Borderlands 3 Best Character For Solo 

Are you confused about selecting the borderlands 3 best character for solo? Then read this blog because we have discussed them all with the necessary details!

Borderlands 3 came with a bang in 2019 and made the fans happy. With more than 24 characters borderlands 3 is available for Solo play. 

New players often get confused selecting the best character for their first solo play. To help these players, we have made a list of the solo characters in Borderlands 3, and we also have underlined the best ones!

Let’s cut the fluff and get to the best solo character list!

Borderlands 3 Solo Characters

Following are the recommended characters for solo play in Borderlands 3. All of these characters have different skills and based on that, you can decide which one is for you!

Which one is the best?

After the search for the best borderlands 3 solo character, we have 4 characters that are worth playing. These are mentioned one by one according to their abilities. These are:

  • FL4K
  • ZANE
  • MOZE


The next character that you should try for solo is FL4K. It is one of the best character to play with, because of the pet that it has it is more powerful than any other player. You can simply revive the pet and put it to use again!

The pet helps in the survival of Fl4k and also attacks the enemies. Even without the pet, Fl4k is an excellent character. It can turn invisible. Fl4k also has a nice health regeneration. Fl4k can send a flying creature and he can also charge his pet. The pet can also be used to revive Fl4k

 You should definitely try Fl4k for a solo match!


ZANE is my second recommendation for you. He is the only vault hunter that can have 2 action skills. He is a cool character. With his cool gadgets like attack drones, he can outshine anybody in the game. The defense system of ZANE is a barrier that blocks enemies shots and boosts ZANE’s shots.

If you play solo, then don’t forget to try ZANE!


If used wisely, MOZE can do the unexpected. She has an Iron bear that no other player has. She has her own health gauge which is amazing. You can use mech with different weapons. MOZE can be helpful to blow enemies with her non-stop attacks. You should try MOZE at least once!,


Amara is not the best for the solo play, but she is up there. You can not underestimate her. If you like killing your enemies with some magic then Amara can help you with that! She can pull her enemies out of the fight and lock her in a place. Amara is a fun character to try but she is not the best solo character in Borderlands 3.


These are some of the frequently asked questions about Borderlands 3.

Is Borderlands 3 good for solo? 

Yes, you can have fun alone in a single play in Borderlands 3. The solo play of Borderlands 3 is not like any other game, It is good and definitely worth trying!

How to play offline in Borderlands 3?

To play Borderlands 3 offline: Open Borderlands 3 > Go to settings > Head tot he Network settings > Untick the “Connect to Internet” Box > You can play offline now!

What are the system requirement for Borderlands 3?

These are the minimum system requirements for Borderlands 3: Intel i5-3570, 6GB RAM, Nvidia Geforce GTX 680, Windows 7/8/10 64bit version


All in all, FL4k and ZANE are the best 2 characters for soli play in Borderlands 3. You should try both of them and settle for the one you like. ZANE is a tech geek and FL4K is amazing. 

I hope you liked this blog and your confusion about the best borderlands 3 solo character is cleared now! 

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