Borderlands 2 Siren Build 2022: Maya Skill Bulid Solo

If you are looking to play normal or vault hunter mode, the Borderlands 2 Siren Build is for you. It has co-op potential with solo play. The build is straightforward, and can be used in either situation. In addition, it has a high elemental damage potential. For players who wish to reach level 50, the main skill trees are Cataclysm and Harmony. For players who have reached level 72, there is Motion as well.

For those new to the game or those looking to play solo, Maya is a great character. The reason for this is her ability to command the battlefield through Phaselock and crowd control. The DPS & Survivability boost provided by this setup will help you cope with the tight and unforgiving situations that you will face.

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Borderlands 2 Siren Build

Borderlands 2’s Maya is one of the most enjoyable characters to play. Originally from a monastery on her homeworld, Maya has run away from it. Maya is at ease with her abilities. Nevertheless, she is still growing into her freedom.

Maya’s Phaselock skill allows her to inflict a lot of damage, among other things, as the player grows with her. The most effective use of Maya’s powers can be achieved by having a good skill set.

Build 1: Pure Damage

Using Phaselock offensively and dealing weapon damage is the focus of this build. To maximize damage from elemental, gun, and phaselock weapons, most health-increase skills are avoided. Perhaps it is one of the most powerful DPS builds in the game. It is comparable to the Gunzerker.

Tier 1
Ward MAX: Shield Capacity +25%, Shield Recharge Delay -40%
Accelerate MAX: Gun Damage +15%, Bullet Speed +20%
Mind’s Eye MAX: Crit Hit Damage +25%, Melee Damage +30%
Flicker MAX: 30% more likely to cause elemental damage with guns
Foresight MAX: Magazine Size +20%, Reload Speed +25%
Tier 2
Wreck [2/5]- When an enemy is Phaselocked, Fire Rate +20%, Damage +12%
Tier 3
Converge 1/1:- Phaselock pulls other enemies towards the Phaselocked one
Chain Reaction MAX: When an enemy is Phaselocked, all shots have a 40% chance to ricochet and hit another enemy
Cloud Kill 1/1: Shooting an enemy creates a corrosive-damage-dealing Acid Cloud
Tier 4
Reaper MAX: If an enemy has more than half health, Gun Damage +40%
Tier 5
Blight Phoenix MAX. After killing an enemy, your nearby enemies will be constantly damaged by Fire and Corrosive damage
Tier 6
Ruin 1/1: Phaselock now Slags, Electrocutes, and Corrodes nearby enemies

Build 2: Survivalist/Team Player

The Siren gets to use all the team healing skills in this game. Several of them are passive, making your team very difficult to kill. In addition to breaking down enemy team members, the Siren regenerates a lot of health. You may need to adjust your DPS build if it’s not working out as you hoped.

Tier 1
Ward MAX: Shield Capacity +25%, Shield Recharge Delay -40%
Accelerate [MAX]- Gun Damage +15%, Bullet Speed +20%
Sweet Release MAX: 5 Life orbs are created after killing a Phaselocked enemy that restores you or your friends HP by up to 15%
Foresight 4/5: Magazine Size +16%, Reload Speed +20%
Tier 2
Kinetic Reflection 4/5: After killing an enemy, you can deflect bullets; Damage Reduction 40%, Deflected Bullet Damage +80%
Restoration MAX: Maximum Health +15%, shooting teamates converts 30% of the damage into health for them
Tier 3
Converge 1/1: Phaselock pulls the Phaselocked enemy toward itself
Elated MAX: You and your friends gain 5% health per second when an enemy is phaselocked
Recompense 1/5: Your attacker takes damage equal to 10% of the damage you take
Tier 4
Quicken MAX: Phaselock cooldown rate +30%
Sustenance 4/5: Constantly regenerate +1.6% of your health per second
Tier 5
Sub-Sequence [1/5]- Whenever a Phaselocked enemy dies, there is a 20% chance that the Phaselock will seek out another enemy

Build 3: Phaselock Guru

Phaselock and splosion fans will enjoy this. An essential component of the sequence is the subsequence (TIER 5). It is impossible to obtain Ruin (TIER 6). Phaselock’s main offense is Helios (TIER 2). Both the duration and cooldown of this skill are set to maximum. You can cast Phaselock every 10 seconds or so. The explosions go on for days.

Tier 1
Ward MAX: Shield Capacity +25%, Shield Recharge Delay -40%
Accelerate MAX: Gun Damage +15%, Bullet Speed +20%
Sweet Release 1/5: 1 Life orb is created after killing a Phaselocked enemy that restores you or your friends HP by up to 15%
Foresight MAX: Magazine Size +20%, Reload Speed +25%
Tier 2
Suspension MAX: Phaselock duration +2.5 seconds
Tier 3
Converge 1/1: Phaselock pulls the Phaselocked enemy toward itself
Chain Reaction MAX: Every shot has a 40% chance of ricocheting and hitting another enemy when an enemy is phaselocked
Cloud Kill 1/1: Shooting an enemy produces an Acid Cloud that deals corrosive damage
Tier 4
Quicken MAX: Phaselock cool-down rate +30%
Reaper 2/5: +16% Gun Damage to enemies with more than half health
Tier 5
Sub-Sequence MAX: When a Phaselocked enemy dies, the Phaselock has a 100% chance of seeking out another

Cataclysm Tree

Flicker: +30% Elemental Effect Chance.

Helios: Engaging in phaselock causes enemies nearby to explode, damaging them all.

Cloud Kill: Shooting an enemy causes a lingering Acid Cloud that deals constant Corrosive Damage to enemies that touch it.

Backdraft: Fire Damage is dealt to your melee attacks. Additionally, if your shields run out, you create a fiery explosion that damages nearby enemies.

Reaper: If an enemy has less than 50% health left, you deal +40% more Gun Damage to him.

Blight Phoenix: Upon killing an enemy, surrounding enemies are subject to constant Fire and Corrosive Damage.

Ruin: Action Skill Augmentation. All nearby enemies will be slag-stained, corroded, and electrocuted by Phaselock.

Foresight is the only one of the three remaining skills that is marginally useful. It is, however, better to save those points because you can gain their benefits from gear and the Badass ranking. There will be a lot of AOE and elemental damage as you can see. As you get hurt, it will hurt more. Taking advantage of enemy clusters is important due to your strengths. 

The skills above and this tree form the basis of your build. But before you invest the 27 points in Cataclysm. You should distribute your initial skill points between Mind’s Eye and Wreck in the Harmony tree. Due to the fact that early on the killing power provided by both of them is substantially greater than the alternatives, and you need all the killing power that you can get.

Harmony Tree

Mind’s Eye: +25% Critical Hit Damage and +30% Melee Damage.

Wreck: You can fire 50 percent faster and deal 30 percent more damage with guns when your enemy is locked onto you.

Elated: Phaselocked enemies regenerate +5% health per second while you and your friends regenerate.

Sustenance: Increase your Health by 2% per second. Regeneration is more powerful when your health is low.

Life Tap: When you kill an enemy, you gain +6% Life Steal for a short period of time.

In case you missed it, Mind’s Eye and Wreck are the skills you start with. They increase your damage potential early on and over time. The remaining three skills are purely survival skills. Sweet Release can be swapped for Elated. It’s up to your preference. Co-op is also an option if you want to play with others. You will further enhance your utility by investing 1 point in Res.

Motion Tree

Accelerate: +15% Gun Damage and +20% Bullet Speed.

Suspension: Phaselock is extended by 2.5 seconds.

Converge: You can now use Phaselock to pull nearby enemies towards your original target.

Fleet: While your shields are depleted, your movement speed increases by 40%.

Quicken: Adds 30% to Phaselock’s cooldown time.

Your damage and crowd control will be enhanced further by Suspension’s synergy with Wreck and Ruin. You can also use Converge to pull nearby enemies to your original target. The skills from the Cataclysm tree pair well with this skill. In addition to Fleet, you can invest in Quicken, depending on what you deem necessary.

Final Words

The Borderlands 2 Siren Build you have now is strong. No matter what level you are at. Getting started with Maya (Siren) is a great way to learn the game. Her Phaselock ability can damage a wide area, incapacitating even the most powerful enemies. Whether you’re playing solo for the first time or facing the more difficult modes, this gives you an advantage. By using Phaselock continuously and strategically, you will further enhance your power.

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