Best Texting Apps for Android

Stock texting apps on android are not impressive, thankfully you can replace them with one of the best texting apps for android and call it a day. There are many exiting apps available on Google Play Store and most of them are pretty amazing, this is why we have selected the best of the best so you don’t have to go through hundreds of texting apps to find the one that suits your needs.

Let’s be honest here, regular good old-fashioned texting has taken a backseat these days. Most of the people use the free Internet-based texting apps and that’s all fine. But there is a certain old-school charm in sending a regular text to someone you care about. Plus, despite all advancements in science, there are certain areas where Internet connectivity is so bad that sending a regular text is all you can do. Even if you’re getting full network signals, your carrier may not have 4G coverage in that area at all so it is always good to invest in a great texting app for android.

Note: The texting apps for Android are not in any particular order simply because they all essentially provide the same service. Sure there are some features that are unique to them, but depending on your taste, you may or may not fancy them at all. So, we recommend you take a look at the whole list and select the best ones for your needs.

Android Messages

It’s been long time coming and finally Google has decided to revamp their default messaging app. Android Messages is a new texting app for Android and has certainly some great features that will make it your favorite texting app. The app follows the usual material design Google loves, it is clean, familiar and simple to look at. This is one of the biggest features of the new Android Messages, the easy to read and follow user interface. It’s almost the same as Google Duo, an app we featured in our best video chatting apps for Android list. Sharing is also handled really well. The app allows you to take pictures and videos without even leaving it. So you can easily send cool videos, pictures and audio you capture directly to your friends and family. You can also send emoji and stickers if those are your jam. I really loved the location sharing feature as well, makes it so much easier to tell people where you are. The Android texting app is capable of sending messages over data network or Wi-Fi, but that is limited by carrier support. Overall if you want a clean and simple to use texting app for Android, Android Messages is one of the best ones you can get.

Textra SMS

The first thing you will notice about Textra SMS is its beautiful user interface. The app is expertly designed and can easily go toe to toe with Google’s own app in terms of UI and even beat it in terms of customization. Not only does the app introduce a lot of different customization options but also is extremely fast in usage which is a lot more important in a dedicated messaging app. Part of the reason why the interface looks so familiar and beautiful is that it uses the same material design theme that Google wants every app to use. You can easily switch between dark and light modes but also have the option of automatically switching to night mode. When it comes to messaging, you can easily schedule future messages with Textra. This makes sending anniversary and birthday messages a lot easier, even if you forget, the app remember to send a pre-written message. One of the best things about this app is the ability to customize theme, colors, signatures, notification sounds, and privacy, according to the contact. So if you want your phone to blast out a song whenever your dad send you a text, you can do so with this app.

Mood Messenger

Mood Messenger is another great texting app for android that not only allows you to customize the appearance but also provides you with some unique features. It is a simple, fast and effective SMS app for android that delivers on all fronts. The app is capable of suggesting emoji depending on what you’re typing. But the main draw is the mood sharing feature that allows you to set a mood without having to type anything at all. Customization is also very extensive in Mood Messenger. You’ll be able to change colors and shapes of the message bubbles, size as well as style of font, backgrounds, notification sounds and a lot more. So if you want a fully customizable messaging app for your smartphone, Mood Messenger brings a lot of different options is from. If you don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty of customizations, you can easily switch a theme and completely change the look with a few clicks.

Go SMS Pro

Go SMS Pro has been around for a while and has been consistently providing quality texting service to android users. The Go SMS Pro development team has been keeping the app up-to-date with the latest features as well as revamping the design to make it more modern and intuitive. One of the best features of this messaging app is the inclusion of dual SIM support, which is usually not seen in other messaging apps. There are a ton of different personalize themes that allow you to visually change how the app looks without much effort. The app also comes with some really great stickers that you can send in conversations. There is also a private box that encrypts your messages to protect your privacy. That also comes with a pop up feature that allows you to quickly view and reply to messages without even leaving your current app. Go SMS Pro also has a very effective SMS blocker that can easily blacklist different keywords and even filter spam messages automatically. Now you won’t be getting any advertisements at 2 AM.

Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS is a beautifully designed texting app for android that runs really smoothly on almost any hardware. If you’re looking for a lightweight SMS app that you can use daily without any worries of unnecessary resource drainage, then Chomp SMS is the best app for you. The app offers a ton of different features so that you will have full control over how you receive and send text messages. For example, you can easily put a passcode on the app so no one can have access to your sensitive messages. There are also privacy options, a scheduled SMS sender, a great blacklisting and SMS blocking system and text snippets. The app also allows you to stop a text message while it sending, so if you hit send by mistake, you can easily stop the SMS. The app also offers dual SIM support, good grip messaging and the ability to select multiple pictures from the gallery. The app also has full support for more than 1600 emoji, so you can easily express yourself.

Handcent Next

Handcent Next brings the familiar material design to the SMS messaging apps and does it in good style. The app is superbly designed and provides a fast, stable and the resource effective experience to all users. The app is able to run on almost any hardware without any slowdowns or worries about compatibility. There is also a night mode that allows you to read text messages at night without straining your eyes too much. A pop up window gives you a lot of flexibility while reading and answering text messages you receive. There are some beautiful looking themes and backgrounds available on this app that allow you to customize the user experience to your own preference. The app allows you to personalize bubble style, colors, fonts, ring tone, LED color, vibration pattern and notifications. So almost everything is customizable and that too for each individual contact if you want to do so. The app also allows you to send SMS messages from your PC, Mac or tablet without even touching your smartphone. This feature makes typing a lot easier and faster, it is a really handy feature that allows you to send messages in rapid succession.

Pulse SMS

If you are looking for a great texting app for Android that is not only straightforward and design but also has some of the best looking animations around, then Pulse SMS is the app made just for you. The app comes with a lot of different features that make texting a pleasurable experience for every user. In terms of privacy, you can easily set a password for the app that completely disables anyone looking to snoop. Sharing animated GIFs is easy with this texting app and makes conversation a lot more entertaining. One great feature we really loved about this SMS app is its ability to search through messages in conversations in almost no time at all. The app also provides you with automatic message backup services that you can access with an online account. There is also a preview web links option that saves you a lot of time. Another amazing feature that Pulse SMS brings to the table is the delayed sending method, it gives you ample time to edit or cancel a message you’ve already sent.

Ending Message:

These were some of the best texting apps for android and we sincerely hope that you find one of them perfect for your personal usage. All of them are incredible in their own way and provide something unique to users. However, if you just want a simple texting app for android than the Google option is the way to go. Google usually updates their apps regularly and provides some of the best security when it comes to personal details.

Do you still regularly used texting apps for android? Or you rely on other messaging apps more? Do tell us how a texting app can help you in your conversations, we would love to hear from you.

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