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There are a number of Skyrim mods 2022 available which can help you customize your experience of this classic game. Skyrim players can choose from a wide range of options. This hugely popular RPG game has a devoted modding community of both new and experienced players, who work together to keep the story interesting.

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Skyrim Special Edition mods are now on par with Oldrim modding several years into its existence. We’ve always loved those mods from the original game. Perhaps some of them will be familiar to you. 

The game is still getting new mods a decade after it was first released. The potential for new creations in Skyrim and this enhanced Special Edition remains enormous. Even in 2022, modding has not slowed down, so start your mod manager.

Skyrim mods 2022 

A country called Skyrim on the continent of Tamriel has been the setting for all titles in this series. As a result of a rebellion in the north, the country is in crisis after being first united by the Empire of Tiber Septim. There’s no end to the trouble when a long-disappearing dragon reappears.

Skyrim takes place more than 200 years following Elder Scrolls IV, and its mission is to explore Skyrim’s eponymous northern regions. There is a choice between the empire’s legions and the rebellious locals. There are vast areas to explore and fight in.

There are several ways to expand Skyrim’s experience beyond the main campaign, including its three official DLCs. These updates are referred to as mods, short for modifications. Modifications may change the storyline. Some of them are purely technical in nature. Others may add yet another level of quality and complexity.

New content and features are offered by each mod. Playing and experiencing the game in different ways could offer new areas and storylines. 

So, would you like to find out what the newest options are? Here are the top Skyrim mods 2022. Visit their website for the most popular recent mods, which are constantly updated.

Immersive Fat Idiot Son

As a kid, Rufus has a good heart. Although not quite the sharpest arrow, he is not the weakest. As a result, he can provide some hilarious moments on Dragonborn’s adventures. But he can also frustrate as well. To make Rufus as annoying as possible, Nerd of Prey has gone to great lengths for it. This is why the mod is called Immersive Fat Idiot Son.

As well as a short intro quest, this character has over 100 lines of dialogue attached. The character can’t die and holds on to items awfully well. 

The character will randomly start fighting with bandits and monsters, which is very likely to result in death. Still, he provides lots of love.

Better MessageBox Controls

The menu item clickable area is increased. The size of the buttons corresponds to the actual width of the items, not just a little square in the middle. There is no way you can comprehend how much better things are with this little tweak. The keyboard also gets some improvements thanks to this tweak. 

Whenever you tap, you’ll always return to the previous stage. When you craft and would normally have to go back to the crafting menu, entering lets you select an option.


Adding even more content to the game through Falskaar, another top-notch mod extends the game’s campaign even further. Falskaar is a completely new landmass. Added to this is a brand new questline, along with side quests that will provide players with dozens of additional hours of gameplay.

Falskaar has been praised by both gamers and critics alike. Often, they compare its quality and breadth to an expansion from a developer. 

That’s large because there’s so much content. It incorporates a mix of professional and nonprofessional actors for the voices of its new characters. Besides that, there is a soundtrack with 14 tracks. As a result, the MOD has almost 2 million downloads.

Patch Any Bugs 

Bethesda’s games are prone to bugs and glitches, as is the case with Skyrim, which runs on the Creation Engine, a modified version of GameBryo. In order to avoid potential issues, you’ll want to install a patch. There are still some bugs in the game despite the numerous updates Bethesda has released over the years.

It is a good thing that fans have created the Unofficial Skyrim Patch to fill some of the voids. Hundreds of glitches and bugs related to gameplay are addressed in this mod. In addition to quest markers, dialog lines with NPCs, items, and more. You should definitely install this mod if you only install one on this list. 

Bears Of The North

While the wildlife in Skyrim is perfectly serviceable in its vanilla form. When compared with their real-world counterparts, some of the creatures encountered by the Dragonborn on his adventures are not as impressive. Towards resolving this, JPSteel2 developed Bears of the North. But only in terms of its bears.

Taking Skyrim’s three kinds of bears to the next level, this mod completely overhauls their sounds and looks. All three bears have been given a new model and texture. Both their fur and bodies look much more realistic. However, the most important change is their size, which has been increased substantially. As a result, the bears now appear more realistic. They also look more intimidating.

A Quality World Map 

There is nothing particularly exciting about Skyrim’s map. There are multiple ways to fix it with Quality World Maps. A much more detailed world texture can be applied instead of the map. Colors in it make it easier to distinguish the different areas more clearly. You can also print out a paper version as well. If you are into Oblivion, it will look good. 

Project Proteus

In contrast to Project Proteus, where you can import your characters into preexistent states, you can transition to another save game to play against your Khajiit archer for a while.

Thus, you can switch between characters with their own skill sets, items, and spells. However, you will keep your progress on your quest. If an NPC has died, its corpse can be retrieved, and items stored can be retrieved as well. 

Even the weather can be edited by this feature. The console commands in Skyrim and some existing mods already make some of Project Proteus possible. But this makes everything available in a single menu. 

Pet The Dog

That Skyrim doesn’t have the ability to pet dogs until almost a decade after its release is truly astounding. The mod was made possible by modder jayserpa. The Dragonborn, however, can now give a little love to man’s best friend.

Three unique animations are included in the mod. You simply have to approach any friendly dog without using magic, weapons, or fists to activate it. The animation isn’t perfect. Although it should suffice for almost everyone except for the most demanding dog lovers.

Remove Loading Screens

The loading screens in Skyrim are notoriously long. Simple actions like traveling from one region to another are much harder to perform in towns. In addition to being annoying, this also removes the player’s immersion in the experience. The good news is that there’s a simple solution to this issue.

All loading screens typically displayed in towns no longer appear once the Open Cities mod is installed. The game’s limitations are not present in this case, so you can explore the world to your heart’s content. To do this, the five major cities of Skyrim are transferred to Tamriel. No loading screens will be required as a result.

Skyrim can easily be raised to the level of an engaging fantasy role-playing game by performing this simple fix.

Helgen Reborn

There is almost no doubt that the introduction to Skyrim has become iconic. You are taken to Helgen for execution along with the leader of the local Stormcloak rebellion. As a result of its destruction, the dragon Alduin frees the imperial prisoners.

The new story arc of Hellen Reborn features new and fully voiced quests. As the city rebuilds following the dragon attack, you can contribute to its recovery.

As part of the new quests, players will learn the “legend of the Keepers of Hattu.” It boasts an intriguing story and lore of its own. The Stormcloaks can also be contacted if you wish to seek protection elsewhere for the town. Once the village is rebuilt, a new arena will be available to play on.

Night Sky HD SE

A number of visually stunning Skyrim mods are available. The Night Sky HD SE mod by PraedythXVI is one of the most beautiful mods. The night skies can be controlled in a ridiculous amount of ways. Besides including two constellation meshes, it also allows you to select how many stars should be visible. There are also up to 8K textures.

The modders made everything themselves, with the exception of a few textures. This was packaged beautifully. Installation and customization are both very simple. This Mod can completely change how players feel about the game.

Rally’s Solstheim AIO

Skyrim’s most prolific modder is rallyeator. Over the past five years, he has published over 100 mods for the game. These have tended to revamp certain areas in the game and can often drastically alter their appearance.

In Solstheim, Rally’s best works are collected. Solstheim is at the center of this story as indicated by its title. There are skins for Raven Rock, Tel Mithryn, and Riekling Outposts in this pack. It also improves the general look of the island. These results are fantastic, and the areas in which they apply them have a whole new feel to them.

Sounds of Skyrim: Complete

Skyrim’s immersive nature is largely due to the environment and incidental sounds. This is still true nearly ten years after the game was released. Skyrim’s audio experience has been overhauled extensively through the Sounds of Skyrim mod for many years. New effects have been added as well.

The complete version of this mod adds more audio effects to the game’s three major spaces. Those are urban areas, wilderness areas, and dungeons. Sounds of Skyrim remains wildly popular with several million downloads scattered over the three installments and the new compilation.


Character creation has been improved, and all sliders have been given numerical values. You can now choose any hair color, skin tone, or another tint instead of having to choose based on your race. For those who like messing around with the geometry of their heads, there is a sculpt mode. 

You can also turn on and off the light that illuminates your face. You can see how your features will appear in different environments.

Better Graphics (Skyrim HD/Relighting Skyrim/Static Mesh Improvement)

There are magic and dragons throughout Skyrim’s fantasy world. However, it has difficulty simulating more natural elements. This is especially true for the simulation of light, reflections, and shadows. A mod called Relighting Skyrim should remedy this problem. Skyrim’s vanilla look remains unchanged, as the mod reprogrammes how the game manages directional light sources.

When you have a powerful PC, however, you can apply the Skyrim HD mod to give the game an instant graphical boost that lets you play in 2K resolution for an instant graphical boost.

In addition, the Static Mesh Improvement mod helps smooth out sharp edges on rounded objects such as bowls and stones found throughout Skyrim. Making the game look more polished and realistic.

The Forgotten City

Skyrim already has a lot of adventure, but Nick Pearce has added another 10 hours using his imagination. In this immersive game, you will discover a massive ancient city while solving a murder mystery. 

Besides an excellent story, the voice actors do fantastic work, and the original soundtrack is enjoyable. The story even includes a little time travel. 

Diverse Dragons Collection

Those who loved Skyrim’s dragons will find the Diverse Dragons Collection an absolute must-have. It is extremely popular among players, and it includes 28 new dragons, offering a wealth of new content.

Furthermore, this mod adds new attacks and powers to dragons that are already uniquely modeled and textured. The game’s existing pool of dragon interactions and fights got a big boost as a result. 

In addition, each dragon’s ability has seven tiers. They are therefore suited for all playthroughs.

Item Durability

The game mechanics in many fantasy games detract from the quality. Weapons and armor are not durable through repeated combats. 

Item Durability was created because Skyrim does not have a similar mechanic. It is not as advanced as other variations, but it should increase players’ immersion.

If weapons and armor sustain too many blows, they can be tempered back up to their original quality. A significant benefit of blacksmithing is that the effectiveness rate is determined by it. The item system in the game could use some more realism thanks to this.

Creature Resistance Tweaks

Combat is rather bland with vanilla Skyrim monsters. Since they are all affected by the same criteria and multipliers. Fighting monsters is made more interesting by having them imbued with resistances to specific attacks thanks to Creature Resistance Tweaks. These make battles more exciting.

Flame Atrons, for example, will be 100% fire-resistant. Frost damage will however be 20% more likely. Hargraves are magic-resistant. Poison-resistant gargoyles will also be available. As a result, players who want to experiment with their tactics will have an extra level of challenge.

Enderal: Forgotten Stories (Special Edition)

It’s a totally new world because of this conversion. Skyrim is very much a part of it. This will include new dungeons, quests, and monsters as well as fully voiced NPCs. 

There have also been some tweaks to Skyrim. You can now enjoy a brand-new custom storyline. It comes with a bunch of new adventures that should be extremely challenging.

Realistic Survival Mechanics (Needs and Diseases Mod)

It is only natural that modders have added survival mechanics to Skyrim, with the popularity of survival games on the rise. Having Needs and Diseases installed will allow players to play the game in a more realistic way. During sleep, hunger, and thirst as well as other physical activities.

Despite its simplicity, this mod is quite hardcore. Even if players fail to properly care for their characters, they can expect to face consequences. 

They can contract diseases that will adversely affect their health. On the other hand, staying in good health can benefit your character. For instance, you will be able to regenerate stamina faster.

TDG’s Lower Experience Gain – Enhanced Edition

Players level up too quickly in Skyrim. This takes away from the fun. To remedy this, TDG’s Reduced Experience Gain is a great solution. Each XP source is reduced to 25% of its original rate. In other words, character progression will be slower and more realistic.

The mod is particularly useful for players who enjoy installing content add-ons like Beyond Skyrim. The player’s XP rate can be slowed down, allowing the player to go through the Dragonborn stage more realistically


A mod has recently been released that adds some realism dynamics to Skyrim that allows players to bring their followers along in their adventures. Followers who take too many hits are inexplicably healed after taking StayDown. There are several games that seem to have inspired this move. The players must revive their comrades personally so they can continue fighting.

The mod works exactly that way. This mod plays with a variety of settings in the game to simulate the death of a follower. It then requires you to help them back up. The healing factor has been removed.

Cutting Room Floor

In another huge mod from Arthmoor, a lot of content that existed in SSE’s game files is restored to the game. It has brought back a number of locations, NPCs, dialogue, quests, and items. As a result, Skyrim is more complete.

More Challenging Combat (Duel Combat Realism)

The idea of penetrating an enemy’s camp is very fun, but it’s not very realistic of how a battle would play out. Through the Duel Combat Realism mod, the AI and combat maneuvers of enemies become more realistic. 

There is a greater emphasis on managing stamina. Depending on your opponent’s location and behavior, players would need to block and strike as needed.

Armor is also far more effective in this MOD than in the original. The shields are also much more powerful. A group of enemies will attack differently than a group of individuals since they’re smarter. To make sneaking around enemy camps more difficult, stealth has been reworked. This allows for more strategic options.

Helmet Overlays – Improved 1st Person Experience

The unique gameplay mod adds a whole new level of meaning to wearing helmets. Overlays on the helmet provide players with a sense of first-person immersion. The settings vary depending on which helmet a player is wearing.

Things become more realistic this way. On the other hand, combat is also made more difficult. For Skyrim players who enjoy immersing themselves in a fantasy world, this is a perfect choice. But it has its drawbacks, as well. It does not support all helmets. This will hopefully be fixed in future updates.

Essential Favorites

There are some Skyrim players who would like to avoid accidentally selling or destroying their items. As a result, Essential Favorites will protect your favorite categories from unwanted actions. This is ideal if you have found a rare or crafted item. And you don’t want to lose it.

The mod prohibits the sale, disenchantment, and dropping of favorited items during its operation. Regardless of whether it seems necessary. There have been instances when players have accidentally dropped an item. Later discovering this fact. This saves time and frustration.

Live a Different Life (Alternate Start)

You may be considering the Alternate Start mod if you’ve already completed the main storyline and want something new. During the game, you are placed in the shoes of different characters who all have their own stories.

You have the option of becoming a farmer, a shipwrecked survivor, among other options. It is still possible to customize the appearance of the character. In addition, you can switch off your Dovahkiin abilities via mods if you wish. For players in search of an exciting new adventure in a familiar setting, this is an excellent option.

The Asteria Dwemer Airship

Asteria is a particularly nice home mod, but there are others for different tastes. It has a flying ship with crafting tables and storage is equipped with all mod cons. 

The docking station is fixed and can’t be moved. Although it does have teleporters in the event a fast-travel alternative is desired. Flyable skyships can be found in the Dev Aveza.

Enderal: The Shards of Order

Our list contains several mods that overhaul and adjust the user experience to major degrees. Some of these also enhance gameplay and combat systems. Others are geared toward improving audio quality.

With its own compelling story in a world of comparable scope, Enderal will appeal to users accustomed to the depth of the Skyrim campaign and DLCs. This game has become so popular that the team has even released a DLC titled Forgotten Stories.

Mods like this, which provide an additional 100 hours of playtime, were among the first and most popular mods available upon the release of Skyrim.

Realistic Water Two

Taking inspiration from some earlier water mods, Realistic Water Two expands on them. Streams flow faster, ice chunks are bobbing, ripples are bigger, splashes are larger and re-textured foam is added. 

The water in dungeons can look murky and stagnant. This is a perfect tool for taking realistic screenshots.

EMILI – Skyrim Immersion Series AIO

Mod author DrPharmDawg put together this all-in-one compilation of mods aimed at making the gameplay better and more fluid. Eve, Lora, and Iris are among the five cores of the main mod. Each plays a different role in the game.

The in-game economy fluctuates in Eve to ensure better balance and realism. For vanilla situations, Mia replaces the text notifications. NPC interactions are handled by Inez in a more rational way. 

A new leveled list for loot in containers and chests is introduced by Lora. As an additional bonus, Iris logically evaluates what items should be left behind as it reduces cell clutter.

UFO: Ultimate Follower Overhaul

One of the most popular mods that updates follower content is this one. The mod introduces a whole new pack of companions. Furthermore, UFO provides new options for managing the behavior and actions of your followers in addition to integrating new characters. In the official Dawnguard expansion, your companions can even become vampires or werewolves.

When UFO was first released for the Skyrim classic, it became immensely popular. It then suddenly appeared in Skyrim: SE in late 2019. 

This version has the advantage of being able to be played in a variety of languages. Various versions are available in French, Japanese, and Polish, among other languages.

Quick Loot RE

Fans of Fallout 4 are familiar with the convenience of simply hovering over bodies and containers. From there, they can pick any item they want. This is similar to Quick Loot RE in Skyrim. Just like FO4’s version, it works flawlessly.

In order to be fully compatible with Skyrim’s newest updates, it’s crucial that players use Quick Loot RE instead of Quick Loot SE. If you use Quick Loot SE, you may experience issues.

Build and Defend an Outpost (Tundra Defense)

Even the sometimes too demanding quests in Skyrim can be quite entertaining. When enjoying the finer things in life, it may be in your best interest to relax and kickback. Building up your defenses is a good idea.

This mod gives you the ability to create your very own outpost from scratch. In addition to equipping it with various defensive mechanisms, you can hire guards to help protect it.

It is both a tower-defense game and a city-building game, which gives Skyrim an intriguing twist. In addition to placing structures and objects, players are able to recruit citizens to live in the outpost. 

You’ll be able to test your creation in several different ways in different raids. Waves of enemy forces try to invade your outpost, including dragons, giants, and bandits. 

Static Mesh Improvements

As for Skyrim Special Edition, it has plenty of visual enhancements. Low-poly meshes in the original game aren’t improved in the original version. 

Editing thousands of different places using hundreds of 3D models is possible with this mod. For example, you can modify furniture, clutter, or architectural elements. Also, to make the landscape more realistic, you can modify the objects.


Companion mods like this one are especially nice. This is based on the life of YouTuber Shirley Curry, a popular octogenarian. This Shirley companion features Curry’s likeness and was created by fans. Shirley from Tamriel has a suitable lore-appropriate backstory as well. 

After completing her recruitment quest, Shirley will fight as your side’s barbarian warrior alongside you. Curry prefers to use this style of combat. In Curry’s new video series, you can see the beginning of her experiments with the mod. 

Become a King (High King of Skyrim)

There is only one thing left to do after you’ve seen everything the game has to offer, and that is to completely break it. Skyrim can be altered in many ways, and there are a lot of options available for doing so. 

Become High King of Skyrim is one of our personal favorites. As the high king, you will rule over all the lands in the game. A couple of requirements must be fulfilled, namely eliminating Ulfric and Elisif.

If you would prefer to ensure your new position as royalty, you can either get married to them or marry one of them. As soon as you grab the throne, people will dance for you. If you wish, you can jail them, enslave them, and take everything they own. Besides that, you can even command an entire army of them.

However, several of these actions can affect essential quests. So, the mod should not be installed until after you have completed the game.

Final Words

If you are searching for Skyrim mods 2022 then you will get many different options. We have an excellent list of mods that you should check out. These are still regularly updated. You can even follow their social media networks.

Players who are dedicated to the game will be happy to know that Skyrim modding still remains an active area. Although the game’s sequel has not yet been released, modding interest has not diminished. 

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