15 Games Like Factorio To Play In 2022

Do you love playing Factorio? If yes, then you are going to love this list! Factorio is an automation game where you can create complex factories and unleash your imaginations.

There is no limit to your creativity in Factorio. To double your fun, we have gathered the top 15 games like factorio that you can play. The given games are also creative and fun. So you should give them a try!

15 Factory Strategy Games Like Factorio in 2022

These are the top 15 games like factorio. A short description of these games is also given below.

1. Colony Survival

Colony Survival is a first person game where you have to create a colony and survive. It is a strategy game. You have to farm and mine and take care of your colony with other colonists. You

2. Satisfactory

Satisfactory is an amazing open world game that allows you to create buildings and many complex projects. You can create big factories. Other than that you can play it with your friends. You can explore alien planets. It is very much like factorio, so you should give this game at least one try.

3. Factory Town

Next is Factory Town. It is also a building game. You can create a bug factory with 3D terrain. You can create pipes, airships etc. And also sell your stuff to villagers. If you are a factorio fan, then you will definitely like this game.

4. Survival Vacancy

Survival Vacancy is an interesting game with a story where you are in a nuclear apocalypse and you have to use technology to save people. You have to create machinery for mining and defending. You have to create an underground city for the survivors.

5. Factory Coin Mining

It is a strategic game which includes complex puzzle. You can start with simple base building and then move to the big stuff like creating a whole factory and other things. You can mine a virtual coin in the game. If you love base building then you will love this game.

6. Good Company

Good Company is about building a tech corporation. You have to manage employees and sell your product and take care of the logistics. You have to handle a whole company and managing production line to become the best company. This is a little different but you will love this game.

7. StormWorks: Build and Rescue

StormWorks is a base building game like factorio. You can create different complex vehicles to rescue people from the sea. You can design these vehicles and then create them. After creating these rescue vehicles they are put in a test to see their abilities. StormWorks also gives a support team and a close-knit community.

8. Fortresscraft Evolved

The next game on the list is Fortresscraft Evolved. It is a fun and unique game that includes tower defence and crafting. You can create a lot of things, you can explore a lot of places and do combat. It start with a crash landing into an alien planet. You get some machinery to start with.

9. Space Haven

Space Haven revolves around a story where you are leading a crew for colony management in space for humans. You have to create a base and a ship from scratch. You have to also monitor your crew as you are leading this crew. You have to take care of your crew’s health, food etc. You will also encounter aliens in the space.

10. Mindustry

Mindustry is a resource management game. You have to defeat enemies by creating turrets. It has a very powerful map creator where you can generate different scenarios and environments. You can also change the game rules and the tools.

11. Hydroneer

Another amazing game like factorio is Hydroneer but it is more focused on the mining aspect. Many techniques like terraforming are introduced in this game through which you can create complex cave networks and mountains. Like any other automation game, you can unlick new features as you grow your network. You can create your base and also create a water line network.

12. Automation Empire

The next game similar to factorio is Automation Empire. This game also revolves around creating and automating machines and factories. You have to start from zero and as you create more and more factories, you can link them together with pipes etc. This way the game becomes very complex. You can unlock many new features and useful tools as you grow your factories.

13. Stationeers

Stationeers is an open world crafting and survival game. You are the in charge of a space station. You have to keep track of every thing and also maintain everything. You can do alot of things with this game. You should really try this if you love games like factorio.

14. Rim World

Rim World is also very similar to Factorio. It is a base-building and survival game. You get to customize a lot of things. You get a crash-landing with a team on a randomly generated alien-planet. You have to create a base on that planet and survive.

15. Per Aspera

You take over on mars in per aspera. You will get a city building experience while playing this game. It gets complex as you grow your city.


In this blog, we have mentioned the top 15 games like Factorio that you can play. All of them are amazing. I hope this blog has helped you. If you have any queries you can share them in the comments.

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