15 Best Nova Launcher Themes, Setups & Icon Packs

When it comes to custom android launchers, Nova Launcher is one of the best ones around. So it makes perfect sense that you would want the best nova launcher themes, setups and icon packs to fully customize the already beautiful looking launcher. Thankfully, there are multiple great Nova Launcher icon packs available that not only drastically change how the launcher looks but also allow you to set up a theme that suits your needs.

A point to be noted here is that when we say themes and setups, we generally mean I can packs that come with additional wallpapers and a specific color scheme. So basically you’ll be just installing and icon pack, setting up the wallpapers that came bundled with it and manually change the overall color scheme of Nova Launcher. It may seem like a long process, but it hardly takes around 2 minutes to do so. Personally, I’ve been using Nova Launcher Prime for over 4 years now and have used countless different icon packs.

Note: A big issue with using Nova Launcher themes and icon packs is that there is absolutely no way to cover all apps when it comes to designing custom icons. So only mainstream apps that are already established have custom icons available. If you’re using a relatively new app or an obscure one, chances are the icon pack may not support it. There are several workarounds you can use to eliminate those misplaced icons, however, this process can take a lot of time depending on how many app icons you need to replace.

Now that we have established what Nova Launcher themes, setups & icon packs represent, let’s start checking out the best Nova Launcher icon packs of 2021.


CandyCons stand out simply because it follows Google’s material design and it looks fabulous with Nova Launcher’s simplistic interface. By cons are all designed according to the color palette that comes with Google material design guidelines. Each icon is made with great attention to detail and looks phenomenal. The Nova Launcher icon pack comes with 1070 icons as well as different color variants for some apps. There are also 20 different wallpapers that come with the pack and they complement the icons really well.


Polycon comes with 800 different vector icons that scale incredibly well on any screen size as well as resolution. There also custom folder icons, custom app drawer icons and a server-based icon requesting system. It also follows Google’s material design iconography and looks phenomenal any wallpaper. You can set up Nova Launcher’s custom theme color to anything and the icons will look great with it. There is also a custom dashboard design that allows for more customization. However, the developers have moved on to another project so you won’t be able to request more icons but the included ones are up to date and look phenomenal.


Material design is in all the rage these days and there is a good reason behind that. Not only the design looks really good but also goes amazingly well with a number of different wallpapers. The color palette and shadows are all expertly crafted and the icons look interesting and colorful. There are more than 920 icons available on this icon pack for Nova Launcher. However, you can also get more than 70 wallpapers that not only look amazing but also help you build a perfect looking Nova Launcher theme that suits your needs perfectly. You’ll also get dynamic calendars, an option to request more icons and even steady and regular updates.


Sometimes all you need is a simple icon that goes well with almost anything you can pair it with. Lines is exactly what the name implies, the icons are made of lines that are elegant and beautiful to look at. I’ve been personally using this for almost 6 months and completely love its design. It is a minimalistic look that goes extremely well with a black and white theme. Of course, you can pair it with almost anything because simple looking minimalistic icons are almost magic when it comes to pairing up. Red and white, blue and white, and even purple and white will work perfectly well. There also hundred plus wallpapers available for you to choose from so the choices are plentiful.


Viral has a retro look going on with beautifully designed dark styled icons. The expertly designed icons with beautifully placed shadows give them an amazing look, it is certainly something different from other material designs we have seen so far. The icon pack is capable of automatically applying itself to your favorite launcher, and this case Nova Launcher without any problems. The package also comes with over 200 matching wallpapers that really make the icons pop. There also alternate icons available for you to use with new colors and different styles.


If you’re a fan of Samsung’s user interface and want to get their icons on your smartphone, then this icon pack is made just for you. It simply lifts the TouchWiz UI icons that are available on the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphones and bring them to Nova Launcher. The rounded icons look good but they cannot be used in a color centric theme because they’re all of very different colors. So if you have a particular Nova Launcher theme in mind, this icon pack can be a little unrelenting in terms of different colors used. Apart from that, icons are beautifully designed and have a unique polish to them.

Pix UI Icon Pack

Pix UI Icon Pack has a ton of different icons, as a matter of fact, it has more than any other icon pack on the list. There are more than 6900 icons available on this icon pack. All of them come with a uniform flat icon design that looks really well on almost any wallpaper. The icon resolution is 192 x 192 pixels and they all scale really well depending on the resolution and screen size. The package also sorts icons in different categories so you can easily search and preview them. If you also want to have matching widgets, you can do so by installing an add-on called Another Widget from the Google Play Store. This will further enhance the look of the whole set up.

Delta Icon Pack

The Delta icon pack comes with more than 1400 different icons that are handcrafted. All of them look remarkable and the design is kept simplistic. The icons are a little bit smaller than other packages we have tested and if you are going for a simplistic and low-key look for your android home screen, then this icon pack is certainly a great one to choose. The flat design of the icons give them a polished look and a little bit of a retro flavor, however, they are all colored differently so using this icon pack with a certain color theme can be a little difficult.


With over 1400 icons available, Aris icon pack is a great package install for your customization needs. The icons are big and bold and follow a uniquely stylish design throughout. There also future proof thanks to their bigger resolution of 220 x 220 pixels, the can look equally well on full HD as well as 4K resolution displays. There are also dynamic calendar icons, a quick search icon tool and told different wallpapers to choose from. The developers also provide frequent updates with new icons added regularly. Overall the icon pack has a larger-than-life look that will suit tablets a lot.


Glim casts long shadows that are stuffed in nature, just like a candle or a lantern would do. However, the icons themselves use a color palette that is recommended by Google’s material design so all of them look vibrant and lively. Each icon is kept deliberately simple so it really easy to recognize your favorite apps without even showing their name. Each icon comes with its own custom shape so all of them look different from each other. There is dynamic calendar support, dock support, and a search feature to let you find the icons you’re looking for with ease.


If you’re looking for a material design and flat icon pack for Nova Launcher, then PINN is the one made just for you. The circular design of the icons combined with the strongly vibrant colors, give the icon pack a unique look. The individual elements in the icon pack also passed long shadows on the colorful icon background, this really looks remarkable when paired with a minimalistic wallpaper. The flat nature of the icons allow you to mix and match them to any wallpaper you choose, but we highly recommend that you go with a minimalistic and artistic background.


Sometimes all you need are white colored icons to go with your whole Nova Launcher theme and this icon pack provides you with just that. The icons are all white with absolutely no other color in sight. These icons are all also designed really well so they look remarkable. There are also more than 5000 icons so you will be spoiled with choice here. Even if your favorite app is not supported, you can replace the icon with ease. The developers also provide frequent updates to the icons so more are added regularly.

Mond Icon Pack

There are more than 2000 icons in Mond Icon Pack, yes that’s not a lot but most of the popular apps are covered. The icons are big, with rounded corners and look really great. One good thing I noticed about the icon pack is that the unsupported icons are also shaped the same, making the overall look very uniform. This is a huge plus for someone who values symmetry and don’t want mismatched icons all over their home screen and app drawer. Mond Icon Pack is a solid choice for those who love rounded corners on their square icons.


Do you like that crumpled paper look? We even if you don’t you will appreciate the unique style on the icons in this pack. The icons all look beautiful and go really well with almost any wallpaper. However, we really recommend that you go with the paper based wallpapers that come with the icon pack itself. That gives a great overall look to your Nova Launcher home screen. Personally I’ll be using this Nova Launcher theme for at least a month, it’s really pretty and makes my home screen actually look like it’s made out of paper.

Pangpang Icon Pack

Pangpang is a relatively new I can back so it doesn’t come with a lot of different icons. With only around 500 icons under its belt, the icon pack falls short of providing you with a ton of different options. However, most of the mainstream apps are supported well and auto icons look amazing. There also 6 different wallpapers that go with the overall theme of the icon pack and when you combine them both, you have a very distinctive looking feel to your home screen.


These were some of the best Nova Launcher themes, setups and icon packs of 2018. I’m sure you’ll find something to your liking in here and really have fun with them. Of course there are hundreds of more icon packs on the Google Play store and there is a chance I might have missed them myself. So if you come across an icon pack that’s epic, do tell me about it by dropping a comment below. All of us here love to hear from the readers, especially those who have something awesome to share.

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