10 Best Cartoon Making Software for PC Windows

Searching for best Cartoon making software to create cartoon? In this article, we are going to share some use cartoon animation software you can use on your Windows PC.

Sometimes adults also feel pleasure by watching cartoons but what is our reaction when you come to know that you can create your cartoon character.

No, it is not a joke, with this advanced technology and with the help of some best cartoon making software it is possible to create your visualize animation in to real. And in this article, we will discuss on top 10 best cartoon creator software for pc. If you are an artist and can imagine an animated character, then be ready to enjoy this trip to software.

Top 10 cartoon animation software

1. Pencil2D

Pencil2D is best cartoon software for Windows. If you like traditional hand drawing cartoons, then you will surely impress with it.It uses a bitmap or vector drawing interface to create 2D animation, and it is free for passionate users.

Some of the key features of this tool are listed below:

  • The UI is straightforward and easy to use and is to some extent similar to MS paint.
  • The autosave feature helps you to save your work automatically 15 strokes.
  • You can copy/cut and paste content from one frame to another.
  • You can add keyboard shortcuts for various features.

Here is video for Pencil2D

2. Adobe Animate CC

Adobe Animate CC is a potent animation tool to create multiple animated contents like cartoons, ads, games, etc. As this is an Adobe product, there is various Adobe tools built-in that are very useful in creation. You can buy Adobe Animate CC for $19.99/ month.

Some of its key features are as follows:

  • You can export as well as publish your creation them on dedicated platforms, such as Snap SVG, HTML5, WebGL or Canvas.
  • Adobe Stocks enables you to access millions of high-quality photos and vector graphics.
  • It also allows you to modify the path of a stroke after it has been drawn.
  • You can scale your drawings to any resolution without losing image quality.
  • You can quickly create complex animations with the help of adjacent frames with different colors.
  • It supports 4K+ video export with custom resolutions for the Ultra HD and Hi-DPI displays.

Here is small video

3. Photoshop timeline

Photoshop is a very versatile but paid cartoon maker software that let its user create cartoons by joining frame by frame.

For that, you have to set keyframe n timeline and precisely move the current-time indicator to a different time and frame. You can buy Adobe Photoshop for $19.99/ month.

Some of the highlighted specialties are as follows:

  • You can create keyframes and modify its position, style, and opacity.
  • It automatically adds a series of frames between two existing frames and creates the illusion of progress or movement.
  • It also lets you create a hand-drawn frame-by-frame animation.

Here tutorial for Photoshop timeline

4. Adobe After Effects

It is another software from Adobe and useful tool to create 2D animation. After Effects is a complex, yet compelling animation software for design professional graphics, visual effects and cartoon character. You can buy Adobe After Effects for $19.99.

Special features:

  • You can apply your webcam and own facial emotions to animate your characters by just turn on your webcam to your face and making funny faces.
  • It allows you to access and share all your creativity and creation across your apps and devices.

5. TVPaint

TVPaint is a versatile and highest rated animation software that let you create extraordinary cartoons. If you like
the 90’s cartoons, then this software is for you.

This software is perfect but complex enough that offer a wide range of advanced tools and parameters. You can buy TVPaint Standard Edition for $568.00.

Key features include:

  • Additional tools to animate without a paper stage like a light table, layer and image management, image library, rotative workspace, etc.
  • It uses bitmap technology to animate natural renderings image by image.
  • Additional functions like bookmarks and image mark to ease the navigation.
  • It has a flip panel that customizes the preview of animations and creates shortcuts.
  • You can also mix animation on paper.

Here is interesting video about TVPaint

6. Toon Boom Harmony

Toon Boom Harmony is powerful cartooning software that supports 3D and 2D animation. Even you can combine both of these.

The key features include:

  • Deformers
  • Sophisticated brushes
  • Export to game engine
  • Advanced color palettes
  • Special effects
  • Traditional paperless animation

Check out the video of Toon Boom Harmony

7. Crazy Talk Animator

Crazy Talk Animator is a 2D animation cartoon drawing software that you will fall in love with it. You can buy Crazy Talk Animator starting from $69.00 from Reallusion.

Its best features include:

  • It has a very natural interface that assists all levels of users to create amazing animations in little time.
  • It brings a series of useful features like a powerful 2D bone rig editor, Elastic Motion effects, facial puppets, a bevy of motion and character templates, and audio lip-syncing tools.

8. SynfigStudio

SynfigStudio is free 2D animation software that brings your cartoons to life. It supports many different layers of geometric and distortions that allowing you to create awe-inspiring images.

SynfigStudio also offers a Skeleton Distortion layer and a full-featured bone system. It also highlights a series of basic sound syncing options and let you sync animation with a soundtrack.

9. Inkskape

Inkskape is a powerful cartoon software free that allows you to make your dreamy character in real. Due to its simple UI, you can use it for a personal and professional purpose.

Key features include:

  • Using it easily export all your Inkscape projects in various formats.
  • It supports various platform for cartoons and logos and runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.
  • It supports freehand drawing and freehand calligraphic strokes.

10. Pixton

Pixton is a multipurpose tool that you can use to create inspiring cartoons. If you are a tutor and want to teach using cartoons, then it is best for you. it starts with “Everyone can make comics.”

It is user-friendly and easy to use. Using it creating cartoons is effortless and straightforward. Just pick a background and add the characters, and all done!

It’s all about this article on cartoon making software, find your suitable software and start making a cartoon from your imagination power. For any doubts and query contact us via comment box. Thank you for reading.

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