Call of Duty Mobile: Common Errors, Bugs, and Fixes

Call of Duty Mobile Common Errors and Fixes: Call of Duty Mobile has been giving great competition to PUBG Mobile and has been gaining huge popularity. It has been hailed as the game of the year by Google Playstore and has a massive and dedicated fan base of more than 100 million.

This free-to-play first-person shooting game has been developed by TiMi studios and published by Activision for Android and iOS. The game has generated a whopping revenue of nearly US $10 Billion dollar in revenue, making it the largest mobile game launch in history.

Call of Duty is well established in the PC and other platforms and when it announced its entry into the mobile segment, fans became excited to get their hands on it. But several players have expressed that they have faced a bunch of common errors on Call of Duty Mobile.

These are some other COD Errors:

Call Of Duty Mobile Common Errors And Fixes

As an undeniable fact, there is no game perfect at release and every game may include common bugs and errors. However, we are here to list out the most common ones and will guide you on how to fix them easily.

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Error Code 5027

This is a common error that has plagued the game’s early release and in beta mode. But several players have expressed that they still are facing this problem while trying to connect to Call of Duty Mobile’s servers.

Players have expressed that they were receiving this error code most often when they were connected to a VPN to bypass the game’s geo lock feature when the game was exclusively available in India and Australia only.

With the worldwide release, you are highly unlikely to face this error again but if you still face the same error then try installing a good and trusted VPN app.

Problems with Facebook Login

So there have been reported issues of using Facebook to login into Call of Duty mobile. But we can give you a simple yet effective solution for this error.

Clear the cache of your phone and ensure you’re fully logged into the desired profile on the Facebook app and not via a browser. Several players have found this as a useful antidote for this common issue.

Call of Duty Mobile Garena

Players have expressed their confusion when it comes to both different technical versions of the game, but also different geographical versions of the game.

The Garena is an alternative version of the same game with the only difference being it is localized for release across South East Asia. The players from the western part of the world are playing the same game but from a legal and publishing standpoint, it is different.

This leaves you without any options to play with or against the players in Garena when you are in the Global version of the game, and vice versa.

“Your Friends List is Empty’ Error

You are certain that you have added friends, you are ensured that all your friends are having the exact same updated version of the game as you and also are sure that they’re playing the same region version of the game as you but still, you are getting this error message –  “Your Friends List is Empty” message.

So you can try using these following steps which can help you out to solve this error –

  • Log into your Facebook account
  • Then, select Apps and Websites
  • Navigate to Active Apps and Websites
  • Then, select COD Mobile and make sure the Friends List option is enabled
  • Now, navigate to Visibility of the App
  • Change the filter to Friends
  • Save the settings


So here is our list of some of the most common errors and bugs that players have reported for Call of Duty mobile. Also, we did our research about them and have tried to find out the best possible solutions for you.

We hope that these entire simple and easy fixes will help you to enjoy playing this amazing game. But if at any point you still face some error then don’t hesitate to let us know.

Is there any other error or bugs which you have been facing in Call of Duty Mobile? Then inform us about that and we promise to get out the best solution for that.

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