9 Practical Tips For Being A Professional YouTube Video Game Reviewer

You may always take your gaming passion to the next level. And we’re not talking about streaming since there is a myriad of such channels available online. You can become a video game reviewer on YouTube and give your thoughts on whether a game is worth purchasing. Alternatively, you may demonstrate your gameplay and provide comments on the game.

If you’re interested, here are some tips on how to become a professional YouTube video game reviewer.

#1. Choose the right gear 

A lot depends on reliable hardware. You will need good performance equipment not only to run the game, which can be very demanding at times, but also to shoot, edit and upload a video review.

Stock up on a gaming laptop, mic, and external hard drives. Just like any other YouTube blogger, a game reviewer also requires a lot of external hard drives to host all your recorded videos.

And the final step – install basic software: this is a tool to make a screen record on Mac or Windows screen capturer, video editor, and voiceover or voice changing software.

#2. Work on your speech

Be enthusiastic when you comment. A common mistake that many beginners make is that they are either too quiet or too loud. Don’t try to blow your listeners’ eardrums. Your task is to let your audience know that you are seriously passionate about the new or classic game, and you care about what is happening on the screen.

According to statistics, you have only 2.7 seconds to grab the attention of the viewer. So you only have short time to wow the viewer with the content they didn’t see before.

Another factor that people pay attention to is timing. If you post 45 minutes of unedited material as your first video, it’s unlikely people will watch it till the end. Keep your videos short and to the point. Create a theme and finish it off by adding cool effects and transitions in video editing software for beginners.

#3. Don’t make a rundown of the game

If your audience needs a summary, they will go to the game’s Wikipedia page. As a reviewer, you need to balance the game’s pros and cons, explain your overall impressions, and give any interpretation of the material that might help your audience understand the game in a new way. People will come to you if you have strong analysis and a point of view that they can use.

It is crucial to offer background information on the product you are evaluating, but it is also critical to highlight the product.

#4. Find your golden mean in reviewing 

You must strike a balance between being overly verbose and not having enough words. If you’re conducting daily or weekly reviews, make shorter reviews of 3 to 10 minutes, but feel free to experiment with lengthier clips for really passionate gamers.

Another thing is to involve real journalism. Your duty as a reviewer is to examine and remark on features, not merely list them.

#5. Pay attention to the branding

Because there are so many video game reviewers on YouTube, branding is crucial. Choosing a cool and memorable gaming name is not enough.

Branding is how you will differ from other content makers. Some of them have massive audiences that may surpass 100,000 views in a matter of minutes. To be fair, they began small, just like you.

Use them as inspiration while creating your image for the audience, but never copy them. Because the focus of your material is on games, injecting a little personality into your review will help it stand out.

Branding is what makes you recognizable. Serious or funny – it’s up to you how you interact with your audience. Just don’t forget to be a reliable source of game facts.

#6. Don’t pause posting

In a career as a YouTube blogger, it is very important to stick to a schedule. The majority of novice content makers post their videos on a daily basis. This can be time-consuming, particularly if you work alone. You must shoot, edit, and post your own content yourself. You can begin by downloading once every day. Then, if your audience is growing, you might try uploading every other day. 

Either way, uploading videos chaotically might confuse your followers. So use the YouTube upload scheduler. Mark the dates when you plan to upload a completed video game review.

#7. Use your other social media accounts

Social networks have become an essential part of the modern gaming industry. And life in general. A person cannot start or end their day without getting stuck in their social media. This is an awesome way to promote your content and attract a larger audience.

Use Instagram for posting something intriguing about your review. Engage Facebook and Twitter as well. Use social networks every time you have something on YouTube. And use the social media calendar tool here as well. 

#8. Develop networking

Networking is the process of communicating and partnering with another channel/person/network in order to get free publicity. This means that you are present in videos of other YouTubers, on their channel, and in other places that provide advertising, and in the same way you are responsible for the service. There are many enthusiasts who are looking for partners and friends to chat with.

Some reviewers feel that their best content comes out without any interference. Often this turns out to be true. But you must understand that it is much more difficult to promote your videos this way.

#9. Don’t quit

Some viewers or subscribers can plunge you into an abyss of despair. The main thing is not to quit! Start as an entertaining reviewer and work your way up to something more. Try to enjoy the process, not the result.

If you leave, you never know if you’ll be the next PewDiePie or maybe even a little more popular. Those who give up never win! Instead of quitting, try taking a break.

Wrap up

Remember that how you offer content to your audience as a video game reviewer on YouTube is entirely up to you. Your ideas, shticks, and the concept of channel management are all your creation. The advice we provided may only be a starting point for you, but the rest is in your hands. Remember not to give up, be truthful, and simply tell the audience true facts.

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