7 Ways To Fix Can’t Connect To This Network On Windows 10

Fix Can’t Connect To This Network on Windows 10: Microsoft Windows is one of the most popular operating system available. There are millions of users of Windows and they are aware that errors can arise any time. We are not here to blame Windows, in fact we are the one who just love Windows OS. But the reality is if you the one the Windows users you must have faced lot of issues till date. Most of such issues are quite easy to fix by some simple troubleshooting methods. Today we are going to discuss one of the windows issues i.e. “Can’t Connect to This Network”.

Basically what happens is while you are trying to connect to Wi-Fi it keeps on loading and at end throws a message can’t connect to this network. Don’t worry there are lot of Windows users who are facing same issue on their system. We have some simple tricks to fix this network issue on Windows OS. Let’s try them one by one!

Can’t Connect To This Network On Windows 10 – Fixed

Method 1: Uninstall Your Network Adapter

When you are getting can’t connect to this network on windows 10, network adapter can be one of the reasons. So, it is advised to uninstall its driver and allow Windows to download them again. To uninstall network adapter follow the steps:

  • Press Windows + X >> Device Manager
  • Once Device Manager is opened search for Network Adapter
  • Right click on Network Adapter >> Uninstall. Sometimes it asks to check “Delete the Driver Software for this device”, check that and click OK
  • Once uninstalling is done restart your device Windows 10 will download and install the driver again automatically

Method 2: Update Your Network Adapter Driver

This network error can be caused by old or incorrect network adapter driver also. If you know which network driver is causing this issue then go ahead and download the driver. Otherwise, you can choose to download this automated tool to avoid manual effort.

Our tool will automatically analyse your system and find out which driver is required. This way you can avoid chances of downloading and installing wrong drivers.

  • Download and Install the driver software
  • Once installation is completed click on Scan Now. Tool will analyse your device and find out problem drivers
  • This tool will give the list of software which needs to be updated. You can find the update button right next to the name of the driver
  • After updating reboot your computer and try to connect with the network which was given error. Hopefully you will not the same error again.


Method 3: Disable 802.1 1n Mode For Network Adapter

Sometimes channel width could be one of the reason for can’t connect to network on Windows 10. So we will try to disable 802.1 1 channel width and check whether this fixes the problem or not.

  • Open Device Manager by pressing Windows Key + X
  • Search for Network Adapter and make a right click then select Properties
  • Now from the Menu go to Advance >> 802.1 1n under property >> Disable from Value’s drop down
  • Finally click OK to apply changes and check whether this solved your issue or not

Method 4: Disable IPv6 on Computer and Router

To fix can’t connect to this network on Windows 10 error, you have to disable IPv6 network protocol. To do the same follow the steps given below:

  • Press Windows + S key and type Network and Sharing Center
  • There find your network and go to its Properties
  • From the list search for Internet Protocol Version 6(TCP/IPv6) and disable it
  • Now click on OK and restart your device once to apply the changes

If can’t connect to this network problem exists on Windows 10 then you need to disable IPv6 on router. For changing this on your router you have to follow router manual. It is not an easy task so be extra careful while disabling IPv6 for router.

Method 5: Change Settings for Wireless Network Mode

This could also be one of the fix for Can’t connect to this network error on Windows 10. For changing computer wireless setting follow the steps given below but for router check the manual. In most of the cases changing router’s wireless network setting is not required.

  • Go to Network and Sharing Center >> Change Adapter Settings
  • Locate your wireless network adapter and make a right click to see its Properties
  • In Properties window click on Configure >> Advance Tab and select Wireless Mode and 802.1 1b from property and value options respectively
  • If value 802.1 1b is not working then from drop down you can select other values also
  • After changing the values and property click on OK and check if error is resolved or not

Method 6: Add Connection Manually

  • Go to Network and Sharing Center >> Click on Set up a new connection or Network
  • Then choose Manually connect to a Wireless Network and click Next
  • After this enter Network Name, Security type, Encryption type and Security key. You can try with different Security type also if first one didn’t worked.
  • Click Next and your wireless connection is ready to use
  • Hopefully after this you’ll not get can’t connect to this network error on your windows system

Method 7: Forget the Wireless Connection

One of the biggest reasons for can’t connect to this network on windows 10 is when you changed your wireless network password and trying to connect with same old password. So, in such case you can forget that wireless connection once and try to connect with same with new password.

  • Go to Settings >> Network and Internet
  • Then Wi-Fi section >> Manage known Network
  • After this you’ll get a complete list of the entire network to which you have connected till date
  • Find the current network for which you were getting this can’t connect to this network error and click on Forget
  • Now try connection the same network again with the new problem. This will surely fix your issue.

Hope this article “How To Fix Can’t Connect to This Network On Windows 10” helped you in fixing you issue. If you face any difficulty in any of the above mentioned method do let us know. You can comment below your queries and difficulties.

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