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Local Multiplayer Games

There are now a thousands of games that support actual multiplayer play. Mobile Gaming is among the fastest growing industries in the world. Mobile gaming has brought a big revolution in the gaming industry, especially the Real-Time multiplayer games. So let’s check out such. If you’re looking for the best Android multiplayer games to play with your friends, here is our listing of best multiplayer games that works with internet, Wi-Fi or even Bluetooth, and can be downloaded for free on your Android phone or tablet.

However, these are the games I would suggest you to try classified on genre basis.

1. Doodle Army: Mini Militia

Downloads – 10 Million
Mini-Militia is a 2D shooter game available for Android as well as iOS devices. First, it was launched in the iOS device and later on Android device. It was listed as one of the topmost game in Indian Apple store.


Once you get into the app you will be trained as a candidate by a trainer named Sarge. He will help you with basic movements, control, weapon usage and aim the target robots.


In this mode, you will be brought in the battlefield to attack the weaponized robots. Sarge will help you during this battle. You can beat the best you can in 3 lives during this entire survival mode.

Multiplayer mode

  • This is the real fun mode in which you can form a local area network(LAN) and play with friends around you. You can form a team 6 vs 6 and beat your enemies to win the game. Choose whichever map you want to battle and set the time. It supports a maximum of 12 players.
  • You can even play it online with the strangers and boost your XP which will help you to gain points and buy necessary items from the store. Here you will be given to opt 3 maps in which you can vote as per your wish and the maximum voted map will be chosen and the time will be automatically set. It supports a maximum of 6 players.


  1. Deathmatch- In this you have to kill your opponents to get the maximum points for the team.In a simple way here winning or losing depends on the number of opponents the team kills. The team which scores the most wins the game. Or if you are playing without a team, the player who scores the most wins the game.
  2. Capture the flag- This must be played as a team. Two flags will be present in opposite ends of the map. Team A should defend their flag as well as go to the Team B’s end, grab their flag and hoist it back to their end i.e TeamA’s end. Hence a point will be scored by Team A. This makes the game more exciting between the two ends. Here winning doesn’t matter the number of deaths but the number of times the flag is brought from one end to another.


Make your own avatar by editing some parts like eyebrows, eyelids, beard, mustache etc on the selected avatar of your own choice and look like a perfect militant.


By playing online you can gain some points and increase your XP. Using those points you can buy extra items from the store ex: extra grenade, boost health, boost jetpack, accuracy, laser sight, faster reload, melee etc


  • If you have a low-level gun and an enemy comes to attack, crouch and aim to hit. This crouching will help you to defend yourself i.e the enemy will not be able to hit you straight away. Even you can defend from a grenade by doing so.
  • If you are holding a gun and you are short of life don’t rush to attack, instead crouch and wait for few seconds until the life boosts at least half of it. Same holds with the jetpack.
  • If you think you cant stand in front of your enemy for longer throw a grenade this might help you to gain a point even if you die.
  • For the faster movement use melee(hand).

Tips with respect to weapons

  • Sniper– This is the best weapon for a long-range shooting. It has 7X zoom and kills in one strike. So firstly settle somewhere preferably on the top and wait for your enemies. As soon as you see the enemy hit a headshot.
  • Bazooka– This causes a massive area destruction.It has 6X zoom so settle in a place and aim. It takes more time to reload. If you miss 3 shots then you will be in trouble so keep a backup gun as well.
  • Shotgun-This weapon shoots 4 bullets at a time but has a small range, so keep a long ranged weapon as a backup. Don’t go to hit the enemy if he is far from you. You should be fast while using this gun with good instincts. Strike as soon as the enemy comes near you in one shot.
  • Guard- No bullets can pass through a guard. Face the guard towards the attacker and fire. A bazooka can be a problem for a guard but crouching will help you with a little life.
  • Proxy mine-Plant this mine in the spawning area or if there is a place where you feel the enemy will be quick. Once the enemy comes close to this mine, it will activate and explode.
  • Magnum– Double Magnum power is almost equal to a shotgun. Two bullets are enough to kill the enemy.
  • Uzi- Double the Uzi and you can just go on killing the enemies one by one provided you have some tricks to do so.

2. Bomb Squad

[appbox googleplay net.froemling.bombsquad]
Bomb squad is a game where there is a volley of bombs. It is available both on Android as well as iOS devices. This game is played by many people and becomes quite interesting when played with friends by connecting with a local area network(LAN).
Single player/Co-op
In this section, you have to face the challenge to proceed to the next one. Challenges like Onslaught Training, Rookie Onslaught, Rookie Football, Pro Runaround and few more to reach the Last Stand. Each challenge will consist of 5 waves. As the wave increases, simultaneously difficulty level increases.


Here is the real fun where you get to play with your friends by connecting LAN. You can choose 2 to 8 players. Teams will be partitioned as Blue and Red. This area consists of game like capture the flag, hockey, slow-motion effects which are really fun to play and many more. You can shuffle the order of the playing arena before the game starts.


This is also similar to the previous one ‘Teams’. You can choose 2-8 players. Teams will be partitioned as Blue and Red. This area consists of Deathmatch, Relay and many more. The final will be Epic.


You can buy an avatar of your choice provided you have the required amount of tickets to buy it. Tickets can be earned by playing in a tournament.

Skills of a bomber(You)

1. Bomb – A bomber should know how to bomb at a right angle. This angling of bomb comes from practice. Some boxes of bombs will be provided to you. You gotta be quick and get those boxes in order to get a good bomb.
Types of bomb and boxes available & tips on how to use it:-

  • Black bomb- This acts as a default bomb. It causes less damage to the opponent.
  • Green bomb- This bomb acts like a jelly. Once you hit it on the enemy the bomb just sticks and blow up in seconds. It causes more damage.
  • Mine- You can place this bomb anywhere you want. If the enemy mistakenly walks on it he will be blown up. Plant this in the narrow path. If it is a wide one just spread it all over.
  •  Instant exploder – This bomb explodes once it touches something. You gotta hit this bomb exactly on the enemies head.
  • Boxing Gloves- This causes more damage once you punch hard on the enemy. Take a good run-up before punching, this will almost lower the opponent’s life.
  •  Shield box – This circular shield will protect you from the punch as well as the bomb. This shield will last for 6-7 seconds provided the opponent won’t hit you continuously. Once you get the shield just go and hit straight away.
  • Life – A first aid box will help you to heal.

2.   Throw- If there is an open area on the map you can go close to the opponent, lift him up and throw him outside the arena.
3.  Run – Press and hold the run button while running. This will help you to run faster.
4.  Punch – When an opponent comes close to you hit him by pressing the punch option provided. A punch with a punching box causes a massive damage.

Multiplayer Games Played on the Same device


1. Chain Reaction

[appbox googleplay com.BuddyMattEnt.ChainReaction]
A chain reaction is a combinatorial game developed by Buddy- Matt for Android devices. It is a strategy game for 2-8 players. The main objective of this game is to eliminate all the opponents’ orbs and take over the board. It is an unpredictable game wherein you will not be able to predict which teams going to win.
How and when does the Chain Reaction form?

  • The commonly used board is of a 9X6 matrix.
  • The chain reaction works on something called critical mass. This critical mass is equal to a number of orthogonally adjacent cells.
  • The cells are initially empty. Players will be distinguished according to the color they select. They take it in turns to place the orb.
  • A player(red) can place an orb anywhere in the cell or on the orbs containing one or more red orbs, except on the place where another(green) orb is already placed.
  • The critical mass at the corner is 2, edges are 3 and 4 for the rest of the cell.
  • Once the orb reaches critical mass, it explodes sideways. i.e if the red reaches the critical mass and explodes and it has a green orb next to it, the green orb changes to red. And if the green has 3 orbs and red orb explodes, the red orb replaces the green orb resulting in another reaction.
  • Similarly, the reaction goes on till there is a possibility of exploding the (red)orbs. Same holds for rest of the colors.
  • You cannot predict which team is going to win in the middle of the game. It all depends on how you form the orb.

Pro tip:
Never give your opponent the chance to place an orb at the corner. Since the orb at the corner has less critical mass.

2. Ludo

“Ludo” this game flashes the memories of our childhood.  Ludo is popular throughout the ages, varying some change in game structure. This game was published by Gamotronix, a gaming company. It supports Windows, Android, and iOS platforms and even in the online multiplayer mode. The main objective of this game is that the four tokens must make a full turn and reach the finish line. It is played by family, friends, and kids.
This game can be played using Local Multiplayer, Online Multiplayer, with Friends and Computer
1. Computer -Number of players to be selected – 2p or 4p
2. Local Multiplayer – Number of players to be selected – 2p, 3p, 4p, 5p or 6p
Here you can play the game on the same device by choosing different colors.
3. Online Multiplayer – Number of players to be selected – 2p or 4p
Here you can play the game online. You have to invest some coins for the entry. Once you win you get more!
4. Play with Friends
Here you can play in two or more different devices. One player needs to create and share a room via any messenger apps or by sending the 8 digit code provided on creating a private room and then another just needs to join it through the sent link.  You can also invite Facebook Friends to join the room.


  • This game is played by 2-6 players. Each player is given 4 tokens and a die to roll. Each move is played based on number decided by casting a six-sided die.
  • A six needs to be rolled in order to initiate the tokens move. Same holds with the other tokens. Once the token comes out of the home, another chance is given to roll the die.
  • The competition factor of the game is upped by a fact that if you place your token on the place where already a opponents token is present, the opponent goes back to home and should restart with it by casting a six on the die.
  • There will be four stars on the entire board. If you place your token on that star you will be safe.
  • Continuously getting three times ‘six’ on the die will lead you to nothing i.e you will not be allowed to move any of your tokens.
  • Once you reach the colored path you will be safe and near to the finish line. If one token goes inside the finish line another chance is given to roll the die.
  • The person who makes all the tokens enter the finish line will be the winner of the game.


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