Boost Dragonflight in World of Warcraft

Dragonflight is the ninth expansion for WoW.location Dragon Isles. This new expansion will not only bring a lot of benefits, but will also change the gameplay. 

Dragonflight added an entirely new race and class combination to World of Warcraft. A new hero class, the summoners, will be seen in the pre-patch. These heroes perform well in ranged combat, as they are magic-oriented, have two talent stats, and can act as healers. Currently, the only characters that can fight on par with the challengers are the Draktyrs. They are represented by a race that lives on the Dragon Isles. The dragonflight  level  boost expansion is a great excuse to dive into World of Warcraft and create your own new, special character. And in order not to spend days farming and improving your character, the best option would be to get a dragonflight character boost. Our experienced players will immediately start working after accepting the order and will do everything possible to ensure that your hero is among the first and reaches level. 

    Character WoW Dragonflight will be one of the quickest and best ways to get out of the trouble that comes with a new expansion. If you want to continue to fight as a strong character and surprise your rivals, hire our professional hero leveling masters and enjoy the journey in the new expansion without wasting your precious time. Our boosters will quickly complete staff upgrades using the most efficient upgrade paths. Using this service, you can focus on those moments of the game that you like the most and at the same time not chase farm until level 70. 


    Our masters in the world of WoW pump your character to the maximum. During the execution of the technical task, boosters will complete quests, run dungeons and farm mobs. Thus, they will achieve the desired result. At the end of our work, the user will see the following: 

    • the high level of the character from the current level to the desired one; 
    • increasing all characteristics of the character to the maximum; 
    • completion of the company and the opening of game content; 
    • get all the items that our booster could get during the missions; 
    • You will be able to follow our professional live.

    You can also make upgrading your character’s stats even easier in the Dragon Isles with additional options that can be viewed on our page. All of them will make your offer unique. Pumping is done in pilot mode: through account sharing. One of our players will play for you. You can follow the improvement of your character through the stream. To avoid problems, we use the VPN of your country.

    Additional Services

    As we mentioned earlier, you can purchase additional options. The most popular of them: 

    • 8/8 mythic dungeons. If you select this option, our professional player completes all mythic dungeons on your account. In this case, your character receives 1-2 items of equipment level 372; 
    • gear level 370. We increase the average level of the character through the passage of dungeons. This service can take a lot of time, but you will be incredibly happy with the result. 

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