Can Cross Play Multiplayer Help Anthem?

There are thousands of players playing Anthem online. Although the game didn’t achieve its goals, its player base remains decent. Many of them want to know more about Anthem Cross-Platform and its future.

So, you can get all the information about Anthem Cross-Platform by reading this article.


Anthem Cross-Platform


As of now, Anthem seems to be dead. There are only a few hard-core fans left. The Anthem disaster of the last decade is one of the biggest disasters of all time. 

Currently, Anthem is in crisis and needs additional support to keep operating. A divided player base is not the best plan since there are so few players in the game. 

Through cross-platform multiplayer, platforms are merging. The limitations of different platforms will be lifted, allowing players to join together and play.

Anthem definitely needs cross-play multiplayer. EA is using its own servers for all platforms across Anthem. EA has no reason to not allow Anthem to be played across platforms.


Is Anthem Crossplay?


However, even though this game is cross-platform, crossplay is not available. Currently, Anthem does not have a release date for cross-play. 

Mark Darrah, the executive producer of Anthem, stated that cross-play would be unavailable initially. However, it appears that they have it on their radar-based on comments from the past.


Is cross-play not going to be supported at launch?


At launch, BioWare hasn’t specified precisely why Anthem won’t support cross-play. In the end, time and resources are likely to be the deciding factors. 

Since the studio had already put a great deal of effort into developing the game, it probably made more sense to put their efforts elsewhere. 

In order for this to work, the game had to be run on the same systems for all players.


Should Anthem get Crossplay?


Anthem is dying, and anything that can help save it will be helpful. It’s not a good idea to separate the existing player base from the existing players since there aren’t many left. 

With cross-platform multiplayer, platforms are merging and making it possible for users from different platforms to play together. 

Having cross-play multiplayer would be Anthem’s only saving grace. EA runs Anthem on its own servers across all platforms. Thus, all platforms are supported by the game. 


Do you know when cross-play will be supported?


Anthem Cross-Platform is not scheduled to arrive in Anthem anytime soon. Developers have not even confirmed this for sure.

Yet past statements suggest they are keeping an eye on it. Mark Darrah, Anthem’s executive producer, explained that cross-play won’t be available at launch.


What platforms will support Crossplay if it is available?


As before, there is no conclusive explanation. On the basis of previous games by other companies, a cross-play feature between Xbox One and PC seems most likely. 

Playing games across platforms has not always been easy with PlayStation. Nevertheless, a cross-play PS4/PC system is not ruled out in the future.


Final Words


It’s still best to play on the same system with your friends if you want to group up in Anthem. 

Although, it is possible that Anthem will support cross-play in the future. The platforms that will be supported in Anthem Cross-Platform are unclear.


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