5 Ways to Fix Black Ops 3 Crashes and Errors on PC

This blog is about the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 crash problems, so if you are dealing with the same situation then keep on reading! 

Many COD: BLACK OPS 3 players are dealing with different errors and crashes in 2022. If you are dealing with one of these: 

Then keep on reading, because we have discussed the reasons for this problem and the solutions, that you can use for yourself. 

Common Reasons  

These are some of the reasons that are most of the time causing these crashes. 

  • Using an Outdated Version of the Game 
  • Outdated Graphics Drivers 
  • Low version Windows 
  • Changing default settings 
  • Enabled Firewall 


Now, let’s talk about the solutions. These are some methods that have helped many players before and may work for you as well. 
Updating the Game  

This is the first thing that you should do to fix these crashes because using an outdated version of the game can be the cause of the crashes that you are facing. So, first of all, update the game

You can update the game from Activision’s website, The new update will not only fix the crashes but also, it will fix any other errors that you might be facing. The other reason to update the game is that Activision adds some cool and useful features with every update that you are not taking advantage of. So, update to the latest version of the game! 

Running as Administrator  

If you have an updated version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 then the other thing that you can try to fix your game is running the game as an administrator. When you run an application or game as administrator then you give that app or game a special authority to use the restricted parts of the windows. 

So, running black ops 3 as an administration can possibly fix your crashing issue. It is really easy to run a game as an administrator. 

FirstRight Click on the game icon, A popup menu will open with many options like opening the game and seeing properties etc. 

Secondly– You will see an option of “Run As Administrator”. Click on it and put in the administrator password, if you have one. Now your game will run as administrator. 

Restart the game and check if the errors are gone or not. 

Updating the Graphics Drivers  

If your game is still not working even after applying the above given methods. Then check if your graphics drivers are updated or not. Because it could be causing the problem. If the graphics drivers are not updated then update them and this might fix the problem. 

Follow these simple steps to update the drivers: 

In the first step- click on the NVidia GeForce 

Then- click on the drivers option placed on the left side 

Now- An option will appear “ Check for Updates”. Click on it and after the update check is complete you will see options to download and install the drivers. 

Update them and check if the problem is solved or not. 

Upgrading Windows 

If you have an old version of windows then you should update it to at least Windows 8 or 10. Because your old version window might not be compatible for this game. So update the windows and then check if the error is still there or not. 

Playing with Default Settings 

If the game started to crash after you have changed the default settings then you should try changing the settings again to default and if you haven’t changed anything, then you should still check for the settings if they are set as default or not, because this might be causing the problem. 


These are some of the frequently asked questions that might help you. 

Why does it says “Blackops3.exe has stopped working” when starting the game? 

This error usually occurs due to the following things: 

  • Game Cache(Incomplete) 
  • Graphics Drivers 
  • Core voltages 

To fix this, try doing the following things: 

  • Troubleshooting Graphics Driver 
  • Verifying Game Cache 
  • Disabling firewall for the game 
  • Play with compatibility mode 

Why is my COD: Back Ops 3 so laggy? 

This is because of the internet and lack of network stability, due to which your game is so laggy and your ping is not stable. You should move to a more stable network for better results. 

Does Black Ops 3 work on Windows 10? 

Yes, black ops 3 works on windows 10 and even on some of the older versions kf windows. You can play black ops 3 on windows 10 without any problem. 


This blog is about the black ops 3 crashes and how to deal with them. We have discussed aome solutions, these are: 

  • Updating the Game 
  • Updating the Graphics Drivers 
  • Running the game as Administrator 
  • Upgrading Windows 
  • Playing on default settings. 

If you know any other way to deal with COD: Black Ops 3 crashes then do let us know in the comments! 

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