How To Fix Darkest Dungeon Crash, Error, Black Screen Issue, DLC Code Not Valid Error

In spite of the fact that it was released so many years ago, Darkest Dungeon still remains popular. Despite this, the game crashes frequently. Many users report crashing at the loading screen, mid-game, or at startup. 

 A number of factors may have contributed to the Darkest Dungeon crash. Fortunately, you can resolve the crashing problem with this game with a few tried and tested solutions. In this article, we have listed many solutions and fixes for the Darkest Dungeon Crash error.


Darkest Dungeon Crash


Darkest Dungeon faces a number of errors and issues on PC which are not unusual for video games. Here’s how you can fix the Darkest Dungeon crash on PC.


Fix Darkest Dungeon Crash


Several reasons can cause a game to crash at the loading screen or during startup. Performance issues with the CPU or GPU are one of the reasons. Depending on the settings of the game, you may be able to access the menu. The .ini file should be edited if not. 

Games can also crash when third-party programs are running. In this regard, we recommend getting a clean boot environment before launching the game.

The Darkest Dungeon can crash due to no admin permissions when the executable isn’t run. This has been noted on several forums. So, you must provide admin permissions to the game executable.

Game crashes can also be caused by Steam overlays and GeForce Experience Overlays. Our recommendation is to completely disable GeForce Experience. Before launching a game, turn off Steam Overlay as well.

Third-party tools and software can also cause the game to crash. If you have third-party software installed, disable it. The game will no longer crash after this step is taken.

Here are some other issues which you may face while playing Darkest Dungeon.


Darkest Dungeon Not Starting


The reason why games don’t launch often has to do with improper installation. You should check if any errors occurred during installation.

The game can be deleted and the installer can be run again. But before you install, make sure your antivirus is disabled. During the installation process, it may accidentally delete files. Additionally, you need to remember to only use Latin characters and numbers in the path to the game folder.

Moreover, you have to ensure that the HDD has enough room for installation. The game can also be run on all versions of Windows in compatibility mode as an administrator.


Disc Unreadable Error in Darkest Dungeon


You can try these tips to fix the problem if your Darkest Dungeon game crashes after you play with the error message “Disc Unreadable” on your gaming console. 

The disc should be ejected and cleaned. DVDs and Blu-ray discs aren’t likely to scratch themselves good enough to prevent destruction. It is, therefore, possible that the problem lies with a dirty disc lens or merely dust on the disc. Take a soft, dry cloth. Then remove any dust or debris that can be found on the Darkest Dungeon disc. 

Laser Burns can cause perfect circular scratches on the disc, and they are common problems with DVD Discs. You may experience game crashes, freezes or the game will not load altogether if you have a laser burn. Since Laser Burns penetrate so deeply into the disc, there is no easy fix as the damage is often permanent. 

You can take it to your local video game store to try to get it buffed out with the disc buffer. Borrow a copy of Darkest Dungeon from a friend if you cannot find this.

Obtain the game and install it. Next, try to load the game from the damaged disc. When the game is installed and you begin to play, the disc doesn’t need to be inserted so much.

In cases where the game depends on a preinstalled file on the hard drive instead of a disc, the problem may arise from a corrupt installation file. 

Make sure to try re-installing the game and playing it again to ensure this is not the case. In this way, any problems resulting from an improper installation will be resolved.


The Darkest Dungeon Has A Black Screen Issue


Problems with your GPU are usually to blame for black screens. Install the latest video card drivers if the video card does not meet the minimum requirements. Lack of CPU performance is also sometimes the cause of a black screen.

The hardware on your computer should meet the minimum requirements, so try switching to another window if it is working properly. Go back to the game screen after that.


Darkest Dungeon Lag Issue


Lag is the leading complaint of online gamers today, but the problem is not always attributable to the game. Lagging does not indicate a malfunction with Darkest Dungeons. 

Lag occurs when there is a poor internet connection when playing online. If you are playing with your friends and you experience lag, there are many different factors that could be the cause.

The service provider may be causing this issue if you normally don’t experience lag. Any kind of faults on your line can be explained to you by your service provider. 

Alternatively, you could try using a wired connection with a high-speed Ethernet cable if your Internet connection is Wi-Fi. If your game is lagging, it is likely due to a family member who is downloading something that is reducing your bandwidth and affecting your Darkest Dungeon game.


Darkest Dungeon DLC Code Not Valid Error


There might be a minor fault with the game itself if you managed to get Darkest Dungeon or bought an edition that is limited or collectors.

You can do a few things if you purchased ‘Darkest Dungeon’ at retail and the code wasn’t valid. Ensure that you have entered the correct code for the game if the code for the game says that it is not valid. 

You can contact the customer support team for the game if after checking it still doesn’t work. You can rely on them to help you. The picture of the game should also be accompanied by proof of purchase. 


Can’t Connect Issue


Your internet connection might be the cause of a connection issue when you play Darkest Dungeon online. 

Even if you’re online, are you sure that you don’t have any firewalls blocking your access? You might be experiencing difficulty connecting to a server due to a safety lock on your console or computer. Alternatively, you may be using an out-of-date version of the game and this is causing the problem.

The first thing you should do is to make sure the game is running at the correct version. Usually, a game will require a patch or update if it has become out of date.

Connect again to Darkest Dungeon’ after updating the game through the game’s servers. Then, if that still fails, try removing any firewalls that may be interfering with your connection. 

Please check to see if any issues are occurring with Darkest Dungeon’s server if you are not behind a firewall. It might be time to play the waiting game if the game’s server is down and they’re having problems.


Darkest Dungeon is not installed, Installation hangs


To begin with, make sure your hard drive has sufficient space to install the software. Installers require a certain amount of space to work properly. Additionally, the system drive should have a free space of 1-2 GB more.

There must always be 2 gigabytes free of temporary files on your computer’s system drive. Unless you do this, games may not operate correctly or even do not start.

It is also possible that there is a problem with your internet connection or it is unstable. For the time game installation, you should also stop your antivirus software. A virus program often interferes with a correct copy of a file, mistaking them for viruses.


Sound Issue in Darkest Gungeon


Many ways can be found to fix sound problems, and they are rarely caused by the game disc. The following steps can be taken to ensure that the problem is not caused by user error if you are experiencing difficulty with the sound in Darkest Dungeon. 

Check the connections between the TV and console if you are experiencing sound issues with Darkest Dungeon. Generally, if the connections are fine, any damaged wire can be replaced. 

It is possible that a problem with the game disc may exist even if you have already changed the wires. You can change the game for another copy and the retailer is more than happy to do so as long as it is still under warranty.


Freezing on Saving File Issue in Darkest Dungeon


This might indicate that your hard drive or the save file is malfunctioning if your Darkest Dungeon game freezes after you load your previous save. 

Turning off the console while it’s saving your progress can corrupt your save files. You must not turn the console off once the saving period has begun or while it is in auto-save mode. 

You will most likely experience corruption, unreadable, and unfixable save files if you do this.

Whenever a saved file is corrupt, there is no way to fix it. Some gamers, however, suggest you can load the save file if you clear your system cache. 

Alternatively, you can try reverting back to a save file created before your game became corrupted. In the case of an incorrect save file, your hard drive might be to blame. 

Try moving the save file from one hard drive to another. If you have another console, try to save Darkest Dungeon there.


Controls not working in Darkest Dungeon


Controls in games sometimes fail when there are several input devices connected simultaneously. You can disable the gamepad and re-connect in such a case. 

You can also leave only one keyboard or mouse connected if two keyboards or mice are connected for some reason. 

 Generally, only native Xbox controllers are officially supported by games, so try your gamepad if yours doesn’t work. Use software that emulates the Xbox gamepad if your controller is defined differently in your system.


Is My Console Faulty?


Even after you’ve tried all of the fixes listed above, there is still a possibility that your console is defective. 

Troubleshooting faulty consoles is no picnic. However, if you have the right knowledge, then it’s not so difficult.

Please check to make sure that your console is still covered if you strongly believe it is faulty. Standard manufacturers’ warranties cover most consoles. 

The console can be repaired or exchanged at the retailer from where you purchased it. Also, developers are sometimes able to help with replacement consoles. 

Feel free to contact your provider during your warranty period. If you bought your console online, you can obtain a replacement even more easily.


Darkest Dungeon crashes to the desktop


Try reducing the quality of the graphics if Darkest Dungeon often crashes to the desktop. Perhaps your PC doesn’t have enough processing power so the game does not work properly. 

Also, be sure to check out the updates. If a connection is available to the Internet, most games today offer automatic patch installation when the game starts. The settings should be checked to see if this option is disabled. If necessary, turn it on.


Darkest Dungeon Not Updating on Playstation 4


Games available today must be updated to the latest version. Various updates will be released by developers throughout the development cycle, containing bug fixes and additional content. 

In some cases, incompatibility between your client and some features prevents you from playing online and using some of its features.

Make sure your PlayStation 4 is online. By doing this, it will automatically download Darkest Dungeon’s latest update. 

You’ll likely find the automatic update feature in the game settings if the game doesn’t have an automatic update feature. Check your internet connection if the Playstation 4 won’t update.


Final Words


This was all about the Darkest Dungeon Crash issue and its fixes. We hope that now you will be able to play the game smoothly. Use all these fixes one by one and most probably you can get your issue solved.


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