Ark Valguero Cave Locations, Find Caves, Best Base Spots Guide

The ARK: Survival Evolved server is now live, and you can play Valguero. Here is a guide to Valguero Cave Locations to help you find the best base spot in Valguero, where you have the opportunity to explore several caves scattered around the map. 

A couple of caves worth exploring are hidden within the area of the map. You might be interested in establishing the best base that will allow you to begin gathering resources.

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Valguero Cave Locations

Below you will find some of the best Valguero Cave Locations to visit.

1. Red Obelisk Cave (82, 25)

Red Obelisk Cave (82, 25)

If you are a solo player or want to get some rest, this is an excellent cave to lay low in. This may prove beneficial if you do not need a large amount of space and want to upgrade your location in the future.

2. Wyvern Trenches (07, 77)

Building it as a base may not be appropriate here. It is, however, a great spot to increase the number of eggs and nests in the cave. You can move northeast from this location if you wish to hunt a Wyvern.

3. The Tripple Waterfall Cave (33,10)

The cave has waterfalls all around it, as its name implies. There are three waterfalls at the main entrance. This cave is located at 33, 10.

Because open spaces and many entrances surround this location, it is not a very good location compared to the rest. You also take 6 times as much damage because it is a cave. Therefore, it isn’t easy to defend.

4. Cave Within A Cave (33, 10)

This cave can be found to the west of the map. The entrance is through one of the smaller waterfalls at the base or the middle of the waterfall. 

Upon entering, you will be surprised by the amount of space available. Be sure to guard these paths well. Breeding is possible in the open area. Within the cave is also a cave underwater. Due to this, you can tame marine life easily.

5. Spider Cave (73, 40)

The cave is much bigger and is close to several resources, so you should check it out if you want a bigger cave. The paths wind on and on in multiple directions forever.

You will need to visit this cave if you wish to defeat Valguero’s boss. If you plan on diving here, remember to bring scuba gear as well.

6. Aberration Zone Cave (38, 57)

An excellent place to base yourself for a while is the Aberration Zone. Aberration creatures, however, are also available. You cannot do better than Arberration Zone if you enjoy hunting.

7. Cave Near Green Obelisk (48, 76)

Next to the green obelisk is the cave that can be found under the waterfall. The size of this base is one of the largest that can be transferred to the official servers. 48, 76 are its coordinates.

The damage here is six times more as it is a cave. You will need to strategically place the turrets so that only one rocket can damage them.

8. The Mountain Cave (40.5, 89,5)

Base location 40.5, 89.5 is going to be the next one. Bases like this one have only two entrances, and they are some of the largest on the map. Two entrances are present, one on the mountainside and one very narrow one at its summit. 

Waterways and waterfalls can be found inside the base. It is a location that is easy to use to your advantage.

9. Western Cave (60, 10)

You can use it as a temporary home if you’re starting fresh. Great resources are available around here. That can be used to your advantage too.

10. Narrow Cave Network (53, 87)

Taking advantage of this hiding spot will enable you to remain undetected. The tinier cave network will protect you from dinos who may try to eat you alive.

11. Ice Cave (15, 27)

Located in the Ark Valguero, this ice cave also contains a valuable artifact. Make sure you check out Ice Cave if you are considering making it your home for a while.

12. The Oil Cave

There is a lot of oil and minerals in this cave, as its name implies. It is also regarded as one of the best bases by many players. It is located at 48.7, 19.7. The cave is hidden in a crack in the mountain, and you will need to find it.

13. Temple Cave (44, 84)

This is another cave with artifacts. If you want to defeat Valguero, you will need it.

14. Wyvern Trenches (07, 77)

The nests and eggs inside do not make the best location for setting up a base, but you can use them as food. A Wyvern can be found northeast of this location if you are interested in hunting one.

15. The Aberrant Zone (24, 81)

The coordinates of this base are 24, 8.1. This location is known to be the best in Valguero. The spot is located close to the top of the aberration at almost the end of the world border.

Big boulders are hiding the area from all sides, and there are a lot of artifacts. The damage will be six times more in any place you decide to build. 

Due to its high vantage point, flying enemies will not be a threat. Furthermore, there are several cliff platforms on which to build.

16. The Wasteland (32.2, 09.0)

This location looks more barren than the rest of the caves. There are a few waterfalls at this location, so it’s cool. 

Beyond the waterfall, on the left, there is a secret entrance that opens into a large cave filled with many resources. 32.2, 09.0 are its coordinates.

Several swimming pools can be found within this cave, but these pools are not just swimming pools. There are massive interconnected cave structures under the pools that seem to link the entire map together if you dive into them.

Final Words

This article on Valguero Cave Locations teaches you how to locate the best spots to set up your bases and different hidden caves around the map. 

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