Best Weapons For Pubg Mobile – Top In Category

Best Weapons for PUBG Mobile – We all are familiar about this amazing mobile game which is on top these days i.e. PUBG. PUBG is available across all platforms whether it is Mobile, Computer or Xbox.

In today’s world every next person is playing PUBG either on their mobile or on PC. So we came up with the list of best weapons available in every category.

There are multiple categories in weapons and in every category there are number of options available. We are not going to discuss about each and every weapon because we want to make this article short and effective.

Before listing out the best weapons for PUBG mobile we will give you a brief about this game.

PUBG – Battleground Mobile India has three different game plays like Single, Duo and Squad. In starting players are provided with a parachute and they have to land on an 8×8 Km island. There players have to locate and scavenge weapons, vehicles, clothes, protecting guards and supplies.

Players also have to be inside play zone which will be shrinking after a particular time interval. For winning this battle ground play has to kill all other players except their team members.


As we said there are multiple categories among weapons. Find below the list which weapon is coming under which category.

Assault Rifles: AKM, AUG A3, Groza, M16A4, M416, MK14 Mutant, Beryl M762, QBZ95, SCAR-L

DMRs: Mini 14, MK14 EBR, QBU, SKS, SLR, VSS

Light Machine Guns: DP-28, M249

Handguns: Flare Gun, P18C, P1911, P92, R1895, R45

Shotguns: S12K, S1897, S686, Sawed-Off

Sniper Rifles: AWM, KAR98, M24, Winchester Model 1894

Submachine Guns: Micro UZI, Tommy gun, UMP9, Vector

Best Weapons For PUBG Mobile – Top In Category

We created this list of weapons according to our experience and knowledge. There might be different views and opinions.

Best Assault Rifle For PUBG Mobile

In our list of best assault rifle AKM is on the top of list. There are multiple attachments that support AKM. AKM uses 7.62mm ammo and it can load 30 bullets which can be extended up to 40 bullets with extended magazine.

There are other attachments also but suppressor and compensator is also a good choice.

For scope purpose you can use holographic sight, red dot sight, 2X, 3X, 4X and 6X. AKM is good for range 400-600m so we would suggest 4X as the best option.

Best Assault Rifle For PUBG Mobile

Second best option is AUG A3, but it is only available in Air Drop Supplies. You can attach 4 attachments to AUG A3. AUG A3 is adjustable in full auto or single shot mode and perfect for mid to far range.

Its reload time is 3.6 seconds which can be reduced to 2.4 seconds with Quick draw magazine. 5.56mm bullet is supported by AUG A3 and can load 30 bullets at a time and can be extended up to 40 bullets with extended mag.

M416 is also one of the best option for assault rifle we definitely cannot miss it from the list. It uses 5.56mm bullets and can load up to 30 bullets at a time.

Reload time is also quite less than other assault rifle i.e. 2.1 second which can further be reduced to 1.3 seconds. M416 is good for short to mid range firing so we would like to suggest 4X or 3X as the best scope option.

One special attachment M416 has which was not supported by any other assault rifle i.e. Tack Stock. I feel with appropriate attachments M416 is the best gun to use.

Best Sniper Rifle For PUBG Mobile

AWM is best sniper available but it has a limitation that it is available in Air Drop Supplies. It is the most powerful sniper it can penetrate through level-3 helmet.

You can knock down your enemy with single head shot. If you really good in snipping then you can choose AWM as ideal choice because it has maximum range. AWM uses .300 magnum bullets and can load 5 bullets at a time.

As it is a sniper it definitely supports 8X and other attachments also like cheeck pads, extended magazine, suppressor, compensator.

Best Sniper Rifle For PUBG Mobile

Second best sniper is KAR98. There are other snipers also but we gave this second rank because it is easily available.

If you want to play with one assault rifle and one sniper and you failed to find AWM you can opt for KAR 98. KAR98 also support 8X scope and can load up to 10 bullets with extended magazine.

It uses 7.62mm ammo and other attachments are like scope, magazine, muzzle and stock. KAR98 is also good for long range with minimum recoil and good damage capacity.

Best DMRs For PUBG Mobile

DMRs are type of guns which stands in between Assault Rifle and Snipers. If you are not having good sniping skills like me then it’s better to go for DMRs instead of sniper.

Firing speed is quite higher than snipers but damage will be quite less.

MK14 is the best DMR gun available but it can only be found in airdrop supplies. As per our experience you’ll get more recoil in MK14 than assault rifles.

It’s better to use attachments in MK14 for perfect headshot. MK14 uses 7.62mm bullets and you are allowed to load 10 bullets at a time. It is the best DMR for medium to long range and allows 4 attachments (sights, muzzle, stock and magazine).

Best DMRs For PUBG Mobile

As per our knowledge SKS is second best option for DMRs. Again it uses 7.62mm bullets and can load up to 10 bullets at a time without any extended magazine.

Firing rate of SKS is better than other DMRs and also having good damage capacity. You can get this weapon normally means not particularly in airdrops. SKS comes with 5 attachments i.e. sights, muzzle, stock, lower rail and magazines.

One drawback is you have to stand still behind any cover to take your enemy down because it is not good like any other assault rifle while moving around the circle.

Best Shotguns for PUBG Mobile

Shotguns are best for very short range but most effective in its class. If your enemy is nearby then you don’t have a better option then shotguns.

All other shotguns other than SK12 don’t support scope this makes SK12 is the best in this category.

SK12 comes with 5 bullets of 12 Gauge which can be extended till 10 bullets with extended magazine. It supports sights, muzzle and magazines as an attachment. SK12 is having better reload and firing speed then other shotguns.

Best Shotguns for PUBG Mobile

S1897 is the second best option in shotgun categories. It can load only 2 bullets of 12 Gauge at a time. There are only two attachments options in S1897 shotgun that is muzzle and stock.

But best thing about S1897 is you take your enemy down in single headshot if he is without armour.

Best Submachine Guns (SMG) for PUBG Mobile

SMG is best used over short distances like between buildings. It comes with lot of attachments options which definitely increase its performance. Most of the players chose SMGs for support purpose because assault rifles are better than these.

SMGs are having low damage than Assault rifles but higher reload and fire rate. One thing which we like personally is finding SMG suppressor is quite easier then AR. It is very big plus point for me it definitely depends on your playing style.

Best Submachine Guns (SMG) for PUBG Mobile

In this category UMP9 is the best weapon on which you can be dependent. It comes with 30 round of 9mm bullet which can be extended till 40 bullets.

UMP9 is having low recoil than any other SMGs and offers 3 firing modes (single, burst and auto). Also it supports 4 attachments and those are muzzle, sights, lower rail and mags. UMP9 can be seen as a tactical weapon in SMG category at least for me.

Vector comes in second place in the category of SMGs. Most of the players don’t like vector but as per my knowledge it is having highest firing rate.

There is one major drawback that is its standard magazine size is 13 bullets which is quite low. You can extend magazine to 23 bullets but that is also not enough at this firing speed. Another best thing about Vector is,

it comes with 5 attachment options and those are muzzle, sights, lower rail, mags and stock. Also we felt Vector has minimum recoil and high damage in close range combat which makes it more accurate.

There are other categories of weapons also but most of the players use these categories only so we picked the popular ones.

If someone is talking about the best weapons for PUBG mobile then we would suggest going for these options and category. I think this article ‘Best Weapons For Battleground Mobile India’ helped you in selecting your weapons carefully. If you have more suggestions then you are more than welcome.

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