20 Hidden iPhone Secret Codes That You Need To Know

We all know iPhone is the most popular smartphone in today’s digital technology, but you should know that iPhone is also one of the most secretive smartphones. iPhone has so many hidden features that would be more than enough to amaze you, but only if you can access them.

Smartphone manufacturers and iOS developers tend to keep these features away from the common users. But you can unlock those hidden features and options with some simple key combinations (codes).

You can use these codes to get information about your iPhone hardware, system, enhance voice quality, and much more.

Here at Waptechs, we revealed the top and best iPhone Secret Codes that you need to know.

These codes are universal and work well on all iPhones. To enter these codes, just bring up your phone dialer keypad and enter the appropriate code.

Now Let’s dig in.


*#06# Displays your iPhone IMEI
*3001#12345#* Field Test mode contains all of the iPhone inner settings, cell information, and the newest network.
 *3282# It will let you know about the use of information info.
*#67# It enables iPhone Busy Call Forwarding
*646# Display your Postpaid available minutes
*225# Check your current Postpaid bill’ balance
 *777# Check your Prepaid Account balance
 *#31# Choose whether to hide your number
 *#5005*7672# Check SMS center
 *#33# Check call control bars
 *3370# EFR mode Enhanced Full Rate improves your iPhone voice quality (but it will slightly reduce battery life)
 *#76# Check connecting line presentation
 *#21# Check call forwarding status
 *#61# Check Number Of Missed calls
 *#62# Verifies the number for forwarding calls only if no service is available
 *331* Barring code # Outgoing calls abroad to block the lock code to inquire about her, please contact your network operator
 *43# Activate waiting
 #43# Deactivate call waiting
 *#43# Check call waiting status


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