Code Vein Vestige Locations, Atlas Vestiges, Assassin Vestiges, Prometheus Vestiges

You will be familiar with the Vestige system if you have played Code Vein. The Chosen Vampire undergoes this process when he or she turns from a normal vampire. 

Your Blood Codes are missing gifts that can be obtained when you unlock these Vestiges. Thus, they can be helpful when an emergency arises. 

However, many players get confused about the locations where they can find the desired Vestiges they are looking for. So, find the vestiges to remember and become proficient in killing things using our Code Vein Vestige locations guide.

Code Vein Vestige Locations

Code Vein Vestiges allow you to acquire gifts that you had not received in the Blood Code. With each new Blood Code, you unlock, you will discover that you don’t have access to all of the gifts linked to them. 

Different Vestiges must be found and restored before you can unlock these gifts.To restore the gifts and character memories on Io, you need to find a Vestige first. During the course of an adventure in Code Vein, you will encounter different Vestige types.

Atlas Vestiges 

Atlas Vestige Part A: You will need to travel through the Howling Pit’s shallow path. Until you reach an open area with a smashed-up car on the side. In front of the vehicle is the Vestige.

Atlas Vestige Part B: Once you’ve passed through the water section of Howling Pit near the taxi. The path with the burning torch should be climbed. In front of the torch, just to the right, is the vestige.

Atlas Vestige Part C: The Howling Pit has a huge wall by Mistle 2. On a rock behind it, you’ll find the Vestige. You will have to kill enemies to get it.

Atlas Vestige Part D: You are now ready to lower the level of water after activating the lever with the key. From the new area, go straight and then right for the Vestige

Assassin Vestiges

Assassin Vestige 1: To repair it, you must have a Vestige A.

Assassin Vestige 2: To repair it, you must use Assassin Vestige C and D.

Assassin Vestige 3: It can be repaired with Assassin Vestige D.

Assassin Vestige A: It’s inside a collapsed wall inside a room accessed with the Eagle Key.

Assassin Vestige B: It’s on your way to Hills of Deception mistletoe.

Assassin Vestige C: Immediately following Assassin Vestige B.

Assassin Vestige D: After entering Howling Pit, you need to turn left. As you ascend, you will see it.

Hunter Vestiges 

Hunter Vestige I: Fixed along with Hunter Vestige A

Hunter Vestige II: Fixed along with Hunter Vestige Part B

Hunter Vestige III: Fixed along with Hunter Vestige Part C

Hunter Vestige IV: Fixed along with Hunter Vestige Part D

Hunter Vestige Part A: Explore the ruins in the Ruined City Center after you find the Parking Garage mistle. You’ll find a staircase with boxes below it. Get the vestige by breaking them.

Hunter Vestige Part B: You can see ruins in the Ruined City Center in the area past the smoky Parking Garage. By smashing the nearby glass capsules, you can obtain the Vestige once you’ve defeated your enemies.

Hunter Vestige Part C: As you approach the Parking Garage Mistle right before you encounter the Stone Crusher, some boxes will appear. Get the Vestige by breaking them

Hunter Vestige Part D: You must unlock the parking garage mistle door once you have unlocked it. Take the thorn bridge down to the basement. There are a few enemies you’ll have to take down. From the edge of the thorns take the Vestige.

Prometheus Vestiges

Prometheus Vestige 1: Part A of the Prometheus Vestige is needed to fix it.

Prometheus Vestige 2: In order to repair it, you’ll need both Prometheus Vestige Parts A and B. Savvy Evasion is unlocked with it.

Prometheus Vestige 3: For it to be repaired, you need parts C and D from Prometheus Vestige. By doing so, Deft Parry will be unlocked.

Prometheus Vestige A: As you surface, walk past the courtyard in Ruined City Center. To find it, turn right and go down a small path to find a red object.

Prometheus Vestige B: In Ruined City Center, you can find the Park Ruins mistle. In order to find it, defeat the sword-wielding Lost and the Stone-Crusher.

Prometheus Vestige C: 3x Assassin Lost characters, 3x Mutated Lost characters, 1x Axe-wielding Lost character, and 1x Monk Lost character can be found in Ruined City Center. The area needs to be cleared and it should be found on the ground.

Prometheus Vestige D: As seen from the Ruined City Center’s Park Ruins mistle. You can find it behind a statue if you drop the ladder.

Fionn Vestiges 

Fionn Vestige I: Fixed Along with Fionn Vestige Parts A and B.

Fionn Vestige IV: Fixed Along with Fionn Vestige Parts C and D.

Fionn Vestige Part A: The Vestige can be collected by simply dropping down to the platform below the frozen truck.

Fionn Vestige Part B: As you run by the frozen truck, keep your eyes open for it. You will then find part B at the bottom of the cliff.

Fionn Vestige Part C: The entrance to the cave is right beside Iceless Falls Mistle. Keeping descending, head left to get out of the cave. Collect part C after defeating your enemies.

Fionn Vestige Part D: Go straight down the path when you reach the summit mistle of the snowfield. Lastly, you can find part D inside the cracked building on your left.

Isis Vestiges

Isis Vestige #1: It needs Isis Vestige Part A to be repaired.

Isis Vestige #2: Part B and C of Vestige are needed to repair it.

Isis Vestige #3: Vestige Parts D and E are needed to repair it.

Isis Vestige Part A: You must climb the ladder near the inner tower mistle in the Cathedral of the Sacred Blood. Break some boxes as you dropdown. Then locate Vestige Part A.

Isis Vestige Part B: To get to the top of the Sacred Blood Cathedral, you have to take the stairs. To find it, go inside the tower to the right of it.

Isis Vestige Part C: Straight after the mistle at the Artifice Tower you need to continue. Follow the path right until you reach an area without a railing. To find it, you have to descend from the area.

Isis Vestige Part D: Taken by default.

Isis Vestige Part E: You should descend the ladder at the Cathedral Parameter. Continuing forward, head up again from the lower section. As you enter the room, you’ll find it has a platform on which is the Vestige Part E.

Artemis Vestiges 

Artemis Vestige Part A: Once you reach the mistle, go inside the cavern. The large open room is to the right after the path splits. After that, go left beneath the stone platform. Taking another left will lead you to the vestige.

Artemis Vestige Part B: You will need to make a right after the mistle to get to the vestige. There are locked doors there and you need dog tags in order to get in.

Artemis Vestige Part C: For this part, continue to turn left from where you left from the vestige.

Artemis Vestige Part D: Once again, you will enter the tunnel from the right side. You need to take the right exit at the split to reach a room. After that, ascend the ramp using the right path. After turning left, jump off the ledge at the base to obtain this vestige.

Darkseeker Vestige

Darkseeker Vestige Part A: Frozen Seabed Mistle leads you up the ladder. Enter the tunnel. There will be stacked wooden boxes with the vestige under them.

Darkseeker Vestige Part B: The mist of dried-up trenches is the entrance to the trenches. You will need to jump off a root when the path splits left. You will need to keep walking along the root until you reach the ladder at the end. In the room, there are some enemies as well as the vestige.

Eos Vestiges

Eos Vestige Part A: Crypt of the Breath’s Ridge of Frozen Souls contains this vestige part. The way to get it is to return to where you clashed with the boss before you met Cyllene. This vestige will be yours.

Eos Vestige Part B: Back Alley in the City of Falling Flame is where you can find this. There is a boss there that you need to defeat for it to appear. On the floor, you can see this vestige.

Eos Vestige Part C: In Crypt of the Throat, it can be found in Crown of Sand. The boss is here, so defeat him. The vestige should be placed near the entrance attendant.

Eos Vestige Part D: Located at the Provisional Government Outskirts Entrance, you will find this vestige part. Start at the ladder and go north. You need to cross the metal walkway. After you pass the green truck, turn left. You can then ascend the ladder that will follow soon after. Just ahead, you’ll see this vestige.

Eos Vestige Part E: It is located near the Connecting Bridge in the Provisional Government Outskirts. The vestige must be obtained by overcoming the Attendant of Relics.

Eos Vestige Part: As with the former vestige, you can get it from the same place. Hidden behind the glass cylinders and crates is a secret doorway. After you reach the end of the path, go down the ladder. It is on the other side of the path after you cross it.  On the right of the ladder is a corpse adjacent to the vestige.

Harmonia Vestige Parts

Harmonia Vestige Part A: The vestige is found at the Entrance of the Crown of Sand. From the mistle, descend the ramp into the city ruin. Take a right and proceed south. Go straight into the alleyway once you get in a taxi. Get it from near a dumpster there that is lying there.

Harmonia Vestige Part B: As with part A, it is in the same area. Upon reaching the split, you should turn left and proceed to the light. There, defeat your enemies. Continue toward the end. You’ll find it near a corpse.

Harmonia Vestige Part C. Follow the same steps as in part B. You must turn left as soon as you reach the taxi, then walk along the sidewalk. 

After the roadblock, go left. At the top, climb the ladder. Go around the ruined building and grab this vestige at the top of a ledge.

Harmonia Vestige Part D: Sunken Ruins is where this one is located. If you go straight, you’ll find a ladder. A narrow alley leads straight from the mist. Defeat the lost there and follow the cliff on the left. There will be an ambush for you. 

Get that taken care of, then continue on until you see a split. In this way, you will encounter enemies. However, when you reach the destination, turn left. Now three spitters must be defeated for the vestige to be obtained.

Harmonia Vestige Part E: Additionally, this is located nearby. The last vestige can be found on the left. Once you reach the boss area, you’ll find a split. After that, go right and then left. The vestige will be at the end of this path.

Survivor Vestige Parts

Survivor Vestige Part A: Near Towering Crags is the Ashen Cavern, where this vestige can be found. The cave has a large room. Go there. On your left is a ledge that you should descend. 

Using a scaled path, you can reach a higher level. After that, follow the tunnel to the left. The vestige is located at the right of the yellow and black spikes after you reach a room with concrete pillars.

Survivor Vestige Part B: Near the entrance to Ashen Cavern is this one. You must go right after the second split to get into the cave’s center. After that, you can use the ramp to get to the top. Leap off the left side of the ledge. Then follow it to the end of the ledge to find a rotten mistle.

Survivor Vestige Part C: Accumulator Ruins are near this one. Following the left crack of the mistle, continue along with it. A hole would exist in the concrete. From there, take a left. This remnant can be found at the end of the way.

Scout Vestige Parts

Scout Vestige Part A: To access the Depths, you must go to Silent White. Follow the mistle to the east. Afterward, take the right stairway. You then descend the stairs after crossing a car half-buried. As you continue on, you will reach a lantern that is lying on the ground. Turn right, after that. Some cylinders lie nearby the vestige.

Scout Vestige Part B: Make your way to the Misty Ruins. In the south-eastern portion of the track, you will find this remnant behind a delivery truck.

Scout Vestige Part C: Follow the mistle south to the Arachnid Grotto. This vestige is at the end of the path that is on the other side of the big cavern room that you keep on following.

Scout Vestige Part D: It is near the stairs in Zero District. Leave the mistle and head south. To get here, turn left. The boss area can be reached via this path.

Warrior Vestige Parts

Warrior Vestige Part A: The cryptspire entrance is near here. As soon as you ascend the stairs, you will find a ladder. Then climb the ladder to the top of the circular room. Once you have taken the spiral staircase, you will end up on the circular platform. Follow the left-hand stairway. Then proceed to a room with a few pillars.

From here, go to the northwest and then up the stairs. You should go right when you come across a platform with a ladder and a level to the left. Turn right after walking through the big room. Then move the wooden crates so that the vestige can be found.

Hephaestus Vestiges

Hephaestus Vestige Part A: The Crypt Spire Entrance also has these ones. Upon exiting the eastern room, you should proceed to the circular platform. 

At the end, climb the ladder. Enter the circular room where there is a liver. There are wooden crates. The vestige is beneath them.

Hephaestus Vestige Part B: Take the entrance to Crypt Spire. As well as follow in the footsteps of the warrior vestige. Go left as soon as you leave the circular room. From the hallway, go outside to the lever room. 

This room contains an elevator. Go inside. Following that, the ledge drops. Once you exit the elevator, you will see a glass cylinder that contains the vestige.

Hephaestus Vestige Part C: As you used the elevator to descend in the previous part, you’ll use it again to ascend. Next, turn right and then turn left to go outside. 

You will reach a circular platform. Make a left turn and climb the stairs. Enter the circular room on the other side of the walkway. The vestige is on the right side of the lever in the room with a lever.

How to Use Vestiges

You pick up vestiges by exploring, and they are usually red in color. After that, take them to Io so that she can proceed with restoring them.

You can do that by going to Io Base. Choose the restore option and have her restore these Vestiges.

You can restore specific blood codes from your inventory with each Vestige. It will be possible for you to see the Revenant’s lost memories. When you made your selection, who provided you with the Blood Codes?

It is necessary to revisit key memories from the past of the Revenant in these memory segments that follow a linear pattern. Thus, it isn’t so difficult. You will be able to restore the Vestiges once a sequence is completed. After that, you can create the related gifts with the Blood Codes.

Final Words

This was all about Code Vein Vestige Locations. We hope that now you will have no issue in finding the desired vestige which you are after. You can find as many vestiges as you need. Just follow the steps and start collecting them one by one. And then you can get them repaired to make complete use of their utility.

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