Dark Souls 3 Crashing Randomly Issue Fixed!

Are you dealing with a crash in Dark Souls 3? Or Does your game crashes randomly? Then this blog is for you!

Dark Souls 3 is an amazing game by FromSoftware. But players are encountering random crashes in Dark Souls 3. Some players say that the game suddenly crashes in between the game.

To fix this problem, we have gathered 6 solutions that you should try to fix the crash issue. We have also discussed the Reasons for these random crash problems. 

But before we go to the reasons and solutions, you must have the following minimum system requirements to run Dark Souls 3 on your PC.

  • 50 GB available space
  • Windows 7/8/10 64bits
  • Intel Core i3 2100 3.1GHZ
  • 8GB RAM
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 465

So, without wasting any time let’s jump to the main discussion.

Reasons for the Crash Issue

If your game crashes randomly then this can happen for several reasons. It can be a big file problem or maybe just a temporary error. To fix the error you must know the reasons for it. 

For that we have tried to underline the most common reasons for Dark Souls 3 random crashes. These are:

  • Corrupted game files
  • Overlaying applications
  • Playing with high settings
  • Outdated Drivers
  • Temporary issue for no specific reasons

Solutions for Dark Souls 3 Crashing Issue 

There are many ways to fix this error but we have gathered the best working solutions that you must try and follow properly.

1. Restart your System

If the problem is minor, it can be fixed by just simply restarting your system. You should turn off the game completely and shut down your computer aswell. After that, wait for a few minutes and turn your computer back on. If the error continues to show up try the next solutions.

2. Disable Overlaying and Conflicting apps

Dark Souls 3 crash issue can also occur if you are using overlaying software like live-streaming apps, recording apps, discord, Spotify etc. You should disable these applications and then check for the error.

One more thing to add, if you have any mods enabled for the game you must disable them too.

If this doesn’t work try the next method.

3. Enable Windowed Mode

Running the game in Windowed mode can also fix the Dark Souls 3 crash issue. Enable Windowed mode by following these steps:

  • From your desktop press WIN.+ R keys
  • Then enter %appdata% 
  • From the new window, look for the Dark Souls 3 folder and click on it
  • From the folder locate the GraphicsConfig.xml file and then click on it
  • Then search this line from the file:


  • Change it to:


  • Lastly, Save the changes and check for the crash problem.

Make sure you have followed the steps properly and If this doesn’t work for you then try the next method!

4. Update Your Drivers and Game

If your drivers are not updated then this could be causing the problem. You should check for your graphics and video driver for updates. If they are not updated, then update them.

Also, check for the game updates and update it to the latest version.

If this doesn’t work try the other solutions given.

5. Play on Low Settings

Playing the game on high graphics can be the major cause for the crash problems. To confirm it, you must change your graphics settings to low. Follow these steps to change the graphics settings:

  • Press WIN. + R and type %appdata%
  • Look for the Dark souls 3 folder and open it
  • Locate the GraphicsConfig.xml file and click on it
  • Now put  the settings down to low
  • Save the changes and then check for the error

6. Verify Game Files Integrity

if the above-mentioned solutions didn’t fix your crash problem then it indicates that there might be a corrupted or missing game file. To identify and fix it, you must verify the game files integrity. Follow the given steps if you don’t know about it:

  • Open Steam and head to the game Library
  • Now look for Dark Souls 3 and right-click on it
  • Select Properties from the options
  • Go to Local Files 
  • Lastly, select Verify Game Files Integrity

This will fix the damaged game files. It will take some time, let it finish and then check for the error.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about Dark Souls 3 errors.

How to fix choppy Dark Souls 3?

This happens when you don’t have updated drivers or the drivers have any other issue. You should fix that problem and update them too. This will fix the game.

Why do Dark Souls 3 crash when I try to Stream on Discord?

This happens when you are using mods and the game is not compatible with the overlaying softwares. So you cannot use overlaying softwares with Dark Souls 3.


This blog was about the fix for Dark Souls 3 random crash issue. You can read the reasons for this error above. After that, we have tried to fix this error with the top 6 solutions. You should follow these methods one by one properly!

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