Avoid Madness from Frenzy-Flame Tower in Elden Ring

Among the status effects in Elden Ring, Madness is the one that gives players the most amount of trouble. Madness builds up over time and is indicated by a yellow bar shown on the screen. Once the bar fills up it does 100+15% damage equal to the max health of the player as well as causes a 30+10% loss to the player’s FP, while being accompanied by a 5-second animation which leaves you vulnerable to all attacks.

If you keep getting hit by madness, then it means certain death for you in Elden Ring since the loss of HP and FP can cause major backlash on your attack patterns while the animation allows the enemy to prepare any attack they have, further increasing the damage output.

How to Avoid the Madness at Frenzy Flaming Tower

In this guide, we will help you avoid madness from the Frenzy-Flame Tower in Elden Ring.

Moving Behind Rocks

One way and the simplest way to completely stop the madness from building up is to move behind rocks. On your way to the Frenzy-Flame Tower, you will find huge rock formations, you can hide behind them to stay out of the Frenzy-Flame Tower’s line of sight and stop the accumulation of madness for that time. This method does force you to carefully plan your route but once you get to the tower, the roof will block the effects of madness.

Killing The Clerics

The source of madness caused by the Frenzy-Flame Tower is a spell being cast by clerics on top of the tower. Once you reach the tower’s bottom, you should climb it and stop just before moving to the roof since you will have to time your attack such that you are not affected too soon. As soon as you climb to the top of the tower, kill all the clerics present there. This will lift the madness spell they were casting, and you will no longer need to worry about accumulating madness from the tower.

Using Spells to Avoid Madness

Madness, unfortunately, is not limited to the Frenzy-Flame Tower and increases the difficulty of the game when encountered so a good measure against it would be to prepare spells that decrease its effectiveness.

Sadly, there is only one spell that can do so and that is Lucidity. It requires 17 intelligence to learn and 1 memory slot, and 10 FP to cast. It helps diminish the accumulation of madness but does not mitigate it completely so you will need to keep an eye on the bar to avoid it filling up in an unfavorable situation.

Avoiding Madness by Using Items

If you are worried about the FP cost and the 1 memory slot consumed by the Lucidity spell, then you can use an item that has a similar effect called the Clarifying Boluses.

Clarifying Boluses can be found in Leyndell on a platform, or over some gravestones that can be found northwest of Deeproot Depths. Players can also craft the Clarifying Boluses which require some items. These include Frenzied’s Cookbook, Dewkissed Herba x2, Crystal Cave Moss x1, and Eye of Yelogh x1.


How to mitigate madness completely in Elden Ring?

As of now, there is no way to completely mitigate madness in Elden Ring. There are items and spells that help lessen its accumulation but do not grant you complete immunity to it. You can, in some cases such as the tower, get rid of the sources of madness themselves though.

Where is the Howl of Shabriri incantation?

Most people go to the Frenzy-Flame Tower to find the incantation called Howl of Shabriri. After you kill the clerics and stop the spell, you can leisurely go down to a lower floor to find the incantation inside a chest.

Which stat to invest in to avoid madness in Elden Ring?

Although the effects of madness will not be lifted, you can invest in the Mind attribute which in turn increases the Focus stat. This will help slow down the build-up of madness granting you a larger window of opportunity, especially during battles.


Madness is a troublesome status effect caused by many bosses, locations, weapons, and items in Elden Ring causing huge amounts of damage to the player’s HP and FP while also opening a 5-second window of vulnerability. All of this can be quite vexing for players and one of such locations is the Frenzy-Flame Tower. In this blog, we have discussed how players can avoid madness from the Frenzy-Flame Tower while approaching it. If this guide proved to be useful then do let us know in the comments below.

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