Best 11 Tinder Tips For Guys 2022: Get More Matches

Are you unable to get a single response on Tinder? Then don’t worry, Just read these 11 Tinder tips for guys and you will definitely get a good match!

On an app like Tinder, where 75 million monthly users are available. You can get pretty girls or maybe your soulmate easily! But this is only possible if you have the right approach and an attractive profile. 

The environment online is completely different and your profile matters a lot! Your online appearance and your way of approaching someone decide whether you are getting a date or not! 

Many guys don’t know how to approach a woman. To help these guys, we have created this blog.

We have studied the most common mistakes of guys on Tinder and based on that, we have gathered these Tinder tips for guys.

Let’s dive into the tips!

1. Write a Simple Yet Effective Bio!

The first and the most important thing on a Tinder profile is the BIO. A bio can make or ruin your first impression!

Many guys write boring bios like I am This and I do this and I am an engineer etc. Nobody wants to know about that! It is not a job resume, take a chill.

Your Tinder bio should be simple and attractive. It should be fun and it should catch their attention. If you don’t know how to write a Tinder bio, I recommend you to use a Tinder bio from our blog on the best 100 tinder bios for guys.

2. Never Make Your Bio Long

If you are not writing a boring bio, but it is very long like an essay. Then you are not getting any girls! Because it is not very smart to put an essay in front of a girl you want to date. No body wants to read that 2 page essay on yourself! Keep your bio short and simple.

 Writing a short and effective bio can be difficult but it’s definitely worth it!

3. Look Friendly

The first thing that will make girls read your bio is how friendly you look. So, even before you write an effective bio, you must have a friendly picture of yours on your profile. Don’t put your pictures with a straight face on Tinder, that will never get you a girl! Use pictures where you look friendly and approachable. Psychologically a person looks more friendly and approachable when he/she smiles.

You should use different pictures of yourself, with different poses and style. You should take your pictures like you are a model! But don’t be too self-conscious. Just click a nice picture with a smile on your face!

4. Use High-Quality Images

Images play a very important role in a person’s Tinder profile. Using images with complete sh*t quality will have a negative impact on your profile and the chances of getting a match will also decrease! 

So, The next tip is to use high-quality pictures on your Tinder profile. I am not saying that the pictures should be crystal clear and top-notch studio quality, but they should have decent quality. 

If you have a camera at home then that’s great, but if not, you can do a paid photoshoot! Or maybe a free by your buddy:) 

5. Do Meaningful Conversations

Using pick-up lines and flirting with a girl will give you a start but it will also limit you. This way you will never find a true partner for yourself!

So, you should start doing meaningful conversations after the pick-up line. You should try to know the other person’s perspective. This will help you to decide and understand whether you are a good match or not!

6. Use Emojis (But don’t spam!)

The next tip is effective but it can be annoying sometimes. Using emojis can help you express your feelings better. But overdoing it will not get you anything. You should use emojis if they are relevant to what you are talking about.

The use of emoticons enhances the total experience of the chat.

7. Be Clear

The next tip is to always be CLEAR. You should know why are you on Tinder and what do you want? Do you want a long-term relationship? Or are you there for just a hook-up? 

You can not look for a Hook-up girl and a relationship girl at the same time! Clearing these things out will help you to find a good match for you!

8. Take things Light-heartedly!

This is the most important tip, take things light-heartedly! You must understand that if a person doesn’t want a relationship with you and things don’t work out, then this is not the end of the world! Maybe you were not the right match. Move on and always prefer yourself to others!

Don’t let anything depress you, you were here for fun. Right?

9. Never Force Someone!

The next tip is both for Tinder and normal relationships. Never force someone into a relationship! Otherwise, things can go really bad. You should always focus on developing a healthy bond between you and your partner. If you messaged a girl and she doesn’t want you, that’s fine! Just move on.

Remember, Forcing people into a relationship will only develop a toxic relationship!

10. Keep It Real!

The next tip is to keep it real! You should never lie about yourself and your life, because lie is the start of a toxic relationship. You should always be real and try to find someone who likes YOU, rather than your fake online personality. Never lie about yourself and your financial condition and how many cars you have etc. 

Believe me, Girls like real guys!

11. Never Use Cheesy Pickup Lines!

Are you doing the same mistake as the millions of other Tinder users do? Are you also using cheesy pick-up lines? If yes, then you must stop that! 

Girls now are very progressive and don’t like words like “My Princess” at the start of a conversation or a pick-up line, some may like it but the majority don’t. 

To get the attention, You should think of catchy pick-up lines that are not cheesy!

The 11 tinder tips for guys end here! I hope these tips are helpful for you and you liked them.

Final Thoughts

On a final note, dating should be healthy and not toxic at all. Both sides should enjoy it. The above-mentioned tips are for every guy on Tinder who wants to start a healthy relationship. These tips are important and will make your Tinder journey memorable. Make sure you are having fun and making your partner feel comfortable. Happy Dating!

Lastly, I hope you liked our blog on 11 Tinder tips for guys. If you have any other tips, then share them with us!

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