5 Ways to Fix Uplay Games not Launching Error

Are you tired of facing the “Uplay Games not Launching” error? Or “Ubisoft Connect unable to launch” error. Every player is! Keep reading to fix this error.

Why Does Uplay Won’t Launch Game Issue Occurs?

There many factors that cause the Uplay or Ubisoft Connect launcher to crash. We are discussing the most common ones. These are the following:

  • You have Enabled Firewall
  • Your Graphics Drivers are outdated
  • Use of mods and other conflicting applications like screen recorder and live streaming apps
  • Compatibility Issues
  • Corrupted Files
  • Not enough RAM

How to Fix Uplay Won’t Launch Game Problem Issues in 2022

You may find tons of solutions for the “Uplay launcher not working” issue, but most of them are useless. That’s why we have gathered the most relevant and effective solutions for this particular error.

Follow them properly and you will be happy to see the results by the end of this blog.

1. Basic Trouble Shooting Points

Before you do anything big and mess up really bad, the first thing you need to do is basic troubleshooting. These are some basic troubleshooting points to start with:

i) Disable Firewall 

The most common mistake that most gamers do is they have enabled firewall, due to which these kinds of errors showup. So, disable the firewall if you haven’t and then check for the error. 

  • To disable the firewall, firstly search for Windows Defender Firewall on your taskbar
  • Now, click on it and turn it off

ii) Update Graphics Drivers

The next thing that you should do is update your graphics drivers, if you have outdated graphics drivers then this may result in other errors also.
You should update your graphics drivers from your manufacturer’s website.

iii) Run the Game in Compatibility Mode

If your game is not compatible with your system then this could be the reason for the Uplay launch error. You should try running the program in Compatibility mode.

And for that…

  • Right-click on the program’s icon
  • And from the options, choose properties
  • After that, click on the compatibility tab in the properties
  • Now run the program in compatibility mode and check for the Ubisoft Connect launch error

If the error is still not resolved, then try the next solution.

2. Launch the Game Directly

Another thing that you can do is launch the game directly. In this solution, you have to open the game without the Ubisoft Connect client. 

Just locate the game from the desktop menu and then launch it from there. It will download some files and then launch the game.

If that didn’t work either, try the next solution!

3. Delete Game Cache Files

Most of the time, corrupted program cache files create problems in the program, so deleting the corrupted files can help. 

Now, to clear the cache files, follow these steps:

  • Close the Ubisoft Connect program
  • Now go to the following location:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\cache

  • After locating the address, delete every file that you see there, these are the cache files of the program
  • Then, reboot your system and open the program to check the Uplay

4. Install Universal C Runtime Libraries 

If the Universal C runtime libraries are not properly  installed on your pc then this could be a possible reason for the Ubisoft connect not launching problem. So, follow these steps:

  • To download the C runtime libraries, go to this webpage:


  • Now, download the C universal runtime files after locating it on the webpage
  • After the installation, right click on the file and run it as an administrator
  • Then reboot your system and then check if the Uplay not launching issue is fixed or not

5. Re-download Ubisoft Connect (formerly called Uplay)

If nothing from the above work, try re-downloading the client.

  • First, Delete the program completely
  • Then restart your system
  • After that, download it again

This will also delete corrupted files and if any file is missing the new installation will fix it too. By now, your Ubisoft not launching problem should resolve.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some repeatedly asked questions that we have tried to answer.

How do I open Ubisoft Connect in a game?

To open Ubisoft Connect in a game just use these shortcut keys: SHIFT+F2

Why can’t I uninstall Ubisoft Connect?

This happens when you already have deleted the game and its files. The solution for this is simple, hide the Ubisoft icon and you are good to go.

Why are Ubisoft Services unavailable?

This happens when the connection is not established between your pc and the server. Check your network and try again, if it persists update the program to the latest version.

Note: Uplay is now replaced by “Ubisoft Connect”. Ubisoft Connect is also used for the player services for Ubisoft games but in addition, It is available on all devices, unlike Uplay. So, in short Uplay’s updated and better version is Ubisoft Connect.


In this blog we have discussed the Uplay not launching issue. Uplay is now replaced by Ubisoft Connect, so these solutions are for both. We have discussed the reasons and the best solutions for the Ubisoft connect not launching error.

I hope this blog has helped you and fixed your Uplay launch error. If you have any queries, let us know in the comments. 

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