How To Fix Application Error 0xc0000142

Windows, without any doubt, is one of the most widely used Operating System for PCs. Billions of users across the world use Windows operating system. The kind of GUI and support it provides is what it makes so easy to use and thus so popular.

Microsoft constantly rolls out new updates and the latest version of Windows (at the time of writing this article) is Windows 10. Users give mixed reviews for Windows 10. Few praise while few also criticize the latest version – Windows 10.

A significant number of users have also reported performance issues in Windows 10.

So fixing issues in Windows 10 is not something which is new for us. We have dealt with countless errors in Windows 10 and successfully fixed them.

A significant number of users reported that they got stuck with an error code 0xc0000142 when they were trying to run some app on their system. Whenever you try to launch a certain app on your system, an error may pop up with the following message:

The Application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Click OK to close the application.

This error message is followed by an OK Button. Clicking on this button will close the application and hence you are stuck.

Right? Well, this is really one of the annoying Windows errors but you need not worry as we are here to rescue. In this article, we will be providing you with a detailed and step by step guide to get rid of Application error 0xc0000142 and the error message:

4 Ways to Fix Error Code 0xc0000142 in Windows 10

In this section, we will be giving you the methods to fix the error message: The Application was unable to start correctly. So make yourself ready to get your hands dirty on the following methods.

Method 1: Clean Reboot Your Pc

Clean rebooting of PC can easily fix Application Error 0xc0000142: The Application was unable to start correctly. Simply follow the steps given below to clean reboot your machine:

  • Go to Control Panel and choose System and Security link.
  • Now select Administrative Tools.
  • Double click on System Configuration option.
  • Now choose Services tab.
  • Mark Hide all Microsoft services options.
  • Now press Disable all button on the left. Click Apply and OK button.
  • Now Restart the system by clicking on the Restart button.
  • Once your system restarts, launch the app that was causing Application Error 0xc0000142: The Application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Now you should not get this error.

If this method is not able to resolve this issue, you can try out the method to fix this error.

Method 2: Use System File Checker To Repair Windows System Files

System File Checker (sfc) is a command provided by Microsoft to repair Windows system files. It basically scans your entire system for Windows system files and dll files and replaces them if it finds them suspicious.
You can follow the steps given in the below post to run this scan.

This method has the highest success rate to fix Application Error 0xc0000142: The Application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142).

This should surely resolve the error code 0xc0000142.

Method 3: Make Changes In Registry Editor

Follow the steps given below to make the required changes in Registry Editor:

  • Press Windows Key + R to open run panel.
  • Type regedit.exe to open Registry Editor. 
  • Now go through HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Windows.
  • Find LoadAppInit_DLLs in the right area. Double click on it and change its Value data from 1 to 0.
  • Now click on OK button.
  • Try launching the app that was causing this issue and check if the error still persists.

Method 4: Scan Your Pc Using Antivirus

Malware can also cause Application Error 0xc0000142. So try running a complete scan using a good antivirus. Please make sure you are running a complete/full scan and not a quick scan so that it thoroughly scans your PC and reports the issues accordingly.

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