5 Ways to Fix EFEAB30C NBA 2k17 Xbox One Error

NBA 2k17 is an amazing basketball game that is played by many players around the globe. This game was released by 2k Games. Many players are facing the efeab30c error while logging in to their 2k account. To fix this problem, we have gathered useful information, reasons and solutions for you. So keep on reading and hopefully by the end your problem will be fixed!

Causes of Error Code EFEAB30C Problem Issue

These are the following reasons for the efeab30c nba 2k17 Xbox one error to appear:

  • The first reason is using an older version of the game. Many players have suggested that this problem started to occur when there was an available update for the game
  • Exceeding the account limit can also trigger this error
  • Not giving complete permissions
  • Network issues

Now, let’s get to the detailed solutions to fix the efeab30c error.

How to Fix Error Code EFEAB30C Problem Issue

The given solutions are most of the time working. So follow the given solutions properly before you try anything else!

1. Update the Game

The number 1 reason for the error is using an older version of the game that’s why the first solutions is to update the game to the newest version. Most of the time the game is updated automatically and you don’t have to do anything. But if your case is different you can do it manually.

Try to open and close the game a couple of times, the game should show the automatic update option. If that doesn’t work then you can do it manually by clicking on Downloads on your console menu and then selecting NBA 2k17

If you are a PC user, you can go to steam and Download it from there easily.

2. Allow the Game for Firewall Access

If the game doesn’t have firewall access then this error can occur. Because firewall blocks the network and creates problems for the game to connect with the server. To exclude the NBA 2K17 from the firewall exclusion list follow these steps:

  • Type Windows Defender Firewall on your desktop menu
  • Click on it and then on the left, select Allow an app or feature
  • Now add NBA 2K17 there by clicking on allow another app 
  • Tick the checkboxes and save the changes

Lastly, check for the error, it should solve by now.

3. Verify Your Game Account

If your account that is linked with the game requires verification then this could be the main reason for the error code efeab30c. So, you should try verifying your linked account.

  • Go to the game’s login page and select the platform that you use to play your game or the platform where the error appeared
  • Put in your info and log in to the account, your account will be verified!

If the problem continues to persist then try the other solutions given below.

4. Don’t Exceed the Maximum Accounts Limit

If you didn’t knew it before, there is an accounts limit in the game. You are not allowed to link more than 5 accounts on a single console. So if you have already 5 accounts and you are trying to add a new account then the efeab30c error can appear. Because this is considered spamming.

So, you should try to use the other linked accounts. This will fix your problem! And if not try the next fix.

5. Re-download the Game

If you have accidentally somehow deleted a patch file for the game, then you should reinstall the game. This is the only way you can fix this problem. Follow these steps to save your files before uninstalling the game.

  • Press WINDOWS + R key, a new box will appear
  • Type in appwiz.cpl in the box
  • Press enter and then search for the NBA 2k17 game
  • Uninstall it from there
  • You will receive a save files message, select Yes
  • After the uninstallation, restart your PC and Reinstall the game
  • The saved files will also be retrieved by the manager, so don’t cancel it
  • Lastly, open the game and check for updates and errors


Following are the Frequently Asked Questions about NBA 2k17 errors.

How to fix the 4B538E50 error?

Try to update the game if this error appears on your screen. If that doesn’t help then try the other solutions given above.

Why does the efeab30c error shows up?

Mainly this error show up on your screen due to network problems. Other than that, this can also show up if you have linked more than 5 accounts with the game.


This blog was about the efeab30c nba 2k17 Xbox one error. We have discussed this error above along with the reasons for it. We have also given 5 solutions that you can follow to fix this error.
If you know better solutions or have any queries, feel free to share them in the comments!

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