FFXIV Unable To Complete Version Check Error Issue

Are you annoyed by this “ff14 Unable to Complete Version Check” error? And you have tried many ways to fix this error, But nothing seems to work?  

Don’t worry my friend, this blog is for you and the other players that are facing this error or similar errors like in 2022

  • Ffxiv Unable To Complete Version Update 30419 (30605 20446)(404)
  • Ffxiv File Access Failed During The Update  
  • FFXIV Unable to Download Patch Files
  • (30410)(30607) (20459) (10009) (10019)
  • (30410)(30607)(20457)(404

By the end of this blog, you will know the reasons for these errors and also the solutions that are 100% working. 

So, without wasting any time, let’s move further!

Common Reasons for this Error 

The common reasons for the F unable to complete version check error are the following: 

  • Problem with the Servers 
  • Problem with the network 
  • Enabled Firewall 
  • Bad Internet Connection 
  • Unnecessary Background Usage 
  • Missing boot configuration files 

7 Ways To Fix FFXIV Unable To Complete Version Check Error Guide to Resolve

These are some of the solutions to theFFXIV unable to complete version check in 2022” error. The given solutions are used and recommended by the players who have seen and fixed this error before. So, the chances are these solutions will work for you as well! 

1) Disabling the Firewall 

If you have enabled the firewall for this game, then this may be the cause of the error. Windows firewall restricts applications and games from using certain places in the windows operating system. 

To disable the firewall, Search for Windows Firewall on your desktop. 

Now Click on the first option, then choose the app(in your case it is FFXIV)that you want to disable the firewall for

Now click on it and Allow Access

Then check for the error, if it is gone or not. 

 2) Problem with the Server 

Maybe there is no problem from your side and the service is temporarily down. It is a rare thing to happen but it is possible. So check if the server is down or live. And if the server is live then the server is not causing the problem. 

3) Restart Your PC 

Restarting your PC and router can also fix this problem. This may look like a simple thing tot do but it works some times. Restart your pc, refresh it and then open the game and see if the error is still there or not. 

4) Disable Your Network and Restart your Router 

If your error “FFXIV unable to complete the version check” comes with this code “30410”. Then the problem might be caused by your network. So, to fix it 

First of all- Disconnect from the network 

Then- Restart the Router and wait for few minutes 

Lastly– Connect the network and launch the game to see if the problem is solved or not. 

5) Decrease the Background usage 

If the above given solutions are not working then Unnecessary background network usage might be the problem in your case. You must check it and if there is unnecessary usage in the background, disable it.  

You can adjust the unnecessary network usage by  

Firstly, searching “Network and Internet” on your computer and clicking on it 

Then– clicking on the data usage option and you will see a new window where you can adjust the data usage. 

6) Change Your Network 

If the error is still not solved after restarting the router and network, then you should try changing your network. Because a bad network connection can cause this error. After changing your network, launch the game and check for errors.  

7) Re-Download the Game 

If nothing from the above-given solutions work, then try uninstalling the game and downloading it again. This will solve the problem. But remember, only do this if nothing from the above works for you. Check these methods one by one and then choose this method.

User Comments 

These are the user comments related to FFXIV Errors 

Why the FFXIV 9002 error is showing in my game? 

The FFXIV 9002 error occurs, when there is a connection problem from your side(the client-side) and your internet connection is disconnected or it is not stable. So to fix it, make sure your internet connection is good. 

How can I fix the Authentication error in FFXIV? 

To fix this error, you first have to make sure that your account is fine, check if your account is expired and if it is not expired then try logging out and logging in. Most of the time this method works for this problem. 

To Wrap It All Up 
These are the solutions that might help you fix the “FFXIV unable to complete version check” error. These methods worked for many players and might be helpful for you as well. 

  • Disable the Firewall and Antivirus for the game, if you have enabled it 
  • Check if the server is live or it is working or not 
  • Try Restarting your PC 
  • Disconnect the device from the network and restart your router 
  • Manage the Background Network Usage 
  • Change your Network 
  • Re-install the game if nothing works 

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