All Unusual Hilichurl Locations With Time

Almost every decent game on earth has some Easter eggs, mysterious creatures and some mysterious places. Like any other game, Genshin Impact also has these mysterious creatures called the Unusual Hilichurls.  

These creatures are humanoid shape and can only be found on some unique places at the perfect time. These creatures are harmless until disturbed. Hilichurls attack the players with primogem. 

Many players want to meet the Hilichurls, and I assume that you are one of them! To help you, In this blog we have mentioned all of the locations of Hilichurls with time.  

You can visit these places to meet these mysterious creatures!

Unusual Hilichurl Mondstadt  

Mondstadt is an old city in Genshin Impact, Hilichurls are seen here very often. You can visit the given locations to meet them. 

1. To the Right of Statue of Seven, At the Second Large Tree in Windrise

The first place where you can find Hilichurl is to the right of the statue of seven. You have to go to the statue in the windrise. The exact time is unknown but you can go there in windrise. 

2. To the Left of Statue of Seven, Located First Huge Tree in Windrise 

Now, after the right of the statue of seven, you can go to the left of statue of seven. Once you are there, you will see a Hilichurl taking rest peacefully. You can wake him up if you want, But be careful!

3. The North of Arena, First location in Wolvendom

The next location to find Hilichurl is the north of the arena in the wolvendom waypoint. Just follow the map to Lupus Boreas Arena and you will find Hilichurl there. This location is really precise, so you must follow it carefully.

4. The Arena’s Entrance, Second location in Wolvendom 

There are also some chances that you will meet a Hilichurl at the entrance of the arena. Just follow the map to the entrance. There are usually Hilichurls sleeping or dancing.

5. In the Storm Bearer Mountains, Close to Shrine of Depth 

The next place to find Hilichurl is the storm bearer mountains, outside the shrine of depth. Find the Teleporter of this region and walk some distance to the north of the Teleporter and there you will find a Hilichurl.

6. Northeast of Cape Oath, on the Edge of the Cliff 

The next place is near cape oath. So, Teleport to the northeast of cape oath and go to the edge of the cliff. There you will see a location near water. Go there, an Hilichurl would be waiting for you. Be ready for a fight, if you are going to disturb him!

7. By the Dadupa George Waypoint 

The next location is the Dadupa George waypoint. Go there and climb to the top of the cliff and then look around, you will find a Hilichurl at the tree crossing location.

8. Near Storm terror’s Lair, Southwest of the Archon Statue

To find a Hilichurl, another location is near storm terror’s lair at the centre. Enter the region of statue of seven and go to the stone walkaway. You will find a Hilichurl over there, most probably sleeping.

Unusual Hirichurl in Liyue 

Other than Mondstadt, the other place to find Hilichurl is Liyue. All of the locations in Liyue are mentioned below!  

1. To the East of Teleporter for the Stone Gate  

Go to the waypoint near stone gate and climb the mountain. You can go to the left and climb the smaller cliff and after getting to the top, You will find a Hilichurl there.

2. To the West of Closest Teleporter in Tianqui Valley 

For the next location, Go to the waypoint near Tianqui Valley, after that go to the west side of the waypoint. You will surely see Hilichurls there.

3. To the Mountain Northeast from Liyue Harbour 

The next location is near the waypoint, So Teleport to the waypoint over the mountains and then climb the mountain to meet a Hilichurl.

4. Teleporter to Qingyun Peak 

Go to the waypoint over the mountains and go downwards to the pathway, there you will surely find the Hilichurl. You must visit this location because it is one of the most common places to find this creature.

5. The Qingce Village Flower Fields

Go to the right of Qingce village and then go across the water to flower fields. It is one of the best places to find the Hilichurl.

6. Cuijue Slope in Dafeng Township 

Head to the waypoint south to Cuijue Slope. Go inside and you will see an Hilichurl at the centre point.

7. Mingyun Village Near Seven Statue 

Go to the seven statue near Mingyun village. Fly to the top of the mountains and look around, you will see Hilichurl there. Hilichurls are commonly seen on the top of the mountain.

8. Near the Lingju Pass Teleporter 

To find the next Hilichurl, Go to the waypoint of Lingju pass located on the right side. Then Go inside it and meet the Hilichurl.


Killing a Hilichurl will unlock an achievement “Well That Was Strange” and you will also get 5 primogems. 


These are some of the frequently asked questions about the Hilichurls. 

Are Hilichurl Humans? 

Hilichurls are not exactly humans but they do look like humans. They have a humanoid shape, human-like hands and foots.  

What does the Hilichurl want? 

According to the game, the only thing that Hilichurl wants is the “mita movo lata”. This means that they want fish. 

How can I beat the Unusual Hilichurls? 

You can beat Hilichurls by drowning them in the water or somehow giving them a really hard fall damage


This blog covers all of the locations of Unusual Hilichurls in Genshin Impact. All of them are mentioned above with their time. You can check them out. 

Lastly, I hope you liked this blog. If you know any other locations, please let us know in the comments! 

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