Do you need Number pad for Gaming?

If you are a gamer, then you realize the importance of a keyboard. The keyboard is an input device that is absolutely essential for gaming since most games have mechanics which need to be mapped to keyboard keys for players to be able to use them.

Usually, gamers use the alphabet side of the keyboard to play games and know it better than the backs of their hands, but a keyboard also has its right side where the number pad resides. This side of the keyboard is often left desolate, and many modern-day keyboards don’t even have the number pad anymore, so do you need the number pad for gaming?

What is the number pad?

The number pad is a cluster of numeric keys present on the far-right side of many keyboards. It can be used to perform simple calculations at a fast pace. What’s more, is that you can press the num lock key to squeeze more functionality from the Numpad. After pressing the said key, the Numpad allows various functions like Page Up, Page Down, Delete, etc.

 Although many modern keyboards don’t include the number pad, they used to be present on every keyboard for an extensive period of time until gamers started representing the major customer base for computers.

After that, companies started wanting to target gamers specifically and deemed the number pad unnecessary thus, removing it from several new keyboard designs. This did not mean that everyone welcomed the new change, on the contrary, people were still purchasing keyboards with number pads.

Number pad for Gaming

Games have become very intensive over time and require players to have a very good grasp of keys on their keyboards. Games like Fortnite in the past have made this fact evident, other good examples are League of Legends, Dota 2, and several MMORPG games.

On the other hand, there are many games where many key binds are not as vital, and players can get away with using far fewer keys. Games like PUBG, Cuphead, etc. are great examples of such games. All this still leaves the question unanswered; Is the Numpad necessary for gaming?

The answer is: Yes, and No. Let us make things clear, whether the number pad is necessary for gaming is entirely up to personal preference. There are games like GTA V, Arma 3, etc. that take advantage of the Numpad, improving the player experience. There are also games that don’t have any explicit use for the number pad. Therefore, the answer to this question depends on the player.

Is the Number pad useless?

No, by no means is the number pad useless. Since it was originally introduced to be used to make simple calculations replacing the need for a separate calculator, it is still capable of fulfilling that task.

Additionally, there are many applications that make use of the number pad like Blender. In Blender, the Numpad acts as efficient camera movement control. It is also useful for piano simulation apps that require the whole keyboard. These are only a few examples of use cases for the Numpad and there clearly exist many more.

It is apparent that the number pad is a crucial part of the keyboard without which the lives of many would be difficult. More keys with more features can be very useful and should not be underestimated.


What are keyboards without the number pad called?

Keyboards available these days come in many varieties but keyboards without the number pad are generally referred to as “Tenkeyless” or “TKL” keyboards. These keyboards further come in two forms which are the 75% and 60% versions.

Are gaming keyboards necessary?

Gaming keyboards is a term adopted by companies to increase sales for their new cutting-edge products but the matter of whether they are necessary or not is a different question. Though, you could technically enjoy your favorite games without these “gaming keyboards”, that is only if you play casually. If you hope to become a professional gamer, then at one point it would be beneficial to consider these a viable option since they possess widely better features than normal keyboards.

Which keyboard brand is the best?

Various keyboard manufacturers exist, all of which produce top-notch keyboards serving a broad range of users. There is no actual best when it comes to such things since it depends highly on the customer and what they want. With that said, there are some companies that stand out most as keyboard manufacturers and their keyboards can be found very easily at varying price ranges. These include Logitech, Razer, Corsair, SteelSeries, Asus, etc.


In this blog, we set out to answer this question in a way that made the answer very clear to anyone reading, whether they are tech enthusiasts or curious everyday people.

Even though keyboards without the number pad are many, it does not mean that the era of keyboards with num pads is over, not by a long shot. If you are curious about why perhaps you should try giving this blog a read. If you are a pro gamer or a tech enthusiast, be sure to let everyone know about your favorite keyboard in the comments below.

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