Can You Sleep in a Gaming Chair?

Ever since the rise of gaming has become an apparent fact, many companies have tried to jump onto the bandwagon. A surge has been witnessed in gaming-related products and while some actually do improve the experience, others can only be seen as gimmicks meant to reel in unsuspecting and naive customers.

We are going to discuss one of such products which is not only much more expensive than their “normal” counterparts but supposedly have features that let you game better. Yes, we are talking about the “Gaming Chair”, and while we are at it, we also want to answer a question that might circle the minds of some individuals; Can you sleep in a gaming chair?

Do gaming chairs even make a difference?

Before we answer our first question, we must take a look at this one; Do gaming chairs even make a difference?

Gaming chairs are marketed as products that are useful for correcting your posture when you are immersed in games all the while providing a comfortable and soft sitting experience, and we are glad to inform you that these claims are actually true.

Gaming chairs are designed in a way that they help users sit upright, which is the best posture for sitting as it improves health and reduces back problems, especially in later stages of life, and they do so with contributions from soft cushions placed in key areas on the chair. They also provide the added benefits of height adjustment and arm-rest adjustment to be able to cater to a wide variety of people.

Sleeping on a Gaming Chair

When it comes to sleeping on a gaming chair, the question usually comes up due to the fact that most gamers spend hours of their time on them so why can they not have a little nap on them as well?

If you do want to sleep on a gaming chair then you can, but you should only do so on a chair with specific features. To find a good chair that you can comfortably doze off on, you should look for one that can lean back completely. Usually, gaming chairs have this feature, but you should always double-check just to make sure.

Once you have decided on a chair and ordered it, you wait. After the chair arrives at your doorstep you can immediately start using it. Just lean it back to a comfortable level, adjust the head and back cushions, and relax for some time.

Sleeping Upright is Dangerous

It is critical to note that sleeping upright in a gaming chair is very dangerous and can ruin your health and cause back problems which you would need physiotherapy to correct.

The reason behind this is very simple, whenever humans sleep, we tend to slouch as our muscles become loose. Therefore, when we sit upright while sleeping it causes our body weight to pull our bones downwards bending them at angles which they should not remain at for extended periods of time. This can have the opposite effect of what you would normally expect from a gaming chair and lead you down a dangerous rabbit hole of medical bills.

Dangers of Sleeping in Gaming Chairs

As we have discussed earlier, it is alright to sleep in a gaming chair as long as you maintain correct posture and do not sleep upright since sleeping with a bad posture can not only adversely affect your health but affect your gaming performance at the same time.

When people sleep with bad posture, the area most affected is their spine. The spine is a hub for several nerves that are in command of crucial aspects of our being. If these nerves were to be damaged, they would cause severe problems involving our daily tasks and sometimes can even lead to serious medical problems. This also means such a person would start getting worse at gaming. So, gamers it would be best to take care of your posture if you want to be at peak performance.


Following are some of the most asked questions about gaming chairs:

How long does a gaming chair last?

The answer to this highly depends on which gaming chair you have in your possession. Many off-brand ones cannot last even a year. There are some which come with 1-year warranties, but you would be best off with something that has a 2-year warranty or even a 5-year warranty from reputable companies since you can be sure that you will get a replacement if things go south.

How heavy is a gaming chair?

Just like how gaming chairs come in different sizes, their weights also vary similarly. All chairs have very different build quality and several other factors which can affect their weight on average they weigh around 45-50 pounds, but you can easily find some that weigh up to and over 60 pounds very easily like ones from DxRacer.

Which gaming chair is the best?

No one chair can be crowned the title of “Best Gaming Chair” since they all lack or have something that the other does not. Though there are some brands from whom you can expect the best quality chairs irrespective of which ones you purchase. These include DXRacer, Vertagear, Secretlab, and AKRacing.


Gaming hardware has come a long way over the past few years with some developments being on the mechanical side. A great example of such developments are the gaming chairs of today that are capable of providing a very comfortable experience for users while gaming. They are also known to help correct posture which could theoretically reduce stress on the person’s nerves thus improving cognitive performance.

Although, these chairs are said to be comfortable, are they comfortable enough for you to be able to sleep on? In this blog, we have answered this question and we hope that you find it satisfying in case we missed something be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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