6 Ways to Fix Paladins Invalid Game Executable Error

Are you facing the Paladins Invalid Game Executable? Then you should keep on reading, This blog is all about this error

Many gamers are in love with Paladins and the concept of it, but there are certain errors and issues that many players are facing.

If you are also annoyed by this error, then don’t worry just follow this small guide. We have discussed the main reasons for this error and also the best solutions!

So, let’s move to our main discussion!

Causes Of Invalid Game Executable Error Problem

There are many factors that may cause the invalid game executable error. We have gathered the most common ones, that are suggested by many players facing this issue previously. These are:

  • Windows Incompatibility
  • Corrupted game files
  • Outdated game version
  • Network Problems

How to Fix Invalid Game Executable Error Problem Issue in 2022

Now, when you know the major reasons that can cause this error. Let’s move to the solutions. These solutions have worked for many players and might work for you as well. 

So, just follow these solutions one by one and hopefully your Paladins error will fix!

1. Restore and Exclude Paladins.exe from Anti-Virus

The invalid game executable error is commonly caused by Anti-Virus software. These software see game launcher files as a potential threat and as a result blocks these files and create problems.

These files can be restored easily by following these simple steps:

  • Firstly, open your Anti-virus software
  • Then, look for the Quarantine tab, it should be around the main menu
  • After finding it, click on it and recover your game files from there
  • Restart your game and it should work properly now

You should also exclude your game folder (Paladins.exe) from Anti-virus, so that you don’t face this problem again!

If this is not working for you then try the next solution!

2. Verify Game Files Integrity

Another major cause for the invalid game executable error is corrupted or missing files. To confirm it, you must verify your game files integrity, this will not only identify the problem but will also fix it.

To verify the integrity of game files:

  • Launch your Steam app
  • Then, Open Properties of Paladins by right-clicking on it
  • Go to the Local Files tab
  • Click on Verify Game Files Integrity
  • Let it verify the files and then restart your PC

Your problem should go by now! But if it persists move to the next method.

3. Solve Parameter Errors

Parameter errors caused by viruses and other conflicting apps can also be a reason for the Paladins Invalid Game Executable issue. If you don’t know much about it, just follow these steps:

  • Type CMD in your Windows Search box
  • Right-click on it and run it as administrator
  • Now, on the new window type and run this command: 

netsh winsock reset catalog

  • And then this one:

netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt

  • Now, restart your PC and check for the error

4. Remove Game Cache Files

Corrupted game cache files can also be a reason for this error. To fix it, you need to remove game cache files that may be causing the problem. 

  • Close the game and open My Computer
  • Now, go to the following path:

C:\Users\Username\Saved Games\Respawn\Paladins\Local

  • Delete all of the files and restart you PC
  • Check for the error, it should be gone by now!

5. Run the Game in Compatibility Mode

The invalid game executable error can also occur if your game is incompatible with the windows. You should try running the game in Win.7 Compatibility Mode. Follow these steps if you don’t know how it’s done:

  • Go to the game files location
  • Look for the launcher file and right-click on it
  • Open the Properties
  • Go to the Compatibility tab and Select Windows 7 and Tick the checkbox
  • Save the changes and restart your PC. Your game should run fine now.

6. Re-download Paladins

If the above mentioned methods are not working for you, then the last option is to reinstall the game. You should only try this if the above mentioned solutions are not working for you.

Delete your game completely and download it again properly.


These are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about the Paladins game errors.

How do I fix Paladin launch error?

To fix the launch error, make sure you update your graphics drivers and run the game as administrator. If that doesn’t work, try verifying the game files integrity.

What does invalid game executable mean?

This simply means that your game could not be launched due to a problem with the launcher file. The common reason is the active anti-virus software.


If you are facing the same error, then you should try the solutions that we have given above. I hope your error is fixed by now. If you have any queries you can ask them in the comments!

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