Borderlands 2 Guide 2022: Best Builds For Gaige The Mechromancer

Borderlands 2 Gaige is a technophile and a sociopath. A powerful robotic ally is summoned to the battlefield via her Summon Deathtrap ability. This enables Gaige to shoot enemies from a distance. At the same time, Deathtrap rips several enemies apart. As Gaige, you must keep Deathtrap involved in the fight as long as possible. Make sure you work together to slay your enemies while keeping each other alive. Increasing her level, however, is sometimes challenging. Our guide here will teach you about Borderlands 2 Gaige Build.

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Borderlands 2 Gaige Build

As Gaige the Mechromancer in Borderlands 2, players can experience exactly such an experience. She has a friend, the killer robot Deathtrap, that she brings along with her. Metal and destruction are the hulking masses of this powerful ally. Gaige, however, has other tools at her disposal. Here are Gaige’s best builds.

Anarchy Forever

The Anarchy skill is Gaige’s main ability. In the Ordered Chaos tree, it is among the very first abilities. Gaige receives one stack of Anarchy for every enemy she kills or for emptying her gun completely.

Damage is increased by the Anarchy stacks and accuracy is reduced by a small amount. These percentages can quickly spiral out of control, given that you can collect 150 of them. The Anarchy mechanic forms the basis for much of Gaige’s gameplay, whether you focus on it entirely as the core of your character or just add it to another build.

The AFK Build

As a first step, players may choose to allocate a lot of resources to their buddy Deathtrap. They can then leave him to work on it. Using skills like 20% Cooler and Upshot Robot, you can prolong his life. This reduces the amount of time he has to cool down.

In this build, Sharing is Caring is the most effective skill. Deathtrap will take a copy of both player characters’ shields. In some cases, he can simply use it to gain more protection. When two legendary shields are used simultaneously, their power levels can be ridiculous.

The Best Offense Is A Good Defense

Those who don’t want to take a lot of damage will find much to enjoy about Gaige. You will be able to defend yourself well. If your magazine is full, you can regenerate your health by cooking up trouble. As well as improving the shield’s recharge speed, Fancy Mathematics improves its recharge delay.

Furthermore, there is the simple health and damage resistance buff. You will be invincible on Pandora once you have these skills under your belt.

Elemental Allies

Only a bullet on fire is better than a bullet. As many skills allow you to enhance their efficacy, you can experiment with elemental effects to your heart’s content with the Little Big Trouble tree.

You have a flat increase in chances to apply elemental effects when you have more Pep. After killing an enemy, you can use Evil Enchantress to increase your elemental weapon damage. Last but not least, Make it Sparkle allows you to use an elemental effect when shooting Deathtrap. You will be able to use the element when he hits you.

Numbers, Numbers, Math Math Math

There are a lot of chaotic skills in Gaige’s repertoire. She can also be played delicately. Combined with The Better Half, Cooking Up Trouble gives you increased fire rate as well as healing. And Unstoppable Force means you can move faster.

With this build, discord is a real game changer. When you prematurely reload this skill, you will slowly lose your Anarchy stacks. Furthermore, reload speed, accuracy, and health regeneration will be enhanced. Reloading again will stop it. For Anarchy’s effect to be effective, you’ll need to balance Discord’s effects with Anarchy’s damage.

Lightning Reflexes

Considering she is a Mechromancer, she tends to focus on electrical damage. She has many skills that focus on this element. Her play style can be enhanced by her skills.

She has shock resistance thanks to her myelin. Every time Shock reloads her gun, she causes an explosion. Your shock damage is increased by Wires Don’t Talk. Deathtrap can shoot a lightning orb with One Two Boom. When shot in midair, it explodes for incredible damage.

Discordant Daredevil

Discord is the focus of the Discordant Daredevil. This neglects Anarchy’s benefits. It is useful to use the Rational Anarchist with this build. When starting from zero, you will have 25 Anarchy stacks.

In this build, Anarchy stacks are spent rather than accrued. Using Discord means you can burn through the initial 25 stacks and gain health back. If Death From Above is fired while in midair, Anarchy is consumed. It then causes additional damage from Digisplosions.

Spray And Pray

In this build, multiple bullets can be fired at once by guns. The fire rates are also extremely high. You can use Anarchy in conjunction with Close Enough to cause bullets to bounce back into your enemies even if they miss. Gaige is able to eliminate an entire psycho base without hitting anyone.

Nth Degree is also a very useful skill for this build. When certain bullets strike an enemy, they can then ricochet and strike another enemy. This is in keeping with the chaotic feel of the build. You can use it to get a little more bang for your buck.

The Slasher

You deal with your enemies by using your bare hands in the Slasher. You may encounter some risk in this build. Therefore, you should consider investing in Deathtrap. You can obtain valuable time by using Deathtrap. Robot Rampage and Explosive Clap both relate to melee attacks in some way.

With Claws is what makes this build unique. By transforming your melee attacks into claw swipes, it transforms them into powerful attacks. Since damage scales with Anarchy, stack-building skills are worth investing in. All you need is a well timed strike to take out an enemy with enough of this stuff.

Up Close And Personal

Another high risk, high reward build for Gaige the Mechromancer is our best pick for Gaige’s build in Borderlands 2. However, you have to prioritize Anarchy in this build. You should invest in Preshrunk Cyberpunk until you reach 400 stacks. In addition to making reloading faster and clip sizes smaller, Smaller, Faster can also increase reload speeds.

Now that you have these skills, you can pick up a shotgun and start shooting. When you’re firing at point blank range, it makes no difference how accurate you are. Multi-shot weapons can be extremely useful in this situation. You can use them to kill most enemies in a single shot.

How to Build Gaige in Borderlands 2

Level 50 was the cap for Borderlands 2. The Handsome Collection, on the other hand, allows characters to reach the level of 72. Even so, you can make use of a variety of different talents, but it still limits your options.

In fact, making the right build can be easier if you have 67 skill points available to you. However, enemies are not made easier to kill because of this. Instead, they become more challenging as the game progresses. That means you will have to design your build efficiently based on your play-style.

The guide can help you with that. The first thing we’re going to do is offer you some advice on how to build Gaige into a beast when leveling in Borderlands 2. You will be offered a selection of different builds that you can use at the highest level in Borderlands: The Handsome Collection. Here is how you level.

Leveling Build

The character is regarded by many as the most user-friendly among the bunch of Borderlands 2 characters. Leveling as Gaige is considered the easiest way to get to level 72 in the game as quickly as possible. It is still difficult to understand her trees, however.

For Gaige to work optimally, Deathtrap’s engines must be spooled up in a timely manner. While keeping you both alive, of course. Leveling is essentially what Borderlands 2 revolves around, at least initially. Dead Vault Hunters can’t level up.

To maximize Gaige’s leveling potential, one of the best strategies is to focus on the Best Friends Forever tree. In order to survive as long as possible, both Gaige and Deathtrap can unload every skill point they have into this tree.

Other weapons might not be as destructive as this one. It makes up for it, however, with a lot of life-giving wonder in Best Friends Forever. Almost every selection here is focused on keeping your shields active. The shield regeneration abilities of Buck Up, Fancy Mathematics, and Unstoppable Force are all heightened by these spells.

Your screen will look better if you possess other skills that will keep the big red bar from falling too quickly. Several other skills can be learned around this one so you and Deathtrap can become a deadly duo.

As if the world’s most powerful Viagra pill, Upshot Bot makes Deathtrap fight harder and last longer. Thus, you can always count on a metallic matey-boy to keep you company in any long battle. As soon as Gaige has been leveled up you can begin training. Play with your friends or by yourself in Borderlands 2.

Solo Build

When you choose to play alone, you’ll need to turn Gaige and Deathtrap into a self-sufficient pair. So let’s add a laser cannon to Deathtrap’s face for a tasty upgrade. You can find The Stare by quickly diving into the Little Big Trouble tree. The best way to keep yourself alive is by throwing five points into Myelin.

There is a tree called Little Big Trouble after this. It will become a more powerful elemental entity. Nevertheless, there are other options. The world of Borderlands 2 will be even more chaotic with this addition.

The Ordered Chaos Tree is the place where you do that. From this point on, your entire journey will be decided by your skills in this tree. A stack of Anarchy is added to Gaige whenever you kill an enemy or reload after your clip ends.

Having a large number of these in your possession will give Gaige a tremendous boost in Gun Damage. However, accuracy will slowly erode. After reading the leveling build that came before this page, you might want to go back to the drawing bored. Instead, put the points into Close Enough instead of Cooking Up Trouble.

The next step should be self-explanatory. Throw points into whatever seems most appropriate as you run down the Ordered Chaos tree. You’ll be able to hit enemies more easily. However, if you do manage to hit their head with a bullet, it’s much more satisfying. It helps if you know how to ricochet.

It is absolutely essential that you put a point into Discord. The only way to regain health without Cooking Up Trouble is to do this. If you need more health, you must manually reload. Despite this, Discord will restore your health after reloading, at the expense of your Anarchy stacks.

Co-op Build

Have you thought about playing with your friends? Then you’d definitely want to aim for dishing out the most damage possible, wouldn’t you? The workshop needs to be taken back to Deathtrap to accomplish this. Provide him with as many brutal ways as you can to hurt him.

In Borderlands 2, each of the trees gives Deathtrap an added bonus after five points are spent. Best Friends Forever and Little Big Trouble have a 15-point version. This is a crucial component of this build. 

It’s essential that you’re strong. Deathtrap is able to kill when you’re outside its range. Therefore, you’ll be required to make use of that wonderful Anarchy skill again. But all is not lost. When used in conjunction with Little Big Trouble, Anarchy and Discord are remarkably good.

However, their greatest strength is in fact their “AAAGGGGHHH!” skill. You will encounter an electrical storm every time you reload. When you have plenty of Anarchy stacks, you won’t want to reload. That does not sound so great, but stay with us.

When your magazine runs low, you’ll simply set off a free explosion. That’s an attractive benefit. When you’re struggling, however, use Discord with Shock and a loud “AAAGGGGHHH!”. This will give you a boost right when you need it most. By firing a reload in Discord when you’re getting close to the enemy, you’ll heal yourself when you deal a lot of damage to them.

The Shock weapons are extremely helpful for Little Big Trouble, especially if you’re using this build. Don’t forget to shoot Deathtrap so he can lend a little help to the robotic badass.

Final Words

You should bear in mind that the Borderlands 2 Gaige Build does not have to be done. You may prefer your own build. Leave a comment below if you have one you use.

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