Copy and Paste Not Working on Android? Fix Easily

Hey friends. Today I have come up with an experience in a topic ‘ Copy and Paste Not Working on Android ‘ that I faced a few days back, and I thought many would be facing this same issue, so I have brought the steps that can make the problem get solved. Let us go into the article, friends!

So the concept of Copy and Paste makes you transfer a piece of content from one place to another. It majorly saves our time rather than typing out anything we want to copy. 

Using this Copy and paste function makes time save, but sometimes, this feature stopped working. Let us take an example when you try to copy something, there will be no option for a copy, Or let us say when you paste something, nothing seems to be pasted.

Why do Copy and Paste Properly Problem Happen?

So many will have doubts why the problem in Copy and Paste Not Working on Android happens? So I will explain this is because of the many bugs and glitches that occur on your phone. Maybe any failure can be caused in your mobile phones, which may lead to copy and paste problems such as Copy and Paste Not Working on Android.

  • First, you have to go to the page or word you want to copy.
  • Then you are dragging over the exact words you want to copy.
  • Next is your selection on the option copy. So it will copy the text in your mobile clipboard and replace the last text you had copied
  • Now go to the place where you wanted to paste it.
  • Now you hold on to the option called Paste, which will be displayed on the phone. If nothing is coming, then you can troubleshoot this difficulty with the steps below.

Step 1: You have to restart your Android

So if the problem of copy-paste arises, then immediately, the first thing you need to do is restart your Android. 

This refreshes the system of your phone and all the apps running on it, and it will get rid of any glitches during the process. 

It seems so easy, am I right, and with an easy troubleshooting step, you can follow this if the device has some problems. I had this problem, and by following this step below, I recovered the issue.

  •  It would be best if you held the Power button, which is on the right. 
  •  Now you can see Power Off. Tap it to Power Off your device.
  • Wait for the device to turn Off. This will take a few seconds, depending on the device.
  •  It would be best if you held the Power button to turn it back on.
  •  So after the phone starts, that is, Power gets ON again, do the steps mentioned above and are whatever it is working.

Step 2: Force Stop 

  •  First is you should go to Settings.
  •  Then you can see the option called Tap on Apps.
  •  Now you should see three dots on the right corner click on the option called Show System Apps. (The settings may vary from one phone to another)
  • Tap on the option called AASAservice.
  • Next is Tap on Force Stop.

This way stops the process, which may relieve some glitches that cause the problem of Copy and Paste Not Working on Android. So after doing it all again, check if Copy and Paste are working.


Hi, friends. I hope this article helped you in clearing the problem of Copy and paste not working on Android, so I will come again with a new topic that will help you in the same way.

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