Do You Have to Pay for PlayStation Online? 

PlayStation is the undefeated king of the console gaming industry. Well, who doesn’t know that? PlayStation was considered a luxury back in the 90s and 2000s. It was a dream of every millennial and Gen Z kid. It is also one of the oldest gaming console. The first PlayStation came out 27 years ago. Already feeling old? Well, time flies. PlayStation has made memorable childhoods for many millennials around the world. From PlayStation 1 to PlayStation 5, the champ is undefeated and it is still popular and dominating the gaming industry.

At first, It was not available for online gaming like other gaming consoles but with the growth of the internet, PlayStation also started online multiplayer gaming. It is one of the best things that has happened in the gaming industry. But some PlayStation users are confused about PlayStation Online. and the question that they ask is Do I have to pay for PlayStation Online? So, In this blog, we have answered this question.
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Do You Have to Pay for PlayStation Online?

The straight and simple answer to this question is YES you have to pay some amount to play online on PlayStation!

There are some free-to-play games on PlayStation online but, the majority of the games are not free. You need to have a PS Plus subscription if you want to play with your friends online on PlayStation.

If you don’t know about PlayStation Plus and the subscription cost to play online on PlayStation, then you can keep on reading.

PlayStation Plus: So starting with the PlayStation Plus, It is an online subscription plan by Sony for PS 4 &5 Online. If you want to play online with some random players or maybe your friend, then you need to have a PlayStation Plus Subscription.

You can store your game online on your PlayStation Plus account. With PlayStation Plus, you can not only play online with your friends, but you also get free games every month. You get discounts on games and many other perks and features that we will be discussing in this blog.

So, if you want to know more about the PlayStation Plus subscription, then keep on reading!

Features in PlayStation Plus: These are some of the features and perks that you get if you pay for the PlayStation Plus service:

You Get Cloud Storage: Losing your saved game files is another level of disappointment, to solve this issue PlayStation Plus gives you cloud storage of 100GB where you can save your games.

These saved games are also transferable from machine to machine. 

So, if you want to end this hassle and save your game in cloud storage then you can buy PlayStation Plus.

You can Play Online!: As you already know, the most amazing feature that has made many player to buy the PlayStation Plus subscription is the Online Play. You can play online if you pay for PlayStation Plus Subscription.

You can play with random online players and your friends(if they also have PlayStation Plus).

You Get Free Games: Another feature is that you get free games every month. These are four games that include 2 minis, 1 network game and 1 classic.

You get to avail this service as long as you have paid the subscription fee.

You Get Free Avatar & Themes: On the PS Plus subscription you also get premium and dynamic avatars for free every month. These avatars are also usable if you are no longer a member. 

You don’t get to choose these avatars, you get 2 premium avatars selected by PS Plus and Sony. If you want an avatar of your choice you have to buy it or you can wait for next month.

You Get Game Trials: Another amazing benefit of having a PS plus subscription is, that you get free game trials every month. 

You can play any 2 games every month as a trial. If you like the game, you buy it and if you don’t, you can wait for the next free trial to come.

You Get Exclusive Game Discounts: One more perk that you get in the PS Plus subscription are the exclusive discounts that you get every month.

The number of the discounted games varies, but the least number is 4. You get add-on packs and discounted games.

This is a one-time purchase and you get to keep these games forever.

PlayStation Plus Subscription 

You can get PlayStation Plus Subscription for a month, or 3 months and 12 months. These are the prices of the subscriptions:

Monthly: The monthly subscription costs you 9.99$ or £6.99
For 3 Months: The price for 3 months subscription is 24.99$ or £19.99
For 12 Months: The price for a yearly subscription is 59.99$ or £49.99.
You can get the subscription online or directly from your console.


These are some of the frequently asked questions.

Is PS Plus worth buying?

Yes, it is worth buying and a great value for money service. If you love gaming then you should go for it

Do I lose my games if I cancel my PS Plus subscription?

Yes, you will lose access to your games if you decide to cancel your PS Plus subscription.

How much is PlayStation Plus a month?

The monthly subscription for PlayStation Plus is 9.99$ or 6.99£. You can avail this subscription from the official PlayStation website.


Yes, you have to pay for PlayStation Online. The service is called PlayStation Plus. For further information and subscription plans, read the article. 

If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments.

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