugs. And performance issues.

If there’s one thing that can ruin any gaming experience – it’s crashes, bugs, and a whole sort of other problems that can ruin the gaming experience. Thankfully, we here at Tech Fixes have every possible hotfix and solution for your Troubleshooting needs.

So suit up, feed your bridge baby – it’s time for us to go troubleshooting!

Very Important Note:
Because this game is not out yet, the information in this Troubleshooting Guide is subject to change. So stay tuned for any updates or changes!


Check for Minimum Requirements

The #1 unwritten rule for any PC gamer – always, always check the minimum requirements. If you’ve been gaming long enough you should do this before even buying the game. If you’re PC doesn’t have the hardware for the job, you’re going to get lots of crashes (assuming you even got to launch it in the first place).

If you’d like to know if your rig is up to speed – you can take to the “Can You Run It” website. Instead of trying to remember what specs you have loaded, the website will benchmark and check the specs for you!

Update your Graphics Drivers

If there’s one thing Death Stranding highlights – the passage of time ruins everything. Everything is going to decay given enough time, so it’s up to us to constantly keep everything up to date.

If you haven’t updated your graphics drivers. time will show its scars and will give you a hell of a hard time running the game. Games released today have features that will tell you if you’re running the game with an outdated or incompatible graphics driver.

To update your graphics driver, you have two means. The quickest and easiest one is to open up the Control Panel, and afterward head to Device Manager. Select “Display Adapters” – the menu should drop down and reveal the name of your graphics card. Right-click that and select “Update Driver”.

For the second option, you can download the Driver alongside the companion app on Nvidia and AMD respective websites. Though not the quickest route – this is the best. The Companion App for both NVIDIA and AMD will come with nifty features to optimize performance, and has an auto-update function to keep your drivers updated!

Breach the Damn FireWall

In the United Cities of America – there are no walls to breach. The only thing left is the great empty plains and grasslands tainted by Time Fall. Oh, but you might have trouble exploring the United Cities of America if you’ve got a Firewall in your way.

It can be frustrating, but at least your anti-virus is trying to do its job! To get your game running, open the settings menu of your anti-virus and head over to the Firewall menu. From there, select “Make an Exception”, and choose Death Stranding from the choices. Once this is done, you should have no issues running Death Stranding!

Verify Game File Integrity

America has deteriorated into a Wasteland in the world of Death Stranding. Where once stood a great civilization, broke down into tiny, lonely outposts and cities. Fortunately for you, your game files don’t have to break the same way!

Occasionally, either due to download client issues, paranoid antiviruses, or others, essential game files can be lost. The loss of these essential files means your game won’t run.

Fixing this issue is easy. On Steam, all you have to do is open your library and right-click on Death Stranding. Select properties, and afterward choose “local files”. From there, click on “Verify Integrity of Game Files”.

Not to worry – if you’ve bought the game on another platform, the download clients usually have this feature available too!

Performance Issues

Lower Graphics Settings

Do you know what’s more tragic than the collapse of society due to extradimensional anti-matter monsters? Lowering your graphic settings.

Yes – I know you want to play with high resolution texture packs, water reflections, and anti-aliasing. Yes – I know it’s painful watching that graphical quality dip. But you’re not watching a movie – you’re playing a video game. If your game slows to a crawl of 1 frame per 30 minutes – you’re not going to have a fun time gaming.

So just head on over to the In-Game menu, settings, and choose the one appropriate for your PC. Thankfully custom graphics settings exist – so you can find a balance between good graphics and great performance.

Turn off all background applications

If you’re going to survive in Death Stranding’s world, you’re going to have to be focused on your job. To stay alive as a porter, you can’t just be lollygagging and getting distracted all the time.

The same principle applies to your PC. Death Stranding’s requirements processing requirements are very high – much of it due to the graphics and physics. This game is going to need a lot of processing power to run.

To make sure your game runs smoothly, just turn off all other non-essential background applications. Make the load lighter for your processor and your GPU. You’ll be able to crank out some more frames and faster gameplay that way.

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