Aura Kingdom 2 Classes Guide & List 2022

There are main four classes available in the Aura Kingdom 2 game. Namely, Dragoon, Shinobi, Elementalist, and Nymph.

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Aura Kingdom 2 Classes list

There are four main classes are in the Aura Kingdom 2 game. Below the list of all classes.

  • Dragoon
  • Shinobi
  • Elementalist
  • Nymph

Aura Kingdom 2 Classes Guide


Dragon is one melee class and tank in the Aura Kingdom 2 game. Below the pros and cons of the dragon class.

Pros of Dragon class are

  • Best tank In the game
  • Good damage and attacker
  • Can counter attack
  • Good for PvE
  • Pull Hatred
  • Best HP Class

Cons of Dragon class are

  • Slow animation while using skills
  • Avg. PvP
  • Very close range


Shinobi is one DPS Class in the Aura Kingdom 2 game. Also, the top assassin master in poison and sword.

Pros of Shinobi class are

  • High damage output
  • Best DPS in the game
  • Best critical
  • Good for PvP and PvE Both!
  • The best dealer
  • Best for bossing

Cons of Shinobi class are

  • Close Range
  • Defense is low
  • Skill short range
  • Bad AoE


Elementalist is one best class for PvP and as well as PvE gameplaying. He is one RANGED class in the Aura Kingdom 2 game.

Pros of Elementalist class are

  • Best control(stun)
  • Best on Guildwar fight
  • Can heal HP of teammates
  • Best long rang
  • Skills can heal own HP
  • Best PvP(Early game)
  • Best PvE (late game)

Cons of Elementalist class are

  • Damage low compare to other classes
  • Average PvP(Late Game)


Nymph is one ranged DPS class in the Aura Kingdom 2 game. He is one best attacker and critical in this game.

Pros of Nymph class are

  • Best attacker & critical
  • Best Agility
  • Longrange
  • Best PvP and the guild wars

Cons of Nymph class are

  • Damage can’t compare to Shinobi
  • Can’t tank as Dragon
  • Stats must based on  Eidolon Buff

So this is just the guide on the Aura Kingdom 2 classes and the pros and cons of each class. Hope you enjoy and get the best information from this guide. If you have still any questions on your mind, drop your comment on the comment box.

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