6 Ways To Fix ARK Low-Level Fatal Error

Are you looking for a guide to fix the Ark low-level fatal error? And you want to know the reasons for this error. Then this blog is for you!

The best way to fade your workday stress away is by playing games. Ark is one of those games. But when you open a game to relax and chill and then all of a sudden you see an error, quite annoying-isn’t it? The most common error is the Low-Level Fatal Error. If you are dealing with this kind of error, then don’t worry because you are on the right webpage

This blog is about the low-level fatal error in Ark and how can you deal with a low-level fatal error. So, keep on reading because we have discussed the top ways to fix Ark low-level fatal error.

But before we start let’s see what are low level fatal errors and why they show up in Ark or games in general.

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What is a Low-Level Fatal Error and why does it show up in games?

A low-level fatal error is a type of error that suggests that there is a corrupted file in the game. These files are important to run the game because these files have important instructions and the game cannot run without these files.

There are number of reasons that this error shows up in a game, you may have accidentally deleted some important files or you may have selected the wring settings etc. 

All of these errors are discussed below and you can apply the methods that are given to fix low-level fatal errors in the Ark game.

Top Ways to Solve Ark Low-Level Fatal Error

As I have said before, there are a number of reasons for this error to show up. So we have discussed the most common reasons and their solution. You can apply these methods to fix your game.

You will surely get the best results.

So, These Are 6 Ways To Solve Ark Low-level Fatal Error Guide.

1) Updating Graphics Drivers

If you have not updated your graphics drivers, then this might be the cause of the low-level fatal error. You need to update your graphics drivers in order to verify whether this is causing the problem or not.

If you don’t know how to update the graphics drivers then follow these given steps. These steps are for updating NVidia GeForce drivers because most of the gamers use NVidia. So, if you have any other ones, you can search the procedure on google to update them.

  • Firstly, launch the NVidia GeForce application on your desktop.
  • After that, you will see a Driver tab, click on it
  • Now, You will see a search bar on the right side of the screen. Click on the search bar and search for NVidia GPU Drivers
  • You will see a download option, just click on it and download the latest drivers.

If the problem is caused by outdated graphics drivers. Then updating the drivers will fix this problem and if not you have to try other methods.

2) Downloading Crashed Local Files

The other common cause of Ark low-level fatal error is having corrupted and crashed files. If your game crashes as soon you open a specific map then this may be indicating that there is a corrupted file in your game.

You can go to your file browser and check for the files that are corrupted and then you can delete that file.

After that, you have to verify your files from the Steam client, once the steam client has verified the files. It will know which file is missing and it will download the missing files. After that, you can run your game easily and by now your problem should resolve.

3) Updating the Game

If you are using an old version of Ark then you should update your game, because the update may fix the issue without any problem. So if you have an outdated version of Ark. Do update it to the latest version available.

4) Using Compatibility mode

Using compatibility mode can also fix the Ark low-level fatal error. It is verified by one of the users that running the game on window 7 compatibility has fixed their issue. This might help you as well.

So, follow these steps:

  • Firstly, close the Ark game and open the launcher file for the game.
  • After that, open the properties of the file by right-clicking on it, there you will see the compatibility tab. Now click it and then select “Run this program in compatibility mode
  • Now, open the game and check if the error shows up again or not.

Follow these steps properly and your Ark low-level fatal error will be fixed.

5) Disabling Game Optimization

Many users have complained that using game optimization has caused Ark low-level fatal errors. So, if this is the same case for you and you are also using a game optimization application then this may be causing the error.

You should disable the game optimization application if you are using one. Follow these steps to disable the game optimization application:

  • Open the menu bar and look for the NVidia Geforce experience. Open it.
  • After that, click on the gear icon.
  • Select “Games” and disable automatically optimization of games if it is enabled. 
  • Now, launch the Ark game and see if the errors are gone or not.

6) Reinstalling the game

If all of these methods are not working or you are too lazy to find a file then you can try deleting the game and again reinstalling it. This will delete the infected file with the game and also download the file when you will reinstall the game. 

Try all of the above-given methods and you will ultimately find the one that suits you and works for you the best.

This blog is about the Ark low-level fatal error problems and how can you fix them. We have discussed the top ways to deal with these errors and these are the best ones:

  • Updating the Graphics Drivers
  • Downloading the crashed files again
  • Updating the game
  • Using compatibility mode
  • Disabling game optimization
  • Reinstalling the game

You can use these methods to solve the low-level fatal errors in Ark.

These methods are selected from users that have dealt with this error before, so these methods are approved and tested. You can use them to fix the Ark low-level fatal errors.

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